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January 2020

  • Beauty Oil Pure + Organic

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  • Daily Dose Skin Nutrients

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  • Double Back Age Defying BB Cream

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  • Face It! Facial Spray

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  • LuLu TFC Anti-Aging CC Cream

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  • Sheer Porfection Age Defying Matte Primer

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  • Fringe Benefit Skin Insurance

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Check out what everyone is saying about us!


I love my LuLu purchases! Finally, I have the correct base color and know how to use the product thanks to Linda! No more guessing in Sephora, not to mention feeling overwhelmed! I also like to mix in a little of my Fit and Flush Tinted Beauty Balm to give me a slightly glowing look!! So easy, I can do it!

Beverley C

I recently purchased the Arch-Ology pencil from The LuLu Face Company and I love it! I can’t stop raving about it. I have naturally dark brows, which are pretty thick, but as I have aged I notice there are a few thinning spots. Arch-Ology allows me to fill in the thin spots using a bit more pressure to create a darker effect, while touching up and shaping the rest of my brow using a lighter stroke where less “fill in” is needed. I had my daughter who has light hair and a much fairer completion try it and the results were the same, perfect! The Arch-Ology pencil is a great option for all completions and hair colors, and the ease of use is great for everyone, whether you are a makeup expert or novice.

Tammy W
img_2177_pp Lora

LuLu is now my go-to makeup. The quality, colors, and service with Linda is pure fabulousness! The custom blended makeup is perfect for me as I'd never really felt that I had found the "perfect match" before - until now! Being in front of and behind the camera for blog filming requires me to have great makeup that's long lasting and that doesn't make me shiny. LuLu, is my heroine!


“Love’n LuLu!!! I am having so much fun with my new makeup. Thank you so much Linda!! The secret is in the PRIMER 🙂 Who Knew!!?? My Skin feels completely different. My face looks amazing.”

Megan D