5 Lip Collection Essentials

We’re so excited to talk lip care, lip color, and of course our top five essentials you seriously have to include in your makeup bag.

You might feel like you use the same lipstick you’ve always been obsessed with over and over. We tend to go for what we know looks best, and that’s okay!!

Maybe it’s time to try something new? Break up your routine for a fresh and natural look you’ll always go back to. Our LuLu lip collection has everything you’ll need to maintain perfect lips AND it’s made with organic oils and natural waxes. In our book, it’s never too late to start taking your lip care seriously.

Simply add a lip treatment into your routine or a primer before applying lipstick or gloss. It’s the best way to keep makeup on longer. There’s less leaving lipstick on your coffee mug in the morning. Yes please!!

Our essentials:


A lip primer that locks down lip color, prevents fading and bleeding, plus treats the lips. Prepare your lips for the long day ahead with Lip Fix lip primer. Loaded with Collagen Tripeptides to diminish fine lines and repair lip texture.

Lip Fix holds color in place, and reduces fading and feathering. Color applies more smoothly and lasts longer. This nude silky primer is the perfect foundation for your favorite lipstick or lip gloss.


Natural peptides Maxi-lipT and DermaxylT plump and hydrate lips, smooth fine surface lines and improve lip contour by stimulating collagen production. The patented ingredients have been proven to minimize the appearance of current and prevention of future wrinkles. 24/7 Lip Treatment will increase lip volume up to 40% as proven in clinical trials after applying three times daily for 29 days.


Sleek, brushed aluminum Sketch Stick pencils for lips are retractable and refillable. Lip pencils are enriched with avocado oil for ease of application. Refilling is easy-simply pull out the empty cartridge and replace with a new one. Refill cases contain two pencil cartridges. Refills sold separately.


Our natural lipstick caresses and cares for the lips. These pure mineral lipsticks offer brilliant color and natural moisture with Vitamin E coupled with Grapeseed and Jojoba Oils. Made with organic oils and natural waxes, these lipsticks moisturize and smooth the lips. This product is gluten-free!!

  1. Lip Gloss

Lip gloss with high shine color that pampers lips with Green Tea extract and antioxidant Vitamin E! Perfect for a casual night or work day makeup look.         

You’re ready to go with these 5 LuLu essentials.

Put on a red lip and take on the world, girl!! (or simply take on the week ahead)

-XO LuLu FaceCo.


4 Ways to Be Illuminated

illuminator glow

If there’s one thing all women can agree on, it’s that there’s nothing as quite as stunning as healthy glowing skin. It has the ability to make you look more lively, and radiates a glow that seems to come from within. Because we sometimes lack the luster that makes our skin look fresh and alive, we may have to turn to our trusty products to get the job done. Here are 4 ways to illuminate that skin!

1. Skin Illuminator

It’s all in the name: if you want the most illuminated skin, this is the best product to get that fresh, dewy glow. The shimmer within our Skin Illuminator is subtle and gentle unlike most heavily sparkly highlighters out there, so if you’re looking for a natural glow from within as opposed to all-out glam, this is your product. The subtlety of the Skin Illuminator also lets you use it in other areas besides just the apples of your cheeks. When you have a natural glow, you glow all over, so why not mimic that real-skin feel? You’ll be left looking like your insides are glowing and your skin just can’t contain it.



2. Fit and Flushed

The Fit and Flushed beauty balm just so happens to be our best selling product. Why are people loving Fit and Flushed so much? Its buildable formula makes it work for practically anyone. Sometimes our skin has different preferences than our peers, but since Fit and Flushed is sheer and lightweight, it can be blended into your existing skintone and built upon to appear more dramatic and bronzed. This can provide you that same illumination of a highlighter, but with a warmer tone.

3. Bronzed Beauty Duo

If you want a more subtle matte illumination instead of a freshly dewy one, the Bronzed Beauty Duo can give a deeper shade to your glow that still contains the luster and gleam that we all want. A powder formula also removes any excess shine that some may not be a fan of, and instead opts for a subtle shimmer.



4. LuLuminescence

LuLuminescence is the all-encompassing glow that you can use on your body and your face! Don’t limit that glow to your face, add a sheen to your shoulders and collarbone to amp up an illuminated look just a bit more. LuLuminescence is lightweight and absorbs easily, making it the perfect match for any skin texture or tone. Try mixing some LuLuminescence in with your foundation in order to bring that illumination back into your skin. You won’t have to hide under layers of makeup with a lightweight formula like this. Instead, you’ll radiate a glow with ease!

Be Luminescent

body shimmer

Luminescence (noun): an emission of light – like a shooting star or a glowing moon. If you want to feel like an ethereal goddess, you’ve got to be luminescent!

If you find your skin losing its luster, it may be time for a pick me up with the addition of a luminizer. We often ignore our bodies, especially during the winter when they’re covered up by layers of sweaters and jackets instead of on a sandy beach. Why not bring the glow back to your skin, even if you’re not able to bask in the sunlight?

Here’s our star attraction: LuLuminescence is a silky, sheer nourishing lotion that not only makes your skin LOOK better, but FEEL better. Enriched with vitamin and flower extracts, LuLuminescence soothes your skin while bringing you a healthy glow. Its lightweight formula makes for a blendable and easily buildable addition.

Here’s a twist: you can also use it on your face! A luminizer adds that life back to your skin where you need it most, because you can use it in place of contour, bronzer, or blush. It’s the all-encompassing product for bringing a little bit of depth to your face! LuLuminescence works perfectly with all skin colors because of its rich, deep bronze that can be easily blended out into the cheeks or built upon to add depth. Its year round usage makes it perfect for those months when your skin needs a little boost, and can also emphasize that gorgeously tanned skin in the summer.

luluminescence body glow lotion

Here are 3 of our best tips when using LuLuminescence:

1. Mix it in with your favorite foundation! Blend your LuLuminescence into a liquid foundation easily for a warm glow that will radiate from your face.

2. Don’t forget your décolleté area! Wearing a shoulder baring outfit or low neck dress? Get your glow on! Blend some LuLuminescence into your chest, neck, and collarbone area.

3. Find the light! Use LuLuminescence on areas that will hit the sun, like the outside of your arms, legs, and shoulders. When you hit the light, you’ll have a subtle glisten!

The LuLu Face Company 2017 Gift Guide

Looking for that perfect gift for your beauty-loving friends & fam and need a little help deciding what to choose? Our favorite picks of the season are here! Check out the official 2017 LuLu gift guide!

For those that love having the perfect mani – at ALL times! This Nail Kit comes with Haute Red and Fancy on the Menu polishes, plus a base and top coat! $24 ($48 value!)


This one’s all about the SKINCARE! The Revitalized & Dewy Kit will leave that special someone’s skin looking flawless. This kit comes with 3 skincare products and a LuLu pouch. $100 ($163 value)


basic skincare holiday kit
What EVERYBODY needs- these are the LuLu essential items. You’ll get an eye treatment, bb cream, cleanser, and LuLu pouch. $100 ($165 value)


Local to the CT area? Treat your loved one to a custom blending session – they can come in and have products specially made just how they like them. It’s our specialty! Texture, color, additives, and more can all be tweaked to suit exactly what YOU need. Price dependent upon products.


Customization is key when trying to find something special! Build your own palette and fill it with the things your loved one likes most! Options include primers, shadows, liners, and blushes. $42.50-$52.00

Well, what are you waiting for!? Shop now!

Finding Your Everyday Essentials

essential beauty products everyday

Not liking the makeup routine you’ve sunken into? How can you change this and re-discover your everyday essentials all over again? Well, we’ve got a few suggestions for you. First, it’s time to be honest with ourselves. Ask yourself these questions:
How much time do I want to spend getting ready? What am I looking for in a product? What do I want to emphasize or hide? Where am I going?

We want to help you feel like the best you when you put on your “go-to” face. While everyone has their own unique traits they work with, we like to think there are essentials out there that are perfect for anybody. See how these stack up in your routine and with your specific needs.

Here are our can’t-go-wrong faves and why they work for most!


beauty necessities everyday makeup


Deep Dive Micellar Cleansing Water 
Let’s start with what makes this one unique. The great thing about micelle molecules is that they act as magnets to lift dirt, oil, and makeup from the face and eyes. Because this cleanser lifts impurities, all it takes is a gentle swipe to remove, instead of damaging your skin with harsher exfoliation. It’s not just a cleanser, either: it also works to tone and repair skin, and let’s face it, who couldn’t use a little R&R for your skin? This is also a cleanser that is gentle on the skin due to extracts of poppyseed, prickly pear, and white lily, so your skin will be feeling fresh and new no matter how sensitive it is.

Shadow/Cake Liner Palette
Adding a palette to your beauty arsenal can bring your look to life in a variety of different ways or occasions, and all the different colors mean you don’t have to stick to the exact same thing every day. A palette is an essential item in any makeup bag because you can mix it up without having to purchase any new colors. Since LuLu has a line of fully customizable palettes, we suggest filling your palette with colors that flatter in multiple occasions for your go-to colors, and selecting a couple that can be for special looks. No matter what kind of eye makeup you wear, you can customize this to fit your needs. Do you usually forgo a heavy black liner? No problem, swap it out for a neutral or add another eyeshadow.

Mineral Powder Blush
Who couldn’t use a little livening up in the cheeks first thing in the morning? No matter the shade of your skin, everyone looks a little glowier with a slight flush added to the cheeks, and we think having a great quality blush in your beauty bag is essential. Even if all you want to do is throw on some mascara and call it a day, swiping on some blush can liven up your face in one simple step. Our pressed mineral blush is a luxurious formula free of oils, talk and fragrance, so it’s ideal for any skin type.

Fit and Flushed Bronzer
Want to take that flat skin a step further? We think it’s safe to say everyone wants that healthy bronzed look. However, in the winter months it can be a little harder to obtain it naturally. Thinking you could use a boost in your flat dull skin? Try Fit and Flushed to add a bronzed glow; the shade is perfect for any skin tone and because it’s buildable you can adjust just how much of that bronze you want, whether it’s just a dash or you want to be shimmering like a gold mine!

Why You Can’t Ignore Skincare

importance of skincare

When makeup is at the forefront, it’s easy to forget about skincare. Instead of working to better our skin it can sometimes be simpler to cover up with makeup. But we can’t forget about skincare! It’s an important component that should be included in every woman’s beauty routine.

There are tons of reasons why skincare should still be a part of your routine. For one, even if you love wearing makeup, your makeup looks even better when it’s applied onto healthy skin. Don’t work to cover up, work to enhance the beautiful skin you’ve earned. You should also be proud of your skin and want to show it off, even with a bare face! We don’t always have makeup at our disposal, and it’s a shame that we should hate the way we look without it. We’ve all heard one of our friends say something along the lines of “ugh, don’t get me in this picture, I don’t have any makeup on today!”. We should all feel like we look good even without makeup. With great skincare, your skin can be the star of the photo.


deep dive micellar cleansing water skincare

Taking care of your skin also helps with anti-aging, because who wants to start seeing wrinkles before they really have to? Adding skincare to your plate can aid in the prevention of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Premature aging of the skin is frequently caused by improper or lack of skincare. Things like leaving your makeup on, not washing your face enough, or failing to moisturize can have you seeing early signs of aging. Plus, you’ll want to take care of your skin to rid it of those free radicals and toxins in the environment. Taking simple measures with skincare can make a huge difference in the end when it comes to youthful skin.

When your skin looks good, you feel good. How about good skin days every day? When you arm your skin with the right nutrients and skincare, it can really shine! Skin is an organ after all, and it’s in our best interest to take care of it and keep it healthy. Show off that internal glow on the outside and let everyone see you radiate!

Now for the solution! We’d like to introduce your skin to the new LuLu skincare line! From cleansers, to BB cream, to treatments, we’ve got the tools to rejuvenate, replenish, and take care of your skin from the outside in. Here are just a few of the options we have for reclaiming that skin of yours and making it glow!

You can check out the entire line here!

Introducing a New Way to Shop: Custom Palettes!

custom palettes

We can all identify with purchasing a full makeup palette but ignoring a large portion of the colors for our favorites. You might have bought it for a handful of the shades and just accepted that there were going to be some others you would never use. Well, say goodbye to paying for wasted products!

With our new line of custom palettes, you can hand-pick the products and shades you love, making sure no spot goes to waste! Fill a palette with your go-to’s so that getting ready is easier and confined to one single palette. By using bigger pans we let you focus on colors that we really enjoy instead of opting for a palette packed with 15-20 small swatches. The bigger pans also make for easier product pickup and allow for bigger brushes! They’ll also last longer than smaller swatches.

Custom palettes are great because you can choose an array of colors based on your own personal preferences and colors you regularly wear (meaning you won’t have to constantly avoid that unwearable green in your favorite palette). You can pick the colors YOU know flatter your skin tone or eye color, select more of the products you need, and eliminate the ones you don’t. Bonus: because we believe in conscious beauty, these palettes are also eco-friendly!

How does it work? We’ll break it down for you.

Our palettes come in 4 distinct layouts, which make it easy for you to customize just how many spots you want to designate for each kind of product. Our palettes contain spaces for primers, blushes, eyeshadows, and eyeliners, with different shade options for each category!


custom eyeshadow palette blush


You’ll fill a palette by:

  1. Pick your palette layout
  2. Select a space
  3. Select your product type (Large spaces are for primers and blush, small spaces are for eyeshadow and eyeliner. Make a palette for one type of product, or mix and match!)
  4. Select your product option. (Some products have multiple options! For example, we have two different primer options, SensationalEyes or Eyelights Primer)
  5. Select your color

The palettes come in 4 different layouts! Which one works best for you?

Blush and Eye Primer Palette

(4 large spaces) 

This palette is perfect to designate to all your must-have blush shades with an additional space for a primer of your choice. With multiple shades of blush, you’re sure to find a few options that work for you. You can also have your choice of primer and primer shade! SensationalEyes gives you an even, nude coverage, while the Eyelights Primer gives a slight shimmery base, which can also double as a highlighter!

Blush or Eye Primer + Shadow Palette

(2 large spaces, 6 small spaces)

This is our go-to for the essential palette. You can cover all your bases by using products of all types in this palette. Fill your two large spaces with blush, primers, or both! You’ll also get 6 smaller slots for our Eyeshadows and Pressed Cake Eyeliner. Tip: We like to mix 4 eyeshadows with your traditional black and brown liners, so you have the basics ready for any look! We prefer the whole shebang to cover all our bases, we don’t need anything else out of a palette when we’ve got this one!

Blush or Eye Primer + Shadow and Tool Palette

(2 large spaces, 4 small spaces, space for tools)

This palette is perfect for those who want to stock up on their brushes, because it comes with two additional tools to pair with your selected products. Select your blush, primer, or both, then pair them with 4 eyeshadow (or eyeliner!) shades. This palette includes a brush to apply your blush evenly so we’d definitely recommend choosing a blush option to pair it with. You’ll also get an eyeshadow applicator!

Shadow and Liner Palette 

(9 small spaces)

Eyeshadow junkie? This is the palette for you! With 9 available slots, you can choose any color eyeshadow your heart desires with some room for eyeliners, too! With 19 eyeshadow shades to choose from, you can even make multiple palettes by color scheme. Fill this entire palette with eyeshadows or sneak some eyeliner in to complete the full eye look! Create palettes by tone and color scheme or create a palette that cover all your bases with every unique color you could possibly want!

Select a palette for us to make just for you, exactly how you want it, here!