5 Lip Collection Essentials

We’re so excited to talk lip care, lip color, and of course our top five essentials you seriously have to include in your makeup bag.

You might feel like you use the same lipstick you’ve always been obsessed with over and over. We tend to go for what we know looks best, and that’s okay!!

Maybe it’s time to try something new? Break up your routine for a fresh and natural look you’ll always go back to. Our LuLu lip collection has everything you’ll need to maintain perfect lips AND it’s made with organic oils and natural waxes. In our book, it’s never too late to start taking your lip care seriously.

Simply add a lip treatment into your routine or a primer before applying lipstick or gloss. It’s the best way to keep makeup on longer. There’s less leaving lipstick on your coffee mug in the morning. Yes please!!

Our essentials:


A lip primer that locks down lip color, prevents fading and bleeding, plus treats the lips. Prepare your lips for the long day ahead with Lip Fix lip primer. Loaded with Collagen Tripeptides to diminish fine lines and repair lip texture.

Lip Fix holds color in place, and reduces fading and feathering. Color applies more smoothly and lasts longer. This nude silky primer is the perfect foundation for your favorite lipstick or lip gloss.


Natural peptides Maxi-lipT and DermaxylT plump and hydrate lips, smooth fine surface lines and improve lip contour by stimulating collagen production. The patented ingredients have been proven to minimize the appearance of current and prevention of future wrinkles. 24/7 Lip Treatment will increase lip volume up to 40% as proven in clinical trials after applying three times daily for 29 days.


Sleek, brushed aluminum Sketch Stick pencils for lips are retractable and refillable. Lip pencils are enriched with avocado oil for ease of application. Refilling is easy-simply pull out the empty cartridge and replace with a new one. Refill cases contain two pencil cartridges. Refills sold separately.


Our natural lipstick caresses and cares for the lips. These pure mineral lipsticks offer brilliant color and natural moisture with Vitamin E coupled with Grapeseed and Jojoba Oils. Made with organic oils and natural waxes, these lipsticks moisturize and smooth the lips. This product is gluten-free!!

  1. Lip Gloss

Lip gloss with high shine color that pampers lips with Green Tea extract and antioxidant Vitamin E! Perfect for a casual night or work day makeup look.         

You’re ready to go with these 5 LuLu essentials.

Put on a red lip and take on the world, girl!! (or simply take on the week ahead)

-XO LuLu FaceCo.


Makeup To Protect Your Skin

It’s no secret that we all struggle with protecting our skin and staying glam all at the same time! The warmer months are here and we know most of our LuLu clients are out and about in the sun, enjoying all that summer brings.

We’re here with the good news!! There’s one simple solution that really does the trick. You guessed it, are you using makeup with spf included? Keep reading for the best tips to a sunburn free complexion this season. Umbrellas and sunnies are your best friend too of course, paired with a LuLu filled makeup bag. You’re on your way to a stress free day at the beach with these natural products you can really trust.

SPF Creams & Balms

We’ve quite literally got you covered with the LuLu TFC Anti-Aging CC Cream.

It’s a LuLu curated custom blended beauty balm with a combination of pure mineral powders, high definition mineral powder, skin care additives appropriate to your own skin and mineral spf. It’s even got essential oils like chamomile, ylang ylang, or jasmine.

Also, another great choice to add spf into your routine is the Double Back Age Defying BB Cream. This multi-tasking, lightweight beauty balm primes, hydrates, lightens, firms, and visibly improves the look and feel of the skin. It helps to diminish the appearance of pores, fine lines and uneven skin tone.

This BB cream contains spf and can be used on its own or under any foundation!!

SPF Powders & Illuminators

Luminescence Glistening Mineral Illuminator delivers immediate sun-kissed radiance over face and body. It’s great for on the go broad spectrum SPF 30 mineral sunscreen protection.

It’s even paraben free and fragrance free for sensitive skin!! Could it get any better??

Quick tip, this product is also featured in the LuLu Love List Box which is our brand new subscription service, you’ll love to receive this at your doorstep.

Tips and tricks you need to know!!

  1. Avoid the tanning bed with a little help from LuLu Mineral Powder Bronzers! These bronzers are sheer ultra deluxe polishers that smooth and brighten the skin all while adding a sunkissed look to your face.
  2. Our ultimate tip for bronzing is to test your bronzer on the skin before use. It sounds simple but it’s totally necessary. It should only be 1 or 2 shades darker than your skin tone. Follow these and you’ll be glowing in no time – and your skin will thank you too.
  3. We still recommend that our lovely LuLu customers use sunscreen along with our creams and illuminators for added protection. We’ve been so inspired by all the positive conversations about skin protection out there. Check out Allures take on how to reapply your sunscreen while wearing makeup. It’s super helpful!

Enjoy fun in the SUN this summer and don’t forget to shop the full LuLu collection for everything you’ll need in your makeup bag. Get glowing girl (safely of course)!!!!!

Xo LuLu FaceCo.

Spring Clean Your Makeup Stash

It’s officially spring, right?! If you’re in New England, you might be second guessing that. We’ve seen some birds chirping, and serious snow showers in a matter of 24 hours! Either way, that’s not holding us back from starting our spring cleaning routine! Time to ditch the old makeup and clean those brushes. When the weather decides to behave, you’ll be ready for sundresses and a fresh face!

Categorize your collection: This includes makeup, makeup remover, makeup brushes, masks, cleansers, face wipes, etc.

• First, take anything that you never use and throw it out!

• Next, anything you’ve bought within the past 6 months (write down what you use from that pile to purchase a fresh set) and then ditch it because it’s old!

• Finally, anything that you bought in the last 5 months and haven’t used (except for occasion makeup) into the garbage it goes!

PRO TIP: Tossing things you haven’t opened yet? See if your local donation center will collect it!

Once you have your collection secure – make a pile of things you don’t know how to use, for example – that highlighting brush you saw on Instagram and purchased, or that brow pencil you’ve been wanting to try. Grab your weekly agenda and go through the pile, take 30 minutes / week to learn how to use one of those items at a time!

The goal for spring cleaning your makeup collection is twofold. First, to purge anything you don’t need, pairing back to just the essentials. This will free up some space in your makeup bag or drawer. It will also keep your collection from being so daunting. Sometimes we avoid trying new things, or even wearing makeup because we are so overwhelmed by what we have.

Next, it will give you the opportunity to add some new things to your collection, whether it’s a new brush or a trending makeup product – some extra space will keep you from feeling guilty about your next purchase!

Happy spring cleaning!

4 Ways to Be Illuminated

illuminator glow

If there’s one thing all women can agree on, it’s that there’s nothing as quite as stunning as healthy glowing skin. It has the ability to make you look more lively, and radiates a glow that seems to come from within. Because we sometimes lack the luster that makes our skin look fresh and alive, we may have to turn to our trusty products to get the job done. Here are 4 ways to illuminate that skin!

1. Skin Illuminator

It’s all in the name: if you want the most illuminated skin, this is the best product to get that fresh, dewy glow. The shimmer within our Skin Illuminator is subtle and gentle unlike most heavily sparkly highlighters out there, so if you’re looking for a natural glow from within as opposed to all-out glam, this is your product. The subtlety of the Skin Illuminator also lets you use it in other areas besides just the apples of your cheeks. When you have a natural glow, you glow all over, so why not mimic that real-skin feel? You’ll be left looking like your insides are glowing and your skin just can’t contain it.



2. Fit and Flushed

The Fit and Flushed beauty balm just so happens to be our best selling product. Why are people loving Fit and Flushed so much? Its buildable formula makes it work for practically anyone. Sometimes our skin has different preferences than our peers, but since Fit and Flushed is sheer and lightweight, it can be blended into your existing skintone and built upon to appear more dramatic and bronzed. This can provide you that same illumination of a highlighter, but with a warmer tone.

3. Bronzed Beauty Duo

If you want a more subtle matte illumination instead of a freshly dewy one, the Bronzed Beauty Duo can give a deeper shade to your glow that still contains the luster and gleam that we all want. A powder formula also removes any excess shine that some may not be a fan of, and instead opts for a subtle shimmer.



4. LuLuminescence

LuLuminescence is the all-encompassing glow that you can use on your body and your face! Don’t limit that glow to your face, add a sheen to your shoulders and collarbone to amp up an illuminated look just a bit more. LuLuminescence is lightweight and absorbs easily, making it the perfect match for any skin texture or tone. Try mixing some LuLuminescence in with your foundation in order to bring that illumination back into your skin. You won’t have to hide under layers of makeup with a lightweight formula like this. Instead, you’ll radiate a glow with ease!

Summer Makeup Glow Essentials

skincare essentials

If there’s one thing every woman wants to do, it’s GLOW. Who doesn’t want smooth, even, vibrant skin? It doesn’t come for free, however. We love our “Essentials” set—also known as the African Red Tea Botanical Gel Cleanser, Double Back BB Cream, and Day Break Eye Treatment—because it’s perfect for any age range, and provides that glow we all desire if you stick to it! These are things every woman should have in her beauty regimen (hence the ‘essentials’ part).


daily cleanser gentle

African Red Tea Botanical Gel Cleanser
Something everyone needs is a good quality cleanser, as it does the most important job. Many cleansers are harsh on your skin, but not only does this cleanser have an infusion of soothing African Red Tea, it also contains a number of natural botanical elements, so you can rest assured that your skin will not be dried out or irritated by any harsh chemicals. Yes, those ingredients also mean built-in antioxidants! Can you say smoothing and brightening? Yes, please. With daily use of this cleanser you’ll nourish, brighten, hydrate, REPEAT!


anti aging eye treatment cream

Day Break Eye Treatment
One part of our skin that NO ONE likes is those dark under-eye circles. Which, if you’re over the age of 18 or have ever had to rise before 8 AM, those dark circles have probably already made an appearance. This eye treatment can be applied to eyes prior to makeup or throughout the day to revive and refresh that under-eye area. It will work to moisturize the delicate tissue around your eyes, which you’re never too young or too old for— you should always be proactively preventative or working to be restorative. This eye treatment also works to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, because who wants to be punished for laughing with lines around our eyes? This product is simply age defying, which means you’ll be ever-glowing.

Double Back BB Cream
If you haven’t heard, BB = Beauty Balm, and EVERYONE is talking about it because of its multi-tasking properties. The BB cream glow is the talk of the town, and a must-have for any modern lady in 2018. Not only does it provide a layer of light, even coverage, but it also hydrates and primes your skin. AND, you’ll shed years when your BB cream diminishes the appearance of pores and fine lines. For those moments when you don’t want to commit to a full face of makeup but need a quick pick-me-up glow that’s great all around, you’ll want to reach for a BB cream.

While we all want glowing skin, it’s up to us to put in the work to get it there! No matter if you’re a skincare guru or just a beginner, this set of products can get you there in no time and deliver the essentials right to your skin.


Meet our Model of the Month! Name: Tammy Winstanely. Age: 48. “Girl on the go, yoga teacher in training, working professional, and soccer wife. I hit the ground running. I need a beauty routine that gives me a quick polished look in 5 minutes or less!

My go to LuLu faves are Fit and Flushed for a natural healthy glow… no fuss! Add some Brow Wow brow cream and I’m good to go! Eyebrows can make or break your face. Did I mention my fabulous lashes? Out the door in 5 minutes flat!”

Inspired by the Past

80s inspired modern look

In the world of beauty, trends come and go… and then come back and go again… and come back and go again. As beauty trends evolve, we find creative ways to be inspired by looks of the past, and can tweak them to be more modern so that they fit in seamlessly with the styles of today. Here are a few ideas on how to take some classic looks from the past and give them a 2018 twist.


20s inspired look


The 20s
When you think of the 20s, you think bold eyes with winged liner, red lips, and rosy cheeks. The truth is, those things haven’t really gone out of style, but we are however pairing them all together less often. The combination of these components can make a look that can be too much for your day to day (if you aren’t a flapper), so you can bring it to 2018 by only using one or two components of your traditional 20s look at a time.

Try some winged liner without the heavy eye to match. Instead of dark shadows, go for neutrals close to your skin color, or if you really want your wing to pop, keep your eye bare with just a primer or concealer as your canvas. Make sure your wing is sharp and angular instead of round and curved to make it more modern.


20s wing modern look


Rosy cheeks and red lipstick give us images of flappers with pouted lips, and the good news is, these elements are still pretty trendy, so it won’t take much to make it current. Go for a bold, fire engine red to stay true to the 20s trend, and a bright rosy pink to bring that flushed element to your cheeks. However, instead of applying in a circular area just on the apples, blend your blush out into your cheekbones for a more natural look.

So although you can ditch the pin curls and pearls, you can still see the 20s inspiration in this look.

The 60s
The 60s were the years of the flower child, you know the image: natural, bronzed skin, long, flowing hair, and inspiration taken from the earth. Although we want it to appear that we’re wearing minimal makeup to conjure up this 60s inspiration, you should still use your products to secure a gorgeous base.

The staple of this style is natural, bronzed skin. For this reason, you won’t want a heavy base, but you will want to even out your skin so that it glows. The Mineral Moisture Tint is lightweight and sheer, which will bring out that natural radiance. Follow up with bronzing the contours of your face with the Fit and Flushed beauty balm for a real luminescence.

Earthy tones will keep your look natural and warm. When choosing eyeshadows or a lip color, go for neutrals that won’t distract from your gorgeous skin, but instead tie in to make the whole look cohesive. After all, that should be the star of the show! Pull it all together with a natural brow by taking a your Brow Wow spooly and applying in loose strokes, or take your brow product on the brush end and apply a coat to your existing brows, instead of drawing more in. This will darken your brows for a stronger look, but won’t sculpt them into an angular arch. For a natural look, this is key! By taking these elements from the 60s and updating them, you’ll have the modern flower child’s natural bronzed look.


80s look inspiration


The 80s
The 80s were all about color, baby! Although we won’t be straying back into the territory of bright neons and loud prints, we will be introducing pops of color into our looks. The 80s weren’t afraid to pair and layer colors together in the same look, and although we know our blunders now, we shouldn’t be afraid to take inspiration from this either! By toning it down we can make it more modern and wearable.


blue eyeshadow


Instead of going for a cloud of blue on our eyes, we can transform a blue eyeshadow into a blue liner using the Stuck On You Fixative. This provides a pop of color without being too overwhelming or jarring. Because it is still pretty subtle, that allows us to be able to pull off a pink lip too! The combination of blues and pinks are so 80s, and how can we pass that up? Pull this color into your cheeks by strobing your temples with a shade of pink to tie it all together.

An illuminator can add an extra touch that really modernizes the whole look, because who doesn’t love a little highlight these days!? Use our Skin Illuminators to find the color that best fits you and go from 1988 to 2018!


Meet our Model of the Month! Name: Tammy Winstanely. Age: 48. “Girl on the go, yoga teacher in training, working professional, and soccer wife. I hit the ground running. I need a beauty routine that gives me a quick polished look in 5 minutes or less!

My go to LuLu faves are Fit and Flushed for a natural healthy glow… no fuss! Add some Brow Wow brow cream and I’m good to go! Eyebrows can make or break your face. Did I mention my fabulous lashes? Out the door in 5 minutes flat!”

Give the Gift of LuLu

lulu gift card

That special day of love is just about here! Looking for a last minute gift for someone you love!? Show them you care when you give the gift of LuLu!

Although we’ve traditionally celebrated Valentine’s day with our significant others, you can show anyone you love them on this day, from your best friend, to your mom, sister, or your special someone! Show that person you care about some love when you gift them a LuLu gift card or their favorite product.

If you know exactly what your loved one likes and want to give them a thoughtful gift (in their favorite shade!) browse our selection and grab them a product! Know your sister needs a new red lipstick? Get her our Matte Lipstick in Scarlet.  Maybe your mother-in-law has been looking for a new anti-aging element for her skincare. Try our Time Bombs.


lulu gift cards valentine's day


Or maybe you have no idea what they need, that’s okay! You can always grab one of our LuLu gift cards. Nowadays many people are preferring gift cards because they then are able to have some choice in what they receive. So whether you just aren’t quite sure about their taste, or you know they would enjoy a shopping spree, you can always count on the reliable option of a LuLu gift card!

You can have them wrapped in our super cute gift card boxes or get a simple e-card, and are fillable with amounts from $25 to $500.

We have many loved ones in our lives, and we want them to feel like the best, most beautiful versions of themselves at all times, so why not show them you care on this special day when you give the gift of LuLu? And if you are the loved one, we say drop them some hints you want a LuLu gift!

Sculpting Your Face with These 5 Highlighter Tricks

highlighter tips and tricks

Highlighter is a blessing in a bottle (or compact, stick, etc… whichever you prefer). It lets you shape, sculpt and illuminate your face in a variety of ways that can enhance and transform your look. You may think highlighter is just for your cheeks, but we’ve got a few tricks to highlighting other areas of your face that will illuminate your look.

Cupid’s Bow
Use a pop of highlighter on your cupids bow to draw attention to the shape of your lips, and give the impression of fuller lips. This plays up the shadows and highlights of your lips to make them appear poutier. Mix up your application tactics: most just apply with a slight tap of their finger for a pouty look, but the more precisely you apply it, the more you can define the shape of your lips.


best easiest highlighter tricks cheekbones

Tip of Nose
A small blot of highlighter to the tip of your nose can help to sculpt and define its shape! This simple little helper gives the impression of a more pointed tip. Many are fans of the “exclamation point”: a line of highlighter down the bridge of your nose with a small pop of highlighter on the tip! Use a small brush to apply for the most control.

Can you say brow lift? (Non-surgical of course!) Our eyes can sometimes look dark, with our browbone casting a shadow over them and making our faces look hollow. Many already use a light color of eyeshadow just under their brow when doing their eyes, so why not take it a step further and use a highlighter? This will brighten up your eyes and pull your look together!


highlighting your cheekbones and temples

Now, we all use highlighter on the apples of our cheeks, but how about stretching it around the sides of our eyes and into our temples? Instead of applying a harsh, concentrated line of highlighter in one spot, blend it out into a C-shape around your eyes for a dewy, glowing look. This will give you that sun-kissed glow instead of a heavily packed highlight, and also elongate your face. No need to be heavy handed — a light dusting will make your whole cheekbones shine with the right touch!

Inner Corner of Eyes
A huge eye brightener, this trick is one that we’ve taken from eyeshadow tricks. Like with the browbone, we usually put a light color in the inner corners of our eyes if we’re looking for an additional pop, and a highlight can act like a spotlight for your eye! It’s a great trick for opening up the whole eye, and giving a glamorous feel without being over the top. Make those eyes pop, ladies!


Meet our Model of the Month! Name: Tammy Winstanely. Age: 48. “Girl on the go, yoga teacher in training, working professional, and soccer wife. I hit the ground running. I need a beauty routine that gives me a quick polished look in 5 minutes or less!

My go to LuLu faves are Fit and Flushed for a natural healthy glow… no fuss! Add some Brow Wow brow cream and I’m good to go! Eyebrows can make or break your face. Did I mention my fabulous lashes? Out the door in 5 minutes flat!”

Be Luminescent

body shimmer

Luminescence (noun): an emission of light – like a shooting star or a glowing moon. If you want to feel like an ethereal goddess, you’ve got to be luminescent!

If you find your skin losing its luster, it may be time for a pick me up with the addition of a luminizer. We often ignore our bodies, especially during the winter when they’re covered up by layers of sweaters and jackets instead of on a sandy beach. Why not bring the glow back to your skin, even if you’re not able to bask in the sunlight?

Here’s our star attraction: LuLuminescence is a silky, sheer nourishing lotion that not only makes your skin LOOK better, but FEEL better. Enriched with vitamin and flower extracts, LuLuminescence soothes your skin while bringing you a healthy glow. Its lightweight formula makes for a blendable and easily buildable addition.

Here’s a twist: you can also use it on your face! A luminizer adds that life back to your skin where you need it most, because you can use it in place of contour, bronzer, or blush. It’s the all-encompassing product for bringing a little bit of depth to your face! LuLuminescence works perfectly with all skin colors because of its rich, deep bronze that can be easily blended out into the cheeks or built upon to add depth. Its year round usage makes it perfect for those months when your skin needs a little boost, and can also emphasize that gorgeously tanned skin in the summer.

luluminescence body glow lotion

Here are 3 of our best tips when using LuLuminescence:

1. Mix it in with your favorite foundation! Blend your LuLuminescence into a liquid foundation easily for a warm glow that will radiate from your face.

2. Don’t forget your décolleté area! Wearing a shoulder baring outfit or low neck dress? Get your glow on! Blend some LuLuminescence into your chest, neck, and collarbone area.

3. Find the light! Use LuLuminescence on areas that will hit the sun, like the outside of your arms, legs, and shoulders. When you hit the light, you’ll have a subtle glisten!

Have Some Fun With Your Eyes

bold eye looks

This is the season for playing with eyeshadows! We’re taking inspiration from the runway this season when we say: it’s time to have a little bit more fun with your eyes! We’re straying from the usual neutrals and instead going for vivid colors and bold application. Here are some of our favorite looks this season that we’ve snatched right from the runway.

fun eye looks winter 2018

Look 1:
Ever wanted to look like an ethereal goddess? This look will do just that. We’re talking big outward blends and light fades. This look is defined by a monochromatic eye, buffed out past the natural end of your eyelid. Remember Rihanna’s iconic Met Gala look? People went crazy over her fairy dust-looking eyeshadow that seemed to sprinkle into her cheekbones. We recommend a color that blends well into the cheeks, like a pink or fuchsia. You’ll want to create almost a glowing halo around your eye that gets lighter and more delicate as you blend outwards.

Look 2:
After being heavily ignored the rest of the year, blues and greens are big colors this season. Although we know what you’re thinking— “I wouldn’t normally go for these colors…” —they can still be glamorous. Instead of warm blues and greens, we’re taking a cue from the runway and opting for steel blues and forest greens. We like to go for a smokey glow around our entire eye, and opt for eyeshadow instead of liner on our lower lashline to tie the whole look together. Keep it monochromatic, and use varying shades of your chosen color to add depth. The result is a striking, fashion-forward eye.

bold eyes and eyeshadow

Look 3:
Who doesn’t love some glitter? We think all looks can benefit from a hint of glitter. Glittered lashes are coming in hot this season, but they can be as subtle or as loud as you wish. Add some sparkle into your life by mixing a small bit of glitter into your mascara, or gently sprinkling some onto your lashes while your mascara is still wet.

4 Reasons Why You Can’t Forget Sunscreen — Even in the Winter!

sunscreen in your foundation

Fact: Even if it’s cloudy, you don’t see sunbeams streaming through the sky, and the temperature is under 20 degrees, the sun’s rays can still permeate your skin. Some see sunscreen in the winter time as unnecessary because they’re not basking on a beach, but the truth is you are never fully ‘safe’ from the sun’s rays, so it’s important to be mindful of UV exposure during all seasons! Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why it’s essential that you still layer on SPF!

1. Stop aging in its tracks.

Here is the unabashed truth: sun ages your skin. Rapidly. Sure, if you spend a lot of time out in the sun you’ll get a temporary bronze, but you’ll likely be left with the beginning stages of fine lines, wrinkles, and leathered skin over time. The skin on your face is delicate, so once it’s damaged, there isn’t much that can be done to reverse it. Being diligent when using sunscreen can prevent premature aging. Even if you aren’t spending your days soaking up the sun (like in the winter time), you are still exposed to UV rays through open windows, fluorescent lights, and the sun’s reflection off snow — so the effects will always be present if you do nothing to counteract them. Stop the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and more in their tracks when you take an active measure to use sunscreen.


2. Do we need to mention the risk of skin cancer!?

1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Scary, right? The good news is, it’s not difficult to take preventative measures. By far the easiest, best move you can make to protect against skin cancer is regular use of sunscreen. In fact, most people develop skin cancer specifically because they did not protect their skin over time. Since skin cancer does not discriminate against skin type or color, it can affect anyone. Make sunscreen a part of your daily routine instead of looking at it like a chore, and you could be saving your skin.

3. Winter really isn’t a good season for your skin.

So you thought summer was the only dangerous time for your skin? Sorry to break it to you, butt you thought wrong. Contrary to what you might believe, winter can be just as harmful. Studies show that snow nearly doubles your exposure to UV rays, due to the sun reflecting off it’s surface. Yes — the snow can in fact hurt your skin even more! And although they are a bit more bundled up, people still spend plenty of time outdoors in the winter. So in short, the surface area of exposure isn’t as big, but the amount of exposure is nearly doubled.

The ozone, which filters out and protects us from harmful UV rays, is also thinnest during the winter, usually December to March. Meaning it is far easier for UV rays to permeate through this layer and damage your skin. Scared yet? Don’t be stopped from enjoying your winter sports; just make sure to remember the sunscreen.


4. With so many options, sunscreen doesn’t have to cramp your style.

At the mere mention of sunscreen you’re probably hit with childhood flashbacks of uneven application, that distinct smell, and sunscreen-covered noses — so you wouldn’t think it would fit seamlessly into your makeup routine. Nowadays, beauty lovers have become so conscious about skincare that many foundations actually include SPF in their formula so that wearers can look good AND know their skin is protected from the dangers (I mean, do we really have to list the reasons again?). Because it is so seamlessly blended, you won’t even know it’s there! You can even get a custom blended foundation here at LuLu Face Co that can provide you with a product that includes just the right amount of sunscreen for you.

Wearing sunscreen no longer has to be a chore. Just take a look at the reasons we listed to see what you can gain; in fact, we’re starting to think sunscreen seems more like a magic ingredient!


MEET OUR MODEL OF THE MONTH: Jamie Szantyr is a 36 year old lifelong native of Connecticut. Jamie is a retired professional wrestler turned personal trainer, having traveled the globe appearing on worldwide television and Pay Per View during her time in wrestling. Now, Jamie is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer in Danbury, Connecticut, and has dedicated her retired professional wrestling life to assisting others in achieving their fitness goals. As a professional wrestler for over a decade, Jamie put her body on the line every time she stepped into the ring, to live out her childhood dream as a professional wrestler and to entertain the millions of fans watching.

Now, Jamie spends her time putting herself back together in the gym while assisting with her clients’ fitness needs. Those living in Connecticut that wish to make this healthiest and fittest year of their life can email Jamie for her personal training services at BodybyJamieLynn@gmail.com. Mention The Lulu Face Company in your email and receive a complementary one hour consultation with Jamie at Platinum Fitness Gym in Danbury, Connecticut. Sky’s the limit!

Trend Alert: Short Nails Are IN

stylish nails for winter short nail

We’re going for a style renovation! Forget the claws, in 2018 we’re changing up our style, and short nails are in! After years of the trending ‘it’ nail being a long dramatic claw, we’re switching it up for a clean, cropped nail.

Not only are they harder to maintain, but long nails can be inconvenient. How many times have you struggled with a clasp on your necklace or a button on your shirt with long nails? And talk about trying to text silently! Short nails are easier to work with, and don’t get in the way of your daily activities.

Just like makeup, hair, and clothes, nail trends evolve too. Instead of going for jarring and extreme, we’re shifting our focus to a sophisticated, classy nail. So how can you get the best manicure?

1. Remove all polish with your favorite remover and some cotton balls. Make sure to remove all of the color thoroughly, even from the corners—you won’t want it to peek through!
2. Cut your nails down to the desired length. We like them short enough that they’re easy to manage, but have a tiny bit of length over the end of your finger!
3. Time to shape, what’s your pick: rounded or square? Go in with a file and even out all your nails to the desired shape. We’re thinking rounded for January!
4. Push back those cuticles to clean up your nails a bit! This also helps to shape them even further.
5. Make sure your nails and skin are moisturized (especially during this time of year!) Reach for your favorite oil and spread it onto your cuticle.
6. After drying, it’s time to apply a base coat to give your nail the best blank canvas and strengthen your nail. Try Bottom’s Up !
7. Choose your color! Our favorite color of the season is Chocolate Wine – a deep burgundy that has an earthy tone to it. We LOVE darks for the winter, and this one has a seasonal flair to it.
8. Last but not least, topcoat! Try the Dry It! Top Coat.  This will make your nail shine while protecting and sealing, but is also fast drying!

New Year, New Skin

new skincare new years

Happy New Year, beauties! 2018 is here, which means you’ve likely come up with a list of resolutions you want to stick to. Hit the gym, save more money, watch less tv, etc. Well, here’s one more to add to the list that you may not have thought of: your skin! This year, we think you should resolve to take better care of your skin.

What better to invest in than something that comes with you everywhere: your face! Think about it, we place so much focus on covering up our imperfections instead of trying to correct them. We think in 2018, it’s time to shift the focus to proper skincare!

Here are some starter tips that you can’t go wrong with, no matter your skin type. Stick to these for a general rule of thumb, and add other treatments into the mix at your discretion.


bettering your skincare routine

Wash your face twice a day.

Be sure to wash your face once when you wake up in the morning to ensure you’ll start the day with a clean slate, and be rid of all that sweat and bacteria that can accumulate overnight (much of that is from your pillow case, yuck!). You’ll also want to wash your face at night, to wash off any makeup and cleanse your face of the day’s germs, toxins, and pollution that can cling to your skin. Tip: to help with this, make an effort not to touch your face during the day (yep, add that resolution to your resolution)!

Moisturize after washing.

You may not realize it, but lack of moisturizing can do long-term damage to your skin. Your skin can get especially dry after you wash it, since many cleansers strip your skin of naturally produced oils — which are essential for your skin to stay plump and hydrated! So while you may be thinking you’re doing your skin a favor by giving it a good cleansing, you still need to bring that moisture back to keep it supple and youthful longer. Frequent moisturizing can actually be preventative, and ensures your skin won’t be cracked and damaged as it ages.

Exfoliate at night.

You may be doing everything else right – cleansing, moisturizing, etc. – but you may need to take that extra step that we sometimes ignore, if you want to get glowing skin. Dead skin builds up on the surface and can be what’s holding you back from clear skin (after all, buildups are the main cause for blackheads and zits!). Exfoliation gently removes this skin and clears out your pores, and rids your skin of any accumulated sweat, dirt, and other debris. Make an effort to exfoliate and make way for clear, glowing skin.


skincare needs custom blending

Be proactive.

The most important part of skincare, not only now, but in the future, is being proactive about protecting your skin from the elements. Try to incorporate sunscreen into your skincare and makeup whenever you can. You may think its unnecessary, but the sun’s rays can always poke through and do damage to your skin, even if you don’t notice it right away. Make sure your foundation has sunscreen included in it for daily protection! You can even get a custom blended foundation from us.

It’s time to turn over  new leaf and really start thinking about what your skin needs, and incorporating that into your routine. When you start to better your routine, you’re bound to see noticeable differences.


MEET OUR MODEL OF THE MONTH: Jamie Szantyr is a 36 year old lifelong native of Connecticut. Jamie is a retired professional wrestler turned personal trainer, having traveled the globe appearing on worldwide television and Pay Per View during her time in wrestling. Now, Jamie is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer in Danbury, Connecticut, and has dedicated her retired professional wrestling life to assisting others in achieving their fitness goals. As a professional wrestler for over a decade, Jamie put her body on the line every time she stepped into the ring, to live out her childhood dream as a professional wrestler and to entertain the millions of fans watching.

Now, Jamie spends her time putting herself back together in the gym while assisting with her clients’ fitness needs. Those living in Connecticut that wish to make this healthiest and fittest year of their life can email Jamie for her personal training services at BodybyJamieLynn@gmail.com. Mention The Lulu Face Company in your email and receive a complementary one hour consultation with Jamie at Platinum Fitness Gym in Danbury, Connecticut. Sky’s the limit!

What’s the Best Foundation for Your Skin This Season?

foundation for winter dry oily skin

Let’s be clear here: foundation is important. More important than your eyeshadow, liner, or lipstick, in fact. It’s the base upon which your whole look will sit, and unlike a mascara or liner, it’s much easier to tell when a foundation just isn’t right for you. Many struggle with getting it quite right, leaving their skin looking dull, flaky, shiny, patchy…you name it, the wrong foundation can bring it about.

Add an extra element into the mix: seasonal changes. Winter is the most dreaded season of all for makeup lovers, because it brings a complete change in your skin. Glowing, dewy skin turns dry and lifeless. That’s why it’s important to understand exactly which type of foundation works for your skin this season. Never fear, LuLu is here to help! Here’s a quick guide.

First thing’s first: shade. Unless you’re a superhuman, glowing amazon (or using a tanning bed, which we do not recommend!) you’ll likely lose your summer glow by a few shades this winter. Take this into consideration when swapping out your foundation, because there’s nothing more obvious than a glaring line of foundation along your chin separating the color of your face from the color of your neck. Try a lighter shade of foundation to match the color of your neck, and use a bronzer to bring that suntanned glow back into your look (WITHOUT the fake n’ bake!).



custom blend winter foundation


Dry Skin

Say it with us: it’s all about HYDRATION! Sorry ladies, but if you’re a powder kind of gal, it’s time to store them away for the winter. Look for foundations that have a hydrating element to them, or are liquid-based instead of traditional powders, which will cling to dry patches and emphasize flaky skin. Simply using a moisturizer before application might not cut it when you’re out and about all day, so you’ll want to wear a foundation that includes something that moisturizes all day long. Try a tinted moisturizer, like the Mineral Moisture Tint!


Oily Skin

For those of you that notice your oil will just not subside, even in the winter, we recommend going with a powder-based foundation to absorb any excess oil. The trick is also to use a finishing powder, keep your skin fresh and clean without excess shine. Be sure to moisturize after washing your face during these drying months to keep a healthy shine present.


Combination Skin

Or as we like to call it: the worst of both worlds. You may be shiny, but still have loads of dry patches. For this, we recommend going with a cream-based foundation, like the Cream to Powder Foundation. It will go on smoothly as a cream, but transform to the lightweight, even coverage a powder gives you. It’s also buildable, so you can focus on areas that are oilier or areas that are drier.


Keep in Mind!

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should slack on the SPF! It’s ALWAYS a good idea to have a foundation that has sunscreen in it to protect from the rays at all times, and stop any visible signs of aging in their tracks. SPF can also prevent dry skin by protecting and repairing it.

Dry air = dry skin! Your skin is thirsty this season, so ALWAYS remember to moisturize, especially after cleansing. Many face washes are drying, and strip your face of the natural oils you need for your skin to stay lively and bright.

Winter makes your skin look duller, so pair your foundation with something that adds a bit of shimmer or luster if you want to bump up the glow! Incorporate something like LuLuminescence to lose that winter flatness.

And don’t forget, you can always have a custom foundation made to fit your needs. Maybe your skin can’t be put into a box, so let us make something that works just for you!

The LuLu Face Company 2017 Gift Guide

Looking for that perfect gift for your beauty-loving friends & fam and need a little help deciding what to choose? Our favorite picks of the season are here! Check out the official 2017 LuLu gift guide!

For those that love having the perfect mani – at ALL times! This Nail Kit comes with Haute Red and Fancy on the Menu polishes, plus a base and top coat! $24 ($48 value!)


This one’s all about the SKINCARE! The Revitalized & Dewy Kit will leave that special someone’s skin looking flawless. This kit comes with 3 skincare products and a LuLu pouch. $100 ($163 value)


basic skincare holiday kit
What EVERYBODY needs- these are the LuLu essential items. You’ll get an eye treatment, bb cream, cleanser, and LuLu pouch. $100 ($165 value)


Local to the CT area? Treat your loved one to a custom blending session – they can come in and have products specially made just how they like them. It’s our specialty! Texture, color, additives, and more can all be tweaked to suit exactly what YOU need. Price dependent upon products.


Customization is key when trying to find something special! Build your own palette and fill it with the things your loved one likes most! Options include primers, shadows, liners, and blushes. $42.50-$52.00

Well, what are you waiting for!? Shop now!

Trends of the Season You NEED to Try!

winter beauty trends 2017

Time for a style update! We’re bringing you the trendiest looks of the season that are both cutting edge and still wearable, with some new twists on classic looks and throwbacks to other seasons. Show that not only do you know your beauty trends – you can also set them too. Have heads turning in the best way this winter with some of these stylish looks of the season.

Focus on the lips—and make it bold!

If there’s one thing we know about winter style (that we will not ever tire of!), it’s that the colder months are all about that dark lip. We love a variation on a deep red, like a wine shade or dark purple hue, as long as it’s eye-catching! You’ll want to do very light, clean makeup for the rest of your face to really let the lip shine. Eyes should be primed with a neutral color to almost appear like a clean blank canvas. For the rest of your face, use highlighter only to emphasize the high points of your face – a touch of shimmer on the cheekbones, a pop on the tip of your nose and cupids bow, etc. A look like this makes the lip the main attraction – and keeping it light everywhere else creates a contrast between the eye and lip.


neutral shimmer monochromatic makeup

Monochromatic is IN!

Monochromatic looks are stylish, chic, and open to interpretation! You can stay within the same color family for a more wearable variation, or make sure your lips and eyes are the same exact color for a super modern look. While some prefer an all matte look, some like to play it up with a little shimmer to mix it up. Luckily, we’ve got a look that appeals to both! We’re thinking nudes, pinks, and neutrals are big this season, and you can incorporate these colors easily into your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Our favorite combination: try a sleek matte eye, a glossy lip, a shimmery highlight, and a touch of blush that incorporates the same color palette to pull the whole look together.

Bright eyes, baby!

We want those eyes to POP, and using a light eyeshadow is the perfect way to put the attention on them. You can brighten them up by using a shimmer or a pearlized shadow in a light neutral shade, like a champagne, beige or white. Tip: we love a white shimmery shadow for the season, because it’s reminiscent of the winter snow outside! Apply a sheer layer to keep it natural. You can apply to the entire lid, or just the inner corner of your eyes for a quick brightening trick.


bright shimmer eyes winter makeup

Summer in December

A bronzer will be your best friend this December. Bronzed looks with rosy pinks will let you feel like the summer never ended.  After all, a bronzed glow never goes out of style — even in the winter! Using rosy hues that give the impression of flushed cheeks will bring more dimension to your look and give you healthy, glowing skin. Bring a touch of color to the lips, too — but make sure you’re using those lip treatments! Dry, cracked lips are no joke in the winter time.


Meet our Model of the Month! Pilar DeMann, age 46. Mama, wife, beauty and Brow Specialist. The “Eyebrow Queen of Litchfield” has been working in the beauty industry for 20 years and loves being a supermodel for LuLu Face Co!

“I am obsessed with the Micellar Water at LuLu. It cleans my skin completely and gently while leaving it moisturized, soft, and supple. The LuLu Illuminator is my new discovery and obsession on the makeup side, it is light and wonderful feeling, and just oh so lightly blurs the lines like a veil.”

The Winter Skincare Problem

winter skincare treatment moisturize

Any person with a face (so, everybody) knows winter is perhaps the worst time for your skin. Cold temperatures and low humidity tend to leave us with tight, dry skin that is not only unsightly, it’s also uncomfortable. Because there is less moisture in the air, we tend to have less moisture in our skin.

So we try to load our skin up with the proper moisturizers, but sometimes that only provides a temporary fix. We have bad news for you: that scaly winter skin is also due to the use of heaters. And since we know nobody wants to give those up in sub-zero weather, it’s time to start combating that dry, cracked skin with a proper winter skincare routine.

You want to change your products from the ones you may have been using during the summer and fall months, because while they may help your skin in certain ways, a lot of these products are extremely drying. Pair this with the dry winter weather and this can be incredibly damaging (nevermind unattractive) for your skin! So, what should you do?



winter skincare hydrating moisturizing dry skin

Up Your Moisturizing Agent 

Some moisturizers don’t provide the adequate amount your skin needs in the drier months. Since there is less moisture in the air, the moisture in your skin evaporates sooner, meaning you’ll have to replace all the moisture you’re losing much more often and at a greater level. The Double Back Age Defying BB Cream ups the moisture and hydrates your skin without leaving it oily or greasy, and is also an effective multi-tasker!

Add a Serum

Some think serums are unnecessary when they already use a moisturizer, but a serum is the best way to get a more potent surge of whatever it is you need – vitamins, minerals, or in this instance: hydration! The Skin Infusion Serum in “Hydrate” drenches your skin with Sodium PCA, a natural amino acid, and Prickly Pear, a powerful humectant, that easily attracts and retains moisture on the skin.

Try a Differently-Formulated Cleanser

Let’s talk about face wash – you may think you’re helping your skin by cleaning it, but that’s not always so, ESPECIALLY during the winter. Many formulas strip your skin of natural oils, so while they are cleaning the surface of your skin, they also make it harder to regain that moisture, and this is especially damaging in the wintertime. A gel cleanser is not so stripping and is far more hydrating, opting for a creamy, light texture instead of a liquid-based one. Go for nourishment with the African Red Tea Botanical Gel Cleanser instead!

Don’t Forget Those Chapped Lips!

Sometimes chapstick doesn’t always do the trick. A lip treatment is a bit stronger than a chapstick, and plumps your lips with additional ingredients like vitamins and collagen that not only soothe them, but make them appear fuller, removing fine lines and painful cracks. Reach for the 24/7 Lip Treatment next time you feel your lips getting a bit dry in that cold weather!

Finding Your Everyday Essentials

essential beauty products everyday

Not liking the makeup routine you’ve sunken into? How can you change this and re-discover your everyday essentials all over again? Well, we’ve got a few suggestions for you. First, it’s time to be honest with ourselves. Ask yourself these questions:
How much time do I want to spend getting ready? What am I looking for in a product? What do I want to emphasize or hide? Where am I going?

We want to help you feel like the best you when you put on your “go-to” face. While everyone has their own unique traits they work with, we like to think there are essentials out there that are perfect for anybody. See how these stack up in your routine and with your specific needs.

Here are our can’t-go-wrong faves and why they work for most!


beauty necessities everyday makeup


Deep Dive Micellar Cleansing Water 
Let’s start with what makes this one unique. The great thing about micelle molecules is that they act as magnets to lift dirt, oil, and makeup from the face and eyes. Because this cleanser lifts impurities, all it takes is a gentle swipe to remove, instead of damaging your skin with harsher exfoliation. It’s not just a cleanser, either: it also works to tone and repair skin, and let’s face it, who couldn’t use a little R&R for your skin? This is also a cleanser that is gentle on the skin due to extracts of poppyseed, prickly pear, and white lily, so your skin will be feeling fresh and new no matter how sensitive it is.

Shadow/Cake Liner Palette
Adding a palette to your beauty arsenal can bring your look to life in a variety of different ways or occasions, and all the different colors mean you don’t have to stick to the exact same thing every day. A palette is an essential item in any makeup bag because you can mix it up without having to purchase any new colors. Since LuLu has a line of fully customizable palettes, we suggest filling your palette with colors that flatter in multiple occasions for your go-to colors, and selecting a couple that can be for special looks. No matter what kind of eye makeup you wear, you can customize this to fit your needs. Do you usually forgo a heavy black liner? No problem, swap it out for a neutral or add another eyeshadow.

Mineral Powder Blush
Who couldn’t use a little livening up in the cheeks first thing in the morning? No matter the shade of your skin, everyone looks a little glowier with a slight flush added to the cheeks, and we think having a great quality blush in your beauty bag is essential. Even if all you want to do is throw on some mascara and call it a day, swiping on some blush can liven up your face in one simple step. Our pressed mineral blush is a luxurious formula free of oils, talk and fragrance, so it’s ideal for any skin type.

Fit and Flushed Bronzer
Want to take that flat skin a step further? We think it’s safe to say everyone wants that healthy bronzed look. However, in the winter months it can be a little harder to obtain it naturally. Thinking you could use a boost in your flat dull skin? Try Fit and Flushed to add a bronzed glow; the shade is perfect for any skin tone and because it’s buildable you can adjust just how much of that bronze you want, whether it’s just a dash or you want to be shimmering like a gold mine!

5 Colors Inspired by Thanksgiving

neutrals for thanksgiving

Every year, Thanksgiving brings us good food, good company, and an abundance of rich colors on our table. But why keep them confined to our plates? Looking to create a festive Thanksgiving look for your family get together this year? Look no further than the colors on your plate. Here are 5 ways to incorporate the warm colors of Thanksgiving into your look.

Wine Colored Nails
A dark nail can add a touch of elegance to your look without ever even changing your makeup. Pull from a dark red wine color (that pairs so well with your Thanksgiving feast!) to dress up your look and make it elegant and stylish. It helps that this color NEVER goes out of style!
See: Nail Colour in Chocolate Wine

Orange Toned Eyeshadows
Oranges are huge in the beauty world right now; they provide a pop of color but are still wearable enough to sneak into your look or pair with other colors. Orange tones are reminiscent of quite a few of the delicious foods you’ll find on your plate: yams, pumpkin pie, and more. Make your eyes look good enough to eat!
See: Silky Pressed Mineral Shadow in Topaz, Copper

cranberry colors for thanksgiving

Neutral Palettes
When we think of Thanksgiving and its signature dishes, decorating, etc. we think of earthy and neutral colors, like browns and tans. Not only is this color palette reminiscent of turkey, stuffing, or yes, even gravy!, but it also goes with practically anything, which makes both decorating and doing your makeup a breeze!
See: Silky Pressed Mineral Shadow in Clove, Malt

Cranberry Lips
The berry trend is huge, and it doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere. So why not put a Thanksgiving twist on it? Cranberry is such a beautiful, rich color, with a mixture of deep red and pink that works on practically anybody. When a flat red doesn’t quite work, turn to a cranberry color, that hint of pink or purple can make your whole look.
See: Smooth & Creamy Lip Colour in Temptress

Touches of Green
While green may not be the focus of a Thanksgiving feast, you can always find some green side dishes to supplement the rest of the meal. We take this same approach when using slight touches of green in your look to mimic the greenery on your plate. Try adding a touch of green to your eyeshadow and blending it into your neutrals! Or opt for a cool green nail that’ll surely be unique from the rest!
See: Silky Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow in Bare Feet
See: Nail Colour in Fresh Picked Hydrangea

Forget Perfection – Rock the Casual Look

casual looks

When you’re looking to cut your getting ready time in half and still look amazing, the best route is to go for a more casual look. A look that doesn’t rely on everything being ‘perfect’, may be a little (stylishly) messy, but still makes it work.

Some looks are marked by precision – perfectly sharp brows, full lips, straightened hair, but the casual look can be just as fashionable with far less work involved. Here’s how to make your casual look chic and stylish, and no one has to know you put more than a few minutes into creating it.

Instead of reaching for the straightener or curling iron, go for a stylish low ponytail with volume. This can also include a twist in the back, or your hair wrapped around your hair tie if you want to get fancier with it. A low ponytail is classic and chic, and can be seen on all the runways yearly. Add a little volume to it by teasing around your hair tie for a little bit of a messier look, and angling it so that it has some bounce to it.  And just like that, your bedhead is instantly fierce!



Lip stains are the new liquid lipsticks. They’re easier to apply and always look good. If you want the look of a tinted lip to add a slight pop of color to your face, but don’t want to commit to the precision of applying a lipstick, you can apply it in a ‘stained’ way instead. Apply by patting the lipstick onto your finger instead of directly onto your lips with an applicator. From there, you can pat it into your lips, and you’ll have control over how opaque you want it to be. The good news is a stain is easily buildable! You can also apply more towards the center than the edges for a more doll-faced look, or all over for complete fullness. A stain isn’t as overpowering as a lipstick but still gives you that vivid color to liven up your face.

Undone brows are way more fashion-forward than groomed ones, so saving some time and forgoing that perfect brow can actually be looked at as more fashionable. Look to any runway, and you’ll largely see models that have a more natural brow, so you know this look is stylish! These brows are a little bit overgrown, fuller and lack the perfectly sculpted look of a trimmed brow. Instead of filling your brows in solid, just groom them enough so as to add a little bit of life to them. Make sure you can still see the individual hairs instead of a solid canvas. You’ll save on the time it takes to perfectly fill them in and make sure they’re even.



Show off your natural skin a little bit more. And after all, no one’s skin is perfect. But there is something refreshingly beautiful about the uniqueness in your bare skin – like freckles or beauty marks – that you can’t get from a full face of makeup. It exudes that effortless, confident beauty.  Of course not everyone is blessed with flawless skin, so try to only use product where needed. Concealer is perfect for under eye bags, covering redness, an unsightly blemish, or other things you don’t completely love about your skin. You can also opt for a bb cream instead of foundation if you aren’t completely comfortable going bare-faced. A bb cream provides evenness but still lets your skin look like skin.

Smudged eyeliner can give you an edgy look that does not require perfect application. The rocker-chic look is marked by smudged, buffed out eyeliner that seems to be a staple for all your favorite stars. If you don’t want to worry about meticulously lining your eyes but still want the depth and edge of a darker eye, you can smudge out your eyeliner. You can use either a traditional eyeliner pencil or use eyeshadow with a liner brush. Buff out your liner with a brush so that it appears more blended instead of in a straight line. It can be as smooth or as messy as you wish, but still provides a relaxed and casual look.

When you want to walk out of the house feeling like a supermodel but achieve that in less than 10 minutes, it can seem like the odds really are not in your favor. A casual look can still be chic. Now throw on a sweatshirt and some boyfriend jeans and rock this laid back (but still ever so stylish) look!

5 Ways to Keep Your Summer Glow in the Middle of Winter

summer glow in winter time

The struggle most women meet in the winter months is the fading of our summer tans, and dry, dull skin that seems to be missing that glow we loved so much. While porcelain skin can surely be stunning, those of us that are truly missing that summertime bronze can take a few steps to get it back (without the sun damage!)

1. Skincare
First thing’s first: we need to start at the base. Turning your focus to skincare can be a remedy for that dull winter skin. If you think this step doesn’t matter, we’re here to tell you: the only way to ensure that what you put on top of your skin will look flawless is for your skin itself to be flawless.
We recommend a daily cleanser and a moisturizer as two things that can help everybody. Cleanse when you wake up to rid your skin of any accumulated debris during the night, and again before you go to bed to be free of any makeup or toxins you met during your day. Repeated use of a cleanser will have you seeing immediate results.
Moisturizing is also especially important during the colder months, because the air tends to dry your skin out pretty severely. Things like fine lines and wrinkles are more apt to appear when the skin is dehydrated and dry. A moisturizer will plump that skin right back up and fight dryness and premature signs of aging. Skincare is the best remedy to dull winter skin; even if your skin may not be as dark as it was, it’s still shining bright.
See: Deep Dive Micellar Cleansing Water, Fringe Benefit Skin Insurance


lulu bronzer blush


2. Bronzer
Bronzer is EVERYTHING during the winter months. If you don’t have that natural tan from the sun, bronzer can give the same effect of one while sculpting and contouring your face at the same time. Bronzer is also buildable upon application, so it can be as heavy or as light as you need it to be with your skin tone. It also contains an iridescence that livens up your skin and won’t leave it looking flat. We recommend focusing on the contour of your cheeks and the temples of your forehead with a buildable bronze, as they tend to be some of the darker areas on your face.
See: Mineral Powder Bronzers


blush color choice winter time


3. Color Choice
The color palette of your products plays a pretty big role in the tone of your face. It can single handedly make your skin reflect the seasons, which means it’s also easy to make yourself look washed out instead of bronzed and glowing. Because of this, you’ll want to go for bronzed, brassy, and golden hues in your highlighters and blushes instead of peaches and pinks. Warm pinks can add that flushed rosiness that comes with a summer glow, but you definitely don’t want to base your look around these shades (think of pinks as the cherry on top). These brassy colors can add layers of shading to your face and give you a fully dimensional glow.
See: Bronzed Beauty Duo

4. Light Makeup
A mistake we all make in the colder months is reaching for our darkest products that had been in hiding all summer. But if you’re going for a sun-kissed look, you’re going to want to keep all those darks to a minimum. When working with eyeshadows and eyeliners, keep it light. These dark colors can wash you out, especially in contrast with light skin. It highlights the lightness in your skin, which we can equate with looking sickly, and will wash you out even if you have still retained some tan. Instead of heavy black eyeliners, go for brows, or put the focus on dark heavy lashes instead. When choosing a color palette for your eyeshadow, go with warm neutrals and earth tones to work with your skin color. This color scheme can go a long way to achieve this beachy look during the wintertime.
See: Volumizing Mascara


lulu self tanner luminizer


5. Self Tanners
Here at LuLu we are huge proponents of taking care of your skin, so we are giving a big N-O to tanning! Not only is it horrible for your skin, but it’s oftentimes short lived. Instead, use a self tanner or luminizer to mimic that same glow (and we’re gonna let you in on a secret—no one can tell the difference!). Luminizers and self tanners are sheer, so they won’t go on heavy, and with proper blending you’ll be looking as natural as you did this July. They also add a slight iridescence that a normal tan won’t have. Their purpose is to mimic that same summer glow so you can nourish your skin instead of harming it. With the right self tanner, you’ll be looking like you just got back from a vacation in mid-December.
See: LuLuminescence, Fit and Flushed

5 Tricks to Try with Concealer

liquid concealer hacks tricks

Using a concealer is an art and a science. While different from foundation, it can still be used as a tool to cover up unsightly spots or dark circles. But none of us are strangers to a concealer disaster: you’ll have to be precise in order to make it look natural. While most have it down, using concealer also comes with a few tricks you can apply to take your look to a 10! Check out some of our favorites.

1. Use it to sharpen your features.

One of our favorite concealer hacks is using it to carve out areas we want to emphasize in our face, almost like a form of contouring. The best example is using concealer to enhance your brows. You can trace the outline of your brows with concealer using a flat brush, and blend into your skin to enhance the shape of your brows by making them look sharper.

You can also use it as a way to sculpt the shape of your nose by highlighting down the middle of your bridge. These little details are just as important and can really enhance the rest of your look subtly without over-contouring.

2. Choose a shade that’s lighter than your skin tone.

Many make the mistake of using a concealer that is identical to their skin tone or foundation shade; this is actually not what you want to do! Since what you’re trying to cover up is usually darker (dark circles under eyes, bumps or blemishes that usually produce a shadow, etc.) you’ll want to choose a lighter shade to counteract. A shade or two lighter should do the trick: light enough to counteract darkness but not too light as to wash you out. Most of the reason you notice a blemish is because it is darker than your skin, or is raised so that it produces a shadow. By overcompensating and making this area lighter, you are balancing out what is unsightly. Think about it: when you use foundation over dark circles, they are usually still visible. Try a shade lighter and watch them disappear!


concealer brush tips tricks

3. Apply in dots or lines.

Since concealer tends to be thicker and more opaque than foundation, you won’t want to apply it in full onto the areas you want to cover. Try applying in dots or lines so that it is blendable and sheer enough to still give natural-looking coverage. Over-applying may result in having to completely take it all off. It can be hard to spread or even out if you apply too much.

Many tend to apply in triangle shaped areas under the eyes and blend outward as they see fit. Try to avoid blending out into the sides of your eyes or face, as it is not always needed there.

4. Blend with a sponge.

Application technique is important when working with concealer. Again, since it is more opaque than your average foundation and you are working with a lighter color, it can easily cake up and wash you out if applied incorrectly. Brushes tend to push the product around without picking up or blending areas effectively, so use a beauty sponge, or if you have to use a brush, use a bigger one.

Apply it in triangles under the eye that can be blended back into your normal skin color without spreading too far into other areas of your face. You’ll also want to pat to blend as opposed to smearing or dragging the product, so that you’re picking up product and smoothing it out at the same time.


concealer brush application blending

5. Be sure to set with powder.

Just like your foundation, concealer has a lifespan during the duration of your day. You can extend the wear of it and make it look more smooth & polished by setting with powder. Concealer has a tendency to get cakey or settle into the creases under your eyes if left to its own devices. Setting will remove excess oils and mattify.

Custom Blended Concealer by LuLu

Here at LuLu we offer the ability to custom blend a concealer just for you! Have your choice of color, consistency, texture, and add whatever additional elements you’d like to it! In the pictures above, we have custom blended a Liquid Concealer to include a Hydrating Booster and a Firming Booster, suited exactly to our client’s needs! This may be the perfect option for someone with some lines that is wanting to avoid a cream-based concealer. Get your own custom blend to suit your needs!

Why You Can’t Ignore Skincare

importance of skincare

When makeup is at the forefront, it’s easy to forget about skincare. Instead of working to better our skin it can sometimes be simpler to cover up with makeup. But we can’t forget about skincare! It’s an important component that should be included in every woman’s beauty routine.

There are tons of reasons why skincare should still be a part of your routine. For one, even if you love wearing makeup, your makeup looks even better when it’s applied onto healthy skin. Don’t work to cover up, work to enhance the beautiful skin you’ve earned. You should also be proud of your skin and want to show it off, even with a bare face! We don’t always have makeup at our disposal, and it’s a shame that we should hate the way we look without it. We’ve all heard one of our friends say something along the lines of “ugh, don’t get me in this picture, I don’t have any makeup on today!”. We should all feel like we look good even without makeup. With great skincare, your skin can be the star of the photo.


deep dive micellar cleansing water skincare

Taking care of your skin also helps with anti-aging, because who wants to start seeing wrinkles before they really have to? Adding skincare to your plate can aid in the prevention of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Premature aging of the skin is frequently caused by improper or lack of skincare. Things like leaving your makeup on, not washing your face enough, or failing to moisturize can have you seeing early signs of aging. Plus, you’ll want to take care of your skin to rid it of those free radicals and toxins in the environment. Taking simple measures with skincare can make a huge difference in the end when it comes to youthful skin.

When your skin looks good, you feel good. How about good skin days every day? When you arm your skin with the right nutrients and skincare, it can really shine! Skin is an organ after all, and it’s in our best interest to take care of it and keep it healthy. Show off that internal glow on the outside and let everyone see you radiate!

Now for the solution! We’d like to introduce your skin to the new LuLu skincare line! From cleansers, to BB cream, to treatments, we’ve got the tools to rejuvenate, replenish, and take care of your skin from the outside in. Here are just a few of the options we have for reclaiming that skin of yours and making it glow!

You can check out the entire line here!

Introducing a New Way to Shop: Custom Palettes!

custom palettes

We can all identify with purchasing a full makeup palette but ignoring a large portion of the colors for our favorites. You might have bought it for a handful of the shades and just accepted that there were going to be some others you would never use. Well, say goodbye to paying for wasted products!

With our new line of custom palettes, you can hand-pick the products and shades you love, making sure no spot goes to waste! Fill a palette with your go-to’s so that getting ready is easier and confined to one single palette. By using bigger pans we let you focus on colors that we really enjoy instead of opting for a palette packed with 15-20 small swatches. The bigger pans also make for easier product pickup and allow for bigger brushes! They’ll also last longer than smaller swatches.

Custom palettes are great because you can choose an array of colors based on your own personal preferences and colors you regularly wear (meaning you won’t have to constantly avoid that unwearable green in your favorite palette). You can pick the colors YOU know flatter your skin tone or eye color, select more of the products you need, and eliminate the ones you don’t. Bonus: because we believe in conscious beauty, these palettes are also eco-friendly!

How does it work? We’ll break it down for you.

Our palettes come in 4 distinct layouts, which make it easy for you to customize just how many spots you want to designate for each kind of product. Our palettes contain spaces for primers, blushes, eyeshadows, and eyeliners, with different shade options for each category!


custom eyeshadow palette blush


You’ll fill a palette by:

  1. Pick your palette layout
  2. Select a space
  3. Select your product type (Large spaces are for primers and blush, small spaces are for eyeshadow and eyeliner. Make a palette for one type of product, or mix and match!)
  4. Select your product option. (Some products have multiple options! For example, we have two different primer options, SensationalEyes or Eyelights Primer)
  5. Select your color

The palettes come in 4 different layouts! Which one works best for you?

Blush and Eye Primer Palette

(4 large spaces) 

This palette is perfect to designate to all your must-have blush shades with an additional space for a primer of your choice. With multiple shades of blush, you’re sure to find a few options that work for you. You can also have your choice of primer and primer shade! SensationalEyes gives you an even, nude coverage, while the Eyelights Primer gives a slight shimmery base, which can also double as a highlighter!

Blush or Eye Primer + Shadow Palette

(2 large spaces, 6 small spaces)

This is our go-to for the essential palette. You can cover all your bases by using products of all types in this palette. Fill your two large spaces with blush, primers, or both! You’ll also get 6 smaller slots for our Eyeshadows and Pressed Cake Eyeliner. Tip: We like to mix 4 eyeshadows with your traditional black and brown liners, so you have the basics ready for any look! We prefer the whole shebang to cover all our bases, we don’t need anything else out of a palette when we’ve got this one!

Blush or Eye Primer + Shadow and Tool Palette

(2 large spaces, 4 small spaces, space for tools)

This palette is perfect for those who want to stock up on their brushes, because it comes with two additional tools to pair with your selected products. Select your blush, primer, or both, then pair them with 4 eyeshadow (or eyeliner!) shades. This palette includes a brush to apply your blush evenly so we’d definitely recommend choosing a blush option to pair it with. You’ll also get an eyeshadow applicator!

Shadow and Liner Palette 

(9 small spaces)

Eyeshadow junkie? This is the palette for you! With 9 available slots, you can choose any color eyeshadow your heart desires with some room for eyeliners, too! With 19 eyeshadow shades to choose from, you can even make multiple palettes by color scheme. Fill this entire palette with eyeshadows or sneak some eyeliner in to complete the full eye look! Create palettes by tone and color scheme or create a palette that cover all your bases with every unique color you could possibly want!

Select a palette for us to make just for you, exactly how you want it, here!