Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing for a certain mid-February holiday date night, here’s a look that will go great with anything. If you’re normally glammed up, this may be a more subtle look for you. If you usually go for a natural, barely-there look, this will be a nice dressed up look for you!

The staples of this look will be varying deep pink and burgundy tones that make for a romantic, feminine look! We tend to focus on lips or eyes as the main attraction. The star of this look will actually be rosy, flushed cheeks. Usually this coveted spot is taken by something bold, but focusing on blush will really change your entire look. Instead of going for darker pinks or browns, go for a light, rosy pink. It will give you a light, airy glow. Pull the blush towards the front of your face more, on the tops of your cheekbones, as opposed to using it to cut underneath them in a dramatic fashion. Stay away from dramatic highlighting or contouring, this look is meant to make a statement in other ways, and not appear too heavy.

For the eyes, instead of going with those dark colors or signature glittery shades, use varying shades of deep pinks and burgundies. If you look at any red carpet right now, you’ll see that’s the trend of the season: starlets are rocking pink on their eyelids. Smoked out and blended is the way to go for this look. Start with a pink lid, and use a deeper color, like burgundy, to define the outer edges of your eye to create a smokier look. Focus on the inner corner as well to create more of a halo effect! If you’re looking to amp up this eye, add a cat eye wing or a thin flick of liner for a dramatic and sexy touch.

Long, extended, separated lashes are the way to go with this look. No falsies here! Instead focus on extending the outer lashes to give a more nuanced look, instead of a thick fan of lashes that may be too over-the-top.

We want your lip color to create a cohesive look, so stick to more ‘neutral’ pinks as opposed to bright ones. This will add a more natural rosiness without detracting from the rest of your face.

Using these ideas to create a perfect date night look may just score you your new go-to look! The best part is, it’s dramatic enough for those that love a glammed-up look, but subtle enough that it won’t scare off someone who goes for more neutral looks. Happy Valentine’s Day from LuLu!

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