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The beauty industry is full of creative, daring individuals, which means some trends emerge that are equally unique and interesting. Sometimes we brush these off as crazy and unwearable, but if you take a closer look, some of these unusual trends can actually fit quite nicely into your looks every so often. Here are 3 of our favorite emerging trends that might make you say “um..what!?”, but upon closer inspection, may just be something you love!

Stacked Eyeliner
Ready to amp up that wing that has been done a thousand times? Try stacking your liner. Stacked liner is simply doubling up on your top liner with a different color. The most popular way to use this trend is to emphasize a black wing with another color outlined above it, usually white. A stacked liner is subtle, but people won’t be able to keep their eyes off of it! You can use another deep color like a cobalt blue for a look that isn’t as contrasted to make it more wearable, or pick a color out of the outfit you’re wearing to create a cohesive look from head to toe! This detail may be small, but others will definitely take notice of this pop of color.


glitter under eyes


Dotted Liner
This is perhaps one of the simplest tricks in the book, but makes a big difference. This is a trick to make your eyes appear wider and more rounded. It all comes down to applying a small circular dot right underneath the center of your eye, just a tiny distance from your waterline. It pulls the image of your eye downward and makes it appear bigger. This is great for those of you that love a doe-eyed doll look, and pairs beautifully with a thick black wing for a mod look. It sounds silly to claim that applying a small dot makes a difference like this, but try it for yourself and see!

Glitter Under Your Eyes
What better way to cover up a night of bad sleep than to coat the bags under your eyes in glitter! No, seriously! This might not be a wearable everyday look, but can certainly work in some fun special occasions, like a concert or event. Just get some adhesive like lash glue, and some thick specks of glitter (think small sequins) to create this look. If the glitter is a little extreme for you, you can try a more subtle option like a sparkly highlighter, and apply to the inner corners of your eyes, as well as underneath. This is a fun, exciting look that isn’t for the meek. Be bold in your brightness!

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