5 Lip Collection Essentials

We’re so excited to talk lip care, lip color, and of course our top five essentials you seriously have to include in your makeup bag.

You might feel like you use the same lipstick you’ve always been obsessed with over and over. We tend to go for what we know looks best, and that’s okay!!

Maybe it’s time to try something new? Break up your routine for a fresh and natural look you’ll always go back to. Our LuLu lip collection has everything you’ll need to maintain perfect lips AND it’s made with organic oils and natural waxes. In our book, it’s never too late to start taking your lip care seriously.

Simply add a lip treatment into your routine or a primer before applying lipstick or gloss. It’s the best way to keep makeup on longer. There’s less leaving lipstick on your coffee mug in the morning. Yes please!!

Our essentials:


A lip primer that locks down lip color, prevents fading and bleeding, plus treats the lips. Prepare your lips for the long day ahead with Lip Fix lip primer. Loaded with Collagen Tripeptides to diminish fine lines and repair lip texture.

Lip Fix holds color in place, and reduces fading and feathering. Color applies more smoothly and lasts longer. This nude silky primer is the perfect foundation for your favorite lipstick or lip gloss.


Natural peptides Maxi-lipT and DermaxylT plump and hydrate lips, smooth fine surface lines and improve lip contour by stimulating collagen production. The patented ingredients have been proven to minimize the appearance of current and prevention of future wrinkles. 24/7 Lip Treatment will increase lip volume up to 40% as proven in clinical trials after applying three times daily for 29 days.


Sleek, brushed aluminum Sketch Stick pencils for lips are retractable and refillable. Lip pencils are enriched with avocado oil for ease of application. Refilling is easy-simply pull out the empty cartridge and replace with a new one. Refill cases contain two pencil cartridges. Refills sold separately.


Our natural lipstick caresses and cares for the lips. These pure mineral lipsticks offer brilliant color and natural moisture with Vitamin E coupled with Grapeseed and Jojoba Oils. Made with organic oils and natural waxes, these lipsticks moisturize and smooth the lips. This product is gluten-free!!

  1. Lip Gloss

Lip gloss with high shine color that pampers lips with Green Tea extract and antioxidant Vitamin E! Perfect for a casual night or work day makeup look.         

You’re ready to go with these 5 LuLu essentials.

Put on a red lip and take on the world, girl!! (or simply take on the week ahead)

-XO LuLu FaceCo.


Makeup To Protect Your Skin

It’s no secret that we all struggle with protecting our skin and staying glam all at the same time! The warmer months are here and we know most of our LuLu clients are out and about in the sun, enjoying all that summer brings.

We’re here with the good news!! There’s one simple solution that really does the trick. You guessed it, are you using makeup with spf included? Keep reading for the best tips to a sunburn free complexion this season. Umbrellas and sunnies are your best friend too of course, paired with a LuLu filled makeup bag. You’re on your way to a stress free day at the beach with these natural products you can really trust.

SPF Creams & Balms

We’ve quite literally got you covered with the LuLu TFC Anti-Aging CC Cream.

It’s a LuLu curated custom blended beauty balm with a combination of pure mineral powders, high definition mineral powder, skin care additives appropriate to your own skin and mineral spf. It’s even got essential oils like chamomile, ylang ylang, or jasmine.

Also, another great choice to add spf into your routine is the Double Back Age Defying BB Cream. This multi-tasking, lightweight beauty balm primes, hydrates, lightens, firms, and visibly improves the look and feel of the skin. It helps to diminish the appearance of pores, fine lines and uneven skin tone.

This BB cream contains spf and can be used on its own or under any foundation!!

SPF Powders & Illuminators

Luminescence Glistening Mineral Illuminator delivers immediate sun-kissed radiance over face and body. It’s great for on the go broad spectrum SPF 30 mineral sunscreen protection.

It’s even paraben free and fragrance free for sensitive skin!! Could it get any better??

Quick tip, this product is also featured in the LuLu Love List Box which is our brand new subscription service, you’ll love to receive this at your doorstep.

Tips and tricks you need to know!!

  1. Avoid the tanning bed with a little help from LuLu Mineral Powder Bronzers! These bronzers are sheer ultra deluxe polishers that smooth and brighten the skin all while adding a sunkissed look to your face.
  2. Our ultimate tip for bronzing is to test your bronzer on the skin before use. It sounds simple but it’s totally necessary. It should only be 1 or 2 shades darker than your skin tone. Follow these and you’ll be glowing in no time – and your skin will thank you too.
  3. We still recommend that our lovely LuLu customers use sunscreen along with our creams and illuminators for added protection. We’ve been so inspired by all the positive conversations about skin protection out there. Check out Allures take on how to reapply your sunscreen while wearing makeup. It’s super helpful!

Enjoy fun in the SUN this summer and don’t forget to shop the full LuLu collection for everything you’ll need in your makeup bag. Get glowing girl (safely of course)!!!!!

Xo LuLu FaceCo.

LuLu Open House

We had the BEST open house in our Litchfield store location filled with champagne and great conversation last Thursday. Our happy hour shopping event was such a fun success! We’re located in downtown, right across from the green.

This was really the perfect way for us to introduce our brand and have a blast doing it with anyone that walks through our door. All makeup lovers were welcome – and if you’re new to LuLu, we think you might fall in LOVE with our products and what we’re all about.

We’re here to make you feel beautiful for the rest of your evening and in your daily routine!!

We hope everyone who attended had as much fun as we did. Don’t forget to give us a shout on all our socials – We’d love to hear from you. We’re always planning fun events like this that cater to our lovely LuLu customers. Stay tuned for more and please stop by anytime. Xo


This event is open to the public, no ticket necessary! Come on in!



LuLu Insider Event Recap: A Glam Saturday afternoon

At LuLu Face Company we had a gorgeous sunny day to show off our new and improved LuLu “lovelist” subscription box in our Litchfield, CT location. The insider event allowed us to share what LuLu is all about in a fun, stress free environment. Our guests really enjoyed an inside look into the custom foundations, blushes, shadows, and concealers that we love to create. We truly believe that everyone should feel pretty all of the time. Don’t you think so too?

The event all started with a fully stocked mimosa bar and mingling with guests followed by an introduction to LuLu as a brand! We enjoyed a fun filled intro to the box and founder Linda Temkin talked all things beauty with our talented guests (some lovely Connecticut bloggers). It was the perfect intimate setting with wonderful food and drinks by owner and chef Sam of Mockingbird Kitchen and Bar. Doesn’t it sound like such a glam Saturday afternoon?

A special makeup consultation for each attendee made the experience even MORE customizable and personalized – just like their beauty box! Contents of the box included, a custom HD Defintion CC Cream, Glow All Over, Skin Illuminator, Fit and Flushed, A Lipcolor of our choice, and a A To Go brush. LuLu has always been all about inspiring a trendy – classic expression with attention to quality ingredients and this subscription service does just that. The box will come out 4 times a year customized just for you by filling out a simple questionnaire card to determine the best colors and shades for your skintone. The customization possibilities are endless to create the perfect match.

LuLu uses pure minerals that calm the skin with anti-inflammatory properties. We’re 95% Vegan and 100% All Natural, something we’re very proud of!

Guests took photos of one another, discovered their perfect lip shade, all while sharing with their followers on social media. We setup the perfect selfie stations with mirrors, and every tool needed for the perfect makeover. It didn’t take long for the girls to create their best look with a little help from Linda of course. We even created a personalized custom color HD cream for each attendee to enjoy.

Brandy’s a makeup artist and Co-Founder of @entitledbeautyworldwide. She’s even a beauty expert for the today show and a blogger! Brandy really loved our gorgeous violet nail polish shade for her nails. She’s always looking for something violet to rock in May during Lupus Awareness month. SO perfect.

Ilse is a successful fashion columnist and blogger with feminine style you won’t want to miss! She had so much fun getting her very own custom CC cream made just for her by Linda. “Want sunscreen? She’ll add it. Get oily? She makes sure to add a mattifier. It’s honestly the coolest thing.” Thanks so much for sharing your LuLu experience, Ilse.

Lydia is a fashion blogger and photographer who loves to collect and shop secondhand.
She’s photographing the best fashion at the Connecticut shoreline. She had a lovely afternoon socializing, trying out some new makeup, and enjoying snacks. In her opinion, it’s the option to have products customized that really sets the line apart. We’re so thrilled to hear that you loved your custom CC cream, Lydia.

We really couldn’t have asked for a better event with these talented Connecticut bloggers. Please visit us again soon ladies! Don’t forget to follow them around Connecticut on all their social media and be on the lookout for the LuLu subscription box. Coming to your doorsteps very soon.

Xo LuLuFaceCo.




Spring Clean Your Makeup Stash

It’s officially spring, right?! If you’re in New England, you might be second guessing that. We’ve seen some birds chirping, and serious snow showers in a matter of 24 hours! Either way, that’s not holding us back from starting our spring cleaning routine! Time to ditch the old makeup and clean those brushes. When the weather decides to behave, you’ll be ready for sundresses and a fresh face!

Categorize your collection: This includes makeup, makeup remover, makeup brushes, masks, cleansers, face wipes, etc.

• First, take anything that you never use and throw it out!

• Next, anything you’ve bought within the past 6 months (write down what you use from that pile to purchase a fresh set) and then ditch it because it’s old!

• Finally, anything that you bought in the last 5 months and haven’t used (except for occasion makeup) into the garbage it goes!

PRO TIP: Tossing things you haven’t opened yet? See if your local donation center will collect it!

Once you have your collection secure – make a pile of things you don’t know how to use, for example – that highlighting brush you saw on Instagram and purchased, or that brow pencil you’ve been wanting to try. Grab your weekly agenda and go through the pile, take 30 minutes / week to learn how to use one of those items at a time!

The goal for spring cleaning your makeup collection is twofold. First, to purge anything you don’t need, pairing back to just the essentials. This will free up some space in your makeup bag or drawer. It will also keep your collection from being so daunting. Sometimes we avoid trying new things, or even wearing makeup because we are so overwhelmed by what we have.

Next, it will give you the opportunity to add some new things to your collection, whether it’s a new brush or a trending makeup product – some extra space will keep you from feeling guilty about your next purchase!

Happy spring cleaning!

4 Ways to Be Illuminated

illuminator glow

If there’s one thing all women can agree on, it’s that there’s nothing as quite as stunning as healthy glowing skin. It has the ability to make you look more lively, and radiates a glow that seems to come from within. Because we sometimes lack the luster that makes our skin look fresh and alive, we may have to turn to our trusty products to get the job done. Here are 4 ways to illuminate that skin!

1. Skin Illuminator

It’s all in the name: if you want the most illuminated skin, this is the best product to get that fresh, dewy glow. The shimmer within our Skin Illuminator is subtle and gentle unlike most heavily sparkly highlighters out there, so if you’re looking for a natural glow from within as opposed to all-out glam, this is your product. The subtlety of the Skin Illuminator also lets you use it in other areas besides just the apples of your cheeks. When you have a natural glow, you glow all over, so why not mimic that real-skin feel? You’ll be left looking like your insides are glowing and your skin just can’t contain it.



2. Fit and Flushed

The Fit and Flushed beauty balm just so happens to be our best selling product. Why are people loving Fit and Flushed so much? Its buildable formula makes it work for practically anyone. Sometimes our skin has different preferences than our peers, but since Fit and Flushed is sheer and lightweight, it can be blended into your existing skintone and built upon to appear more dramatic and bronzed. This can provide you that same illumination of a highlighter, but with a warmer tone.

3. Bronzed Beauty Duo

If you want a more subtle matte illumination instead of a freshly dewy one, the Bronzed Beauty Duo can give a deeper shade to your glow that still contains the luster and gleam that we all want. A powder formula also removes any excess shine that some may not be a fan of, and instead opts for a subtle shimmer.



4. LuLuminescence

LuLuminescence is the all-encompassing glow that you can use on your body and your face! Don’t limit that glow to your face, add a sheen to your shoulders and collarbone to amp up an illuminated look just a bit more. LuLuminescence is lightweight and absorbs easily, making it the perfect match for any skin texture or tone. Try mixing some LuLuminescence in with your foundation in order to bring that illumination back into your skin. You won’t have to hide under layers of makeup with a lightweight formula like this. Instead, you’ll radiate a glow with ease!

Get the Glow with the Essentials

skincare essentials

If there’s one thing every woman wants to do, it’s GLOW. Who doesn’t want smooth, even, vibrant skin? It doesn’t come for free, however. We love our “Essentials” set—also known as the African Red Tea Botanical Gel Cleanser, Double Back BB Cream, and Day Break Eye Treatment—because it’s perfect for any age range, and provides that glow we all desire if you stick to it! These are things every woman should have in her beauty regimen (hence the ‘essentials’ part).


daily cleanser gentle

African Red Tea Botanical Gel Cleanser
Something everyone needs is a good quality cleanser, as it does the most important job. Many cleansers are harsh on your skin, but not only does this cleanser have an infusion of soothing African Red Tea, it also contains a number of natural botanical elements, so you can rest assured that your skin will not be dried out or irritated by any harsh chemicals. Yes, those ingredients also mean built-in antioxidants! Can you say smoothing and brightening? Yes, please. With daily use of this cleanser you’ll nourish, brighten, hydrate, REPEAT!


anti aging eye treatment cream

Day Break Eye Treatment
One part of our skin that NO ONE likes is those dark under-eye circles. Which, if you’re over the age of 18 or have ever had to rise before 8 AM, those dark circles have probably already made an appearance. This eye treatment can be applied to eyes prior to makeup or throughout the day to revive and refresh that under-eye area. It will work to moisturize the delicate tissue around your eyes, which you’re never too young or too old for— you should always be proactively preventative or working to be restorative. This eye treatment also works to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, because who wants to be punished for laughing with lines around our eyes? This product is simply age defying, which means you’ll be ever-glowing.

Double Back BB Cream
If you haven’t heard, BB = Beauty Balm, and EVERYONE is talking about it because of its multi-tasking properties. The BB cream glow is the talk of the town, and a must-have for any modern lady in 2018. Not only does it provide a layer of light, even coverage, but it also hydrates and primes your skin. AND, you’ll shed years when your BB cream diminishes the appearance of pores and fine lines. For those moments when you don’t want to commit to a full face of makeup but need a quick pick-me-up glow that’s great all around, you’ll want to reach for a BB cream.

While we all want glowing skin, it’s up to us to put in the work to get it there! No matter if you’re a skincare guru or just a beginner, this set of products can get you there in no time and deliver the essentials right to your skin.


Meet our Model of the Month! Name: Tammy Winstanely. Age: 48. “Girl on the go, yoga teacher in training, working professional, and soccer wife. I hit the ground running. I need a beauty routine that gives me a quick polished look in 5 minutes or less!

My go to LuLu faves are Fit and Flushed for a natural healthy glow… no fuss! Add some Brow Wow brow cream and I’m good to go! Eyebrows can make or break your face. Did I mention my fabulous lashes? Out the door in 5 minutes flat!”

Inspired by the Past

80s inspired modern look

In the world of beauty, trends come and go… and then come back and go again… and come back and go again. As beauty trends evolve, we find creative ways to be inspired by looks of the past, and can tweak them to be more modern so that they fit in seamlessly with the styles of today. Here are a few ideas on how to take some classic looks from the past and give them a 2018 twist.


20s inspired look


The 20s
When you think of the 20s, you think bold eyes with winged liner, red lips, and rosy cheeks. The truth is, those things haven’t really gone out of style, but we are however pairing them all together less often. The combination of these components can make a look that can be too much for your day to day (if you aren’t a flapper), so you can bring it to 2018 by only using one or two components of your traditional 20s look at a time.

Try some winged liner without the heavy eye to match. Instead of dark shadows, go for neutrals close to your skin color, or if you really want your wing to pop, keep your eye bare with just a primer or concealer as your canvas. Make sure your wing is sharp and angular instead of round and curved to make it more modern.


20s wing modern look


Rosy cheeks and red lipstick give us images of flappers with pouted lips, and the good news is, these elements are still pretty trendy, so it won’t take much to make it current. Go for a bold, fire engine red to stay true to the 20s trend, and a bright rosy pink to bring that flushed element to your cheeks. However, instead of applying in a circular area just on the apples, blend your blush out into your cheekbones for a more natural look.

So although you can ditch the pin curls and pearls, you can still see the 20s inspiration in this look.

The 60s
The 60s were the years of the flower child, you know the image: natural, bronzed skin, long, flowing hair, and inspiration taken from the earth. Although we want it to appear that we’re wearing minimal makeup to conjure up this 60s inspiration, you should still use your products to secure a gorgeous base.

The staple of this style is natural, bronzed skin. For this reason, you won’t want a heavy base, but you will want to even out your skin so that it glows. The Mineral Moisture Tint is lightweight and sheer, which will bring out that natural radiance. Follow up with bronzing the contours of your face with the Fit and Flushed beauty balm for a real luminescence.

Earthy tones will keep your look natural and warm. When choosing eyeshadows or a lip color, go for neutrals that won’t distract from your gorgeous skin, but instead tie in to make the whole look cohesive. After all, that should be the star of the show! Pull it all together with a natural brow by taking a your Brow Wow spooly and applying in loose strokes, or take your brow product on the brush end and apply a coat to your existing brows, instead of drawing more in. This will darken your brows for a stronger look, but won’t sculpt them into an angular arch. For a natural look, this is key! By taking these elements from the 60s and updating them, you’ll have the modern flower child’s natural bronzed look.


80s look inspiration


The 80s
The 80s were all about color, baby! Although we won’t be straying back into the territory of bright neons and loud prints, we will be introducing pops of color into our looks. The 80s weren’t afraid to pair and layer colors together in the same look, and although we know our blunders now, we shouldn’t be afraid to take inspiration from this either! By toning it down we can make it more modern and wearable.


blue eyeshadow


Instead of going for a cloud of blue on our eyes, we can transform a blue eyeshadow into a blue liner using the Stuck On You Fixative. This provides a pop of color without being too overwhelming or jarring. Because it is still pretty subtle, that allows us to be able to pull off a pink lip too! The combination of blues and pinks are so 80s, and how can we pass that up? Pull this color into your cheeks by strobing your temples with a shade of pink to tie it all together.

An illuminator can add an extra touch that really modernizes the whole look, because who doesn’t love a little highlight these days!? Use our Skin Illuminators to find the color that best fits you and go from 1988 to 2018!


Meet our Model of the Month! Name: Tammy Winstanely. Age: 48. “Girl on the go, yoga teacher in training, working professional, and soccer wife. I hit the ground running. I need a beauty routine that gives me a quick polished look in 5 minutes or less!

My go to LuLu faves are Fit and Flushed for a natural healthy glow… no fuss! Add some Brow Wow brow cream and I’m good to go! Eyebrows can make or break your face. Did I mention my fabulous lashes? Out the door in 5 minutes flat!”

Give the Gift of LuLu

lulu gift card

That special day of love is just about here! Looking for a last minute gift for someone you love!? Show them you care when you give the gift of LuLu!

Although we’ve traditionally celebrated Valentine’s day with our significant others, you can show anyone you love them on this day, from your best friend, to your mom, sister, or your special someone! Show that person you care about some love when you gift them a LuLu gift card or their favorite product.

If you know exactly what your loved one likes and want to give them a thoughtful gift (in their favorite shade!) browse our selection and grab them a product! Know your sister needs a new red lipstick? Get her our Matte Lipstick in Scarlet.  Maybe your mother-in-law has been looking for a new anti-aging element for her skincare. Try our Time Bombs.


lulu gift cards valentine's day


Or maybe you have no idea what they need, that’s okay! You can always grab one of our LuLu gift cards. Nowadays many people are preferring gift cards because they then are able to have some choice in what they receive. So whether you just aren’t quite sure about their taste, or you know they would enjoy a shopping spree, you can always count on the reliable option of a LuLu gift card!

You can have them wrapped in our super cute gift card boxes or get a simple e-card, and are fillable with amounts from $25 to $500.

We have many loved ones in our lives, and we want them to feel like the best, most beautiful versions of themselves at all times, so why not show them you care on this special day when you give the gift of LuLu? And if you are the loved one, we say drop them some hints you want a LuLu gift!

Sculpting Your Face with These 5 Highlighter Tricks

highlighter tips and tricks

Highlighter is a blessing in a bottle (or compact, stick, etc… whichever you prefer). It lets you shape, sculpt and illuminate your face in a variety of ways that can enhance and transform your look. You may think highlighter is just for your cheeks, but we’ve got a few tricks to highlighting other areas of your face that will illuminate your look.

Cupid’s Bow
Use a pop of highlighter on your cupids bow to draw attention to the shape of your lips, and give the impression of fuller lips. This plays up the shadows and highlights of your lips to make them appear poutier. Mix up your application tactics: most just apply with a slight tap of their finger for a pouty look, but the more precisely you apply it, the more you can define the shape of your lips.


best easiest highlighter tricks cheekbones

Tip of Nose
A small blot of highlighter to the tip of your nose can help to sculpt and define its shape! This simple little helper gives the impression of a more pointed tip. Many are fans of the “exclamation point”: a line of highlighter down the bridge of your nose with a small pop of highlighter on the tip! Use a small brush to apply for the most control.

Can you say brow lift? (Non-surgical of course!) Our eyes can sometimes look dark, with our browbone casting a shadow over them and making our faces look hollow. Many already use a light color of eyeshadow just under their brow when doing their eyes, so why not take it a step further and use a highlighter? This will brighten up your eyes and pull your look together!


highlighting your cheekbones and temples

Now, we all use highlighter on the apples of our cheeks, but how about stretching it around the sides of our eyes and into our temples? Instead of applying a harsh, concentrated line of highlighter in one spot, blend it out into a C-shape around your eyes for a dewy, glowing look. This will give you that sun-kissed glow instead of a heavily packed highlight, and also elongate your face. No need to be heavy handed — a light dusting will make your whole cheekbones shine with the right touch!

Inner Corner of Eyes
A huge eye brightener, this trick is one that we’ve taken from eyeshadow tricks. Like with the browbone, we usually put a light color in the inner corners of our eyes if we’re looking for an additional pop, and a highlight can act like a spotlight for your eye! It’s a great trick for opening up the whole eye, and giving a glamorous feel without being over the top. Make those eyes pop, ladies!


Meet our Model of the Month! Name: Tammy Winstanely. Age: 48. “Girl on the go, yoga teacher in training, working professional, and soccer wife. I hit the ground running. I need a beauty routine that gives me a quick polished look in 5 minutes or less!

My go to LuLu faves are Fit and Flushed for a natural healthy glow… no fuss! Add some Brow Wow brow cream and I’m good to go! Eyebrows can make or break your face. Did I mention my fabulous lashes? Out the door in 5 minutes flat!”