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We love makeup of course, but it can sometimes be a pain. It can be costly, you can end up transferring a whole face onto someones shoulder after a bear hug, and perhaps worst of all, we get so used to wearing it that we can grow to hate the way we look without it. We believe there is a time and a place for makeup, and it may not always be the easiest, but you should love your face without any makeup too! And if you need some reasons why, we’ve got you covered. Here are some great reasons why you should go bare faced and love doing it!

1. There is no you-er you!
There will be times when makeup won’t always be at your disposal, so learn to love your face without it! Embrace your ‘truest’ you, with each and every freckle or tone in your skin that is unique to you. You can still establish your style and individuality without the assistance of makeup!

2. Show off your natural features.
Although we love that makeup has the ability to hide things we don’t like, we don’t need to do that to feel beautiful. We need to rethink what ‘beauty’ means to us, are we just trying to replicate our favorite models by covering up our differences? Your natural features may be different from theirs, but beautiful in their own right! The more we aren’t used to seeing something, the more unattractive or unusual we think it is. The spot on your cheek is a beautiful unique feature, whether you think so or not. Show it off!



3. You’re being more cost efficient.
Makeup can get pricey, and the more you choose to forgo a full face, the longer the product you have will last you. Play up your natural features with some mascara and blush instead of a full face. When you’re saving on makeup, this will give you the ability to spend more on other things that make you happy, too!

4. Let your skin breathe!
When you go bare faced, your skin will get a chance to breathe and repair itself, and you can work to clear up any blemishes and clean out your pores without irritating them with more makeup. By improving your skin, you’ll also remove some of the need to wear makeup!

5. It’s not always necessary!
Makeup is a choice, not a necessity. (Think about it, men don’t usually wear makeup!) What’s the occasion? A day at the beach doesn’t always warrant a full face, after all you’ll probably just sweat it off. And contrary to what you might think, not everybody will be able to see that blemish on your face when you run into the grocery store to grab something. Try wearing makeup less frequently just because you feel like you have to. The more you get used to seeing yourself without makeup, the more you’ll love your bare faced look!

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