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The struggle most women meet in the winter months is the fading of our summer tans, and dry, dull skin that seems to be missing that glow we loved so much. While porcelain skin can surely be stunning, those of us that are truly missing that summertime bronze can take a few steps to get it back (without the sun damage!)

1. Skincare
First thing’s first: we need to start at the base. Turning your focus to skincare can be a remedy for that dull winter skin. If you think this step doesn’t matter, we’re here to tell you: the only way to ensure that what you put on top of your skin will look flawless is for your skin itself to be flawless.
We recommend a daily cleanser and a moisturizer as two things that can help everybody. Cleanse when you wake up to rid your skin of any accumulated debris during the night, and again before you go to bed to be free of any makeup or toxins you met during your day. Repeated use of a cleanser will have you seeing immediate results.
Moisturizing is also especially important during the colder months, because the air tends to dry your skin out pretty severely. Things like fine lines and wrinkles are more apt to appear when the skin is dehydrated and dry. A moisturizer will plump that skin right back up and fight dryness and premature signs of aging. Skincare is the best remedy to dull winter skin; even if your skin may not be as dark as it was, it’s still shining bright.
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2. Bronzer
Bronzer is EVERYTHING during the winter months. If you don’t have that natural tan from the sun, bronzer can give the same effect of one while sculpting and contouring your face at the same time. Bronzer is also buildable upon application, so it can be as heavy or as light as you need it to be with your skin tone. It also contains an iridescence that livens up your skin and won’t leave it looking flat. We recommend focusing on the contour of your cheeks and the temples of your forehead with a buildable bronze, as they tend to be some of the darker areas on your face.
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3. Color Choice
The color palette of your products plays a pretty big role in the tone of your face. It can single handedly make your skin reflect the seasons, which means it’s also easy to make yourself look washed out instead of bronzed and glowing. Because of this, you’ll want to go for bronzed, brassy, and golden hues in your highlighters and blushes instead of peaches and pinks. Warm pinks can add that flushed rosiness that comes with a summer glow, but you definitely don’t want to base your look around these shades (think of pinks as the cherry on top). These brassy colors can add layers of shading to your face and give you a fully dimensional glow.
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4. Light Makeup
A mistake we all make in the colder months is reaching for our darkest products that had been in hiding all summer. But if you’re going for a sun-kissed look, you’re going to want to keep all those darks to a minimum. When working with eyeshadows and eyeliners, keep it light. These dark colors can wash you out, especially in contrast with light skin. It highlights the lightness in your skin, which we can equate with looking sickly, and will wash you out even if you have still retained some tan. Instead of heavy black eyeliners, go for brows, or put the focus on dark heavy lashes instead. When choosing a color palette for your eyeshadow, go with warm neutrals and earth tones to work with your skin color. This color scheme can go a long way to achieve this beachy look during the wintertime.
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5. Self Tanners
Here at LuLu we are huge proponents of taking care of your skin, so we are giving a big N-O to tanning! Not only is it horrible for your skin, but it’s oftentimes short lived. Instead, use a self tanner or luminizer to mimic that same glow (and we’re gonna let you in on a secret—no one can tell the difference!). Luminizers and self tanners are sheer, so they won’t go on heavy, and with proper blending you’ll be looking as natural as you did this July. They also add a slight iridescence that a normal tan won’t have. Their purpose is to mimic that same summer glow so you can nourish your skin instead of harming it. With the right self tanner, you’ll be looking like you just got back from a vacation in mid-December.
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