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Luminescence (noun): an emission of light – like a shooting star or a glowing moon. If you want to feel like an ethereal goddess, you’ve got to be luminescent!

If you find your skin losing its luster, it may be time for a pick me up with the addition of a luminizer. We often ignore our bodies, especially during the winter when they’re covered up by layers of sweaters and jackets instead of on a sandy beach. Why not bring the glow back to your skin, even if you’re not able to bask in the sunlight?

Here’s our star attraction: LuLuminescence is a silky, sheer nourishing lotion that not only makes your skin LOOK better, but FEEL better. Enriched with vitamin and flower extracts, LuLuminescence soothes your skin while bringing you a healthy glow. Its lightweight formula makes for a blendable and easily buildable addition.

Here’s a twist: you can also use it on your face! A luminizer adds that life back to your skin where you need it most, because you can use it in place of contour, bronzer, or blush. It’s the all-encompassing product for bringing a little bit of depth to your face! LuLuminescence works perfectly with all skin colors because of its rich, deep bronze that can be easily blended out into the cheeks or built upon to add depth. Its year round usage makes it perfect for those months when your skin needs a little boost, and can also emphasize that gorgeously tanned skin in the summer.

luluminescence body glow lotion

Here are 3 of our best tips when using LuLuminescence:

1. Mix it in with your favorite foundation! Blend your LuLuminescence into a liquid foundation easily for a warm glow that will radiate from your face.

2. Don’t forget your décolleté area! Wearing a shoulder baring outfit or low neck dress? Get your glow on! Blend some LuLuminescence into your chest, neck, and collarbone area.

3. Find the light! Use LuLuminescence on areas that will hit the sun, like the outside of your arms, legs, and shoulders. When you hit the light, you’ll have a subtle glisten!

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