neutrals for thanksgiving

Every year, Thanksgiving brings us good food, good company, and an abundance of rich colors on our table. But why keep them confined to our plates? Looking to create a festive Thanksgiving look for your family get together this year? Look no further than the colors on your plate. Here are 5 ways to incorporate the warm colors of Thanksgiving into your look.

Wine Colored Nails
A dark nail can add a touch of elegance to your look without ever even changing your makeup. Pull from a dark red wine color (that pairs so well with your Thanksgiving feast!) to dress up your look and make it elegant and stylish. It helps that this color NEVER goes out of style!
See: Nail Colour in Chocolate Wine

Orange Toned Eyeshadows
Oranges are huge in the beauty world right now; they provide a pop of color but are still wearable enough to sneak into your look or pair with other colors. Orange tones are reminiscent of quite a few of the delicious foods you’ll find on your plate: yams, pumpkin pie, and more. Make your eyes look good enough to eat!
See: Silky Pressed Mineral Shadow in Topaz, Copper

cranberry colors for thanksgiving

Neutral Palettes
When we think of Thanksgiving and its signature dishes, decorating, etc. we think of earthy and neutral colors, like browns and tans. Not only is this color palette reminiscent of turkey, stuffing, or yes, even gravy!, but it also goes with practically anything, which makes both decorating and doing your makeup a breeze!
See: Silky Pressed Mineral Shadow in Clove, Malt

Cranberry Lips
The berry trend is huge, and it doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere. So why not put a Thanksgiving twist on it? Cranberry is such a beautiful, rich color, with a mixture of deep red and pink that works on practically anybody. When a flat red doesn’t quite work, turn to a cranberry color, that hint of pink or purple can make your whole look.
See: Smooth & Creamy Lip Colour in Temptress

Touches of Green
While green may not be the focus of a Thanksgiving feast, you can always find some green side dishes to supplement the rest of the meal. We take this same approach when using slight touches of green in your look to mimic the greenery on your plate. Try adding a touch of green to your eyeshadow and blending it into your neutrals! Or opt for a cool green nail that’ll surely be unique from the rest!
See: Silky Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow in Bare Feet
See: Nail Colour in Fresh Picked Hydrangea

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