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2016 brought us outrageous beauty trends, tips and tricks. We saw a lot–unicorn inspired hair and makeup, contouring your feet, using food as a contour guide, and pretty much everything in between. With the overload of beauty trends, tips and tricks we saw, what should we continue in 2017?

While we can ditch the 100 layers of makeup challenge, here’s what we can keep.


highlight nontouring

Non-touring. In 2016, we redefined and shaped our face with the contouring craze and gave off a light that could be seen from the moon with strobing and highlighting. Non-touring brings both trends together, to give you a luminous natural dewy look.

  • Start with a primer that doesn’t leave your skin matte because you want a natural, dewy look.
  • Next, use a BB cream instead of foundation; remember, natural is key. Use concealer to cover up any blemishes or dark eye circles.
  • Use a matte powder bronzer to lightly contour your features, like cheekbones, forehead, and chin. Then, finish the look by highlighting above your cheekbone, under your eyebrows, and the bridge of your nose.

Products to try: Mineral Powder BronzersBronzed Beauty Duo

Naturally filled brows. We’ve seen many eyebrow looks in 2016–bold, colorful, and even no eyebrows. But one eyebrow beauty trend that needs to stick is the natural eyebrows. Filling your eyebrows will help to shape your face and give you a full look. You can achieve this look with the Arch-Ology eyebrow pencil .

  • Brush your eyebrows up with the spoolie.
  • Lightly draw short strokes that mimic the natural hairs.
  • If your eyebrows come out too dark, brush your eyebrows with the spoolie to lighten them.

Baking. This beauty trend helped us make our makeup last. Baking sets your makeup, stops concealer from creasing, and gives you a poreless look. Here’s how to achieve it:

  • After you have blended your concealer to perfection, take your damp Beauty Blender and dip it into your Flawless Finish High Definition Powder
  • Generously apply the high definition powder to your concealed areas and bake for 5 minutes.
  • Once time is up, dust away your powder using a fluffy brush, like the You’re Blushing brush. Make up is all set.


get long eyelashes

Get the falsies look. Love the long look false lashes give but don’t want the hassle? Try using baby powder on your eyelashes.

  • Apply a coat of Volumizing Mascara to your eye lashes.
  • Pour a little baby powder in your hand and dip a clean spoolie into the powder.
  • Apply a coat of baby powder to your eyelashes and finish with another coat of mascara.

Conceal your lips. 2016 brought us beautiful, rich shades of lipsticks to fit all our moods. But what happens when that perfect color in the tube doesn’t look as bright and bold on your lips? Not to worry, 2016 taught us that if we conceal our lips, we have a blank canvas so the lipstick is nice and vibrant.

Products to try: Matte Lipstick, Liquid Matte Lipstick

Perfect paint job. Our instagram feeds were full of the resurgence of nail art in 2016 and taught us two things: nail art is back and how to get paint-free cuticles. Painting Elmers glue on your cuticles and around the nail will eliminate the mess.

Products to try: Nail Colour in Class Act

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