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Wonder why your foundation isn’t looking so great? It doesn’t always mean you have to start the search for a new one, sometimes it could mean that you just aren’t applying it right. Here are some tips to making that foundation look perfect.

Use a primer. We swear by a primer to give your foundation a more polished look and an all-day stay. Primer is a necessity to making your foundation stay in place longer. It doesn’t only help you down the line; it also makes your foundation look better even when freshly applied. This is because a primer helps the foundation to stick to your skin better, eliminating patchiness.

Ensure even coverage. Don’t just start in one spot and go from there. Pump some foundation onto your brush or Beauty Blender, and apply small dabs of foundation all around your face. This will ensure it’s not all being used one spot, and also prevents you from missing any spots when you go through and blend afterwards.


applying even foundation


Don’t leave a line. Some apply foundation head-on and don’t turn to look at the other angles of their face, which means they end up with a line of foundation that’s very apparent. Make sure you’re pulling your foundation all the way to your ears, underneath your chin and blended into your neck, and up to your hairline. You shouldn’t be able to tell where your foundation starts and ends, it should be seamless and natural looking.

Choose the tool that works with your skin. This usually means choosing between a brush or a Beauty Blender. Brushes are better for those that don’t have problem skin, or are a bit oily, because you can move the foundation around evenly and layer on as much as you like. Your brush motions should also be strokes, don’t get crazy with circles or any other shapes! While this works for most skin types, dry skin usually needs a different solution. Dragging a brush over dry skin will make flakes visible when foundation clings to it. Using a Beauty Blender solves this problem by patting and pressing the foundation into your skin instead of pushing it around.

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