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One of the biggest qualms women have with their lipstick is that it doesn’t always last long and doesn’t remain as pretty as it was when you first applied it. Sometimes the color stays on, but it gets cakey. On the other end of the spectrum, you might take one bite of something and find your lipstick has almost completely smudged off. While not all lipstick is waterproof or snack-proof, these tips will surely help to extend the life and quality of your lips!

1. Don’t over-coat your lipstick. You may think more lipstick = longer lasting, but this happens to have the opposite effect. What type of lipstick are you using? Traditional waxy lipsticks layer a bit better than liquid, but you’ll still want to be careful not to build up too much because it can get tacky, and the more you touch your lips together the more it will pull at the color. Liquid lipsticks fall victim to over-coating easily since they’re extremely finicky. You’ll want to apply an initial coat, and then go back in for touchups only where needed. Liquid lipsticks tend to be extremely pigmented, so a second coat usually isn’t necessary. Refrain from adding an additional coat especially when the first has already dried. Applying a wet coat on top of a dry one is a sure fire way to get a buildup of product that will only make your lips look clumpy, cakey, and congealed. Do your best to make sure the initial swipes are perfect so you won’t have to touch them up and risk adding too much!


liquid lipstick tips

2. Line your lips before adding color. You may think lipliner left with the 90s, but it’s still actually pretty useful. Lipliner is drier than lipstick so it’s harder to just wipe off, and it also adds a layer underneath that your lip color can adhere to, making it last far longer. The pro tip is to find a liner that’s similar in color to your lipstick, line the outside, and then go on to fill in your entire lip with the liner. Not only does the outline create a barrier so that your lipstick can only grab onto the line (this means no bleeding past the outline of your lips!), but it creates a crisper outline than just going in with your lipstick product. Filling the rest of your lips in with the liner creates a shine-free layer underneath (unlike a chapstick, which can give a glossy appearance when you might not want one) that will allow the color to stay longer. If you want to have a little fun, you can also play with this and use the layer of lipliner to add a different undertone to your lipstick color! Shop Lipliners

3. Exfoliate those lips! We know, you’re probably thinking “ANOTHER thing I have to exfoliate”? The truth is, this trick actually makes a huge difference. (So yes, your skin isn’t the only thing on your face you should be exfoliating!) Exfoliating is simply the process of removing dead skin from the surface to make way for bright, new skin. This is important because even if you have just a bit of dryness or flakes on your lips, you best believe your lipstick will magnify it. Lip color, especially liquid lipstick, tends to stick to those patches and makes the edges of flakes extremely visible instead of flattening them out. You’ll want to use a lip scrub to remove any dead skin before applying lipstick. The good news is, a lip scrub can be made with products you already have lying around in your kitchen. Try mixing some coconut oil and brown sugar together and scrub it in—the sugar will work to remove dead skin while the coconut oil will moisturize! Do this once a week and your lips will always be in perfect shape.


liquid lipstick stay all day

4. Be sure to prep & prime. We usually just throw our lipstick on bare lips, which may be why it doesn’t always last very long. If we’ve learned anything from our face and eyes, it’s that priming is key. The same goes for our lips! Priming gives you an even base to work with, and adds that sheer layer of glue that keeps your color intact better. You can prep your lips with foundation or concealer. When applying your face makeup, just blot a bit onto your lips too, simple as that! You’ll notice your color is more vivid because you’re working with a neutral base that acts as a blank canvas. Shop Primers 

5. Keep a lip treatment on deck. Putting on lipstick isn’t the only time you should start thinking about taking care of your lips! When you’re not wearing lipstick, make sure to keep your lips moisturized and crack-free with a lip treatment. Be proactive so you won’t have to worry about dry or flaky lips later on. You can easily toss it into your bag so that you’ll have it all throughout the day for consistent use. Shop Lip Treatments

We live by these tips to keep our lips looking fresh & fierce. So why not test them out and see how much better your LuLu lipsticks look?

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