Spring Clean Your Makeup Stash

It’s officially spring, right?! If you’re in New England, you might be second guessing that. We’ve seen some birds chirping, and serious snow showers in a matter of 24 hours! Either way, that’s not holding us back from starting our spring cleaning routine! Time to ditch the old makeup and clean those brushes. When the weather decides to behave, you’ll be ready for sundresses and a fresh face!

Categorize your collection: This includes makeup, makeup remover, makeup brushes, masks, cleansers, face wipes, etc.

• First, take anything that you never use and throw it out!

• Next, anything you’ve bought within the past 6 months (write down what you use from that pile to purchase a fresh set) and then ditch it because it’s old!

• Finally, anything that you bought in the last 5 months and haven’t used (except for occasion makeup) into the garbage it goes!

PRO TIP: Tossing things you haven’t opened yet? See if your local donation center will collect it!

Once you have your collection secure – make a pile of things you don’t know how to use, for example – that highlighting brush you saw on Instagram and purchased, or that brow pencil you’ve been wanting to try. Grab your weekly agenda and go through the pile, take 30 minutes / week to learn how to use one of those items at a time!

The goal for spring cleaning your makeup collection is twofold. First, to purge anything you don’t need, pairing back to just the essentials. This will free up some space in your makeup bag or drawer. It will also keep your collection from being so daunting. Sometimes we avoid trying new things, or even wearing makeup because we are so overwhelmed by what we have.

Next, it will give you the opportunity to add some new things to your collection, whether it’s a new brush or a trending makeup product – some extra space will keep you from feeling guilty about your next purchase!

Happy spring cleaning!

Sculpting Your Face with These 5 Highlighter Tricks

highlighter tips and tricks

Highlighter is a blessing in a bottle (or compact, stick, etc… whichever you prefer). It lets you shape, sculpt and illuminate your face in a variety of ways that can enhance and transform your look. You may think highlighter is just for your cheeks, but we’ve got a few tricks to highlighting other areas of your face that will illuminate your look.

Cupid’s Bow
Use a pop of highlighter on your cupids bow to draw attention to the shape of your lips, and give the impression of fuller lips. This plays up the shadows and highlights of your lips to make them appear poutier. Mix up your application tactics: most just apply with a slight tap of their finger for a pouty look, but the more precisely you apply it, the more you can define the shape of your lips.


best easiest highlighter tricks cheekbones

Tip of Nose
A small blot of highlighter to the tip of your nose can help to sculpt and define its shape! This simple little helper gives the impression of a more pointed tip. Many are fans of the “exclamation point”: a line of highlighter down the bridge of your nose with a small pop of highlighter on the tip! Use a small brush to apply for the most control.

Can you say brow lift? (Non-surgical of course!) Our eyes can sometimes look dark, with our browbone casting a shadow over them and making our faces look hollow. Many already use a light color of eyeshadow just under their brow when doing their eyes, so why not take it a step further and use a highlighter? This will brighten up your eyes and pull your look together!


highlighting your cheekbones and temples

Now, we all use highlighter on the apples of our cheeks, but how about stretching it around the sides of our eyes and into our temples? Instead of applying a harsh, concentrated line of highlighter in one spot, blend it out into a C-shape around your eyes for a dewy, glowing look. This will give you that sun-kissed glow instead of a heavily packed highlight, and also elongate your face. No need to be heavy handed — a light dusting will make your whole cheekbones shine with the right touch!

Inner Corner of Eyes
A huge eye brightener, this trick is one that we’ve taken from eyeshadow tricks. Like with the browbone, we usually put a light color in the inner corners of our eyes if we’re looking for an additional pop, and a highlight can act like a spotlight for your eye! It’s a great trick for opening up the whole eye, and giving a glamorous feel without being over the top. Make those eyes pop, ladies!


Meet our Model of the Month! Name: Tammy Winstanely. Age: 48. “Girl on the go, yoga teacher in training, working professional, and soccer wife. I hit the ground running. I need a beauty routine that gives me a quick polished look in 5 minutes or less!

My go to LuLu faves are Fit and Flushed for a natural healthy glow… no fuss! Add some Brow Wow brow cream and I’m good to go! Eyebrows can make or break your face. Did I mention my fabulous lashes? Out the door in 5 minutes flat!”

Be Luminescent

body shimmer

Luminescence (noun): an emission of light – like a shooting star or a glowing moon. If you want to feel like an ethereal goddess, you’ve got to be luminescent!

If you find your skin losing its luster, it may be time for a pick me up with the addition of a luminizer. We often ignore our bodies, especially during the winter when they’re covered up by layers of sweaters and jackets instead of on a sandy beach. Why not bring the glow back to your skin, even if you’re not able to bask in the sunlight?

Here’s our star attraction: LuLuminescence is a silky, sheer nourishing lotion that not only makes your skin LOOK better, but FEEL better. Enriched with vitamin and flower extracts, LuLuminescence soothes your skin while bringing you a healthy glow. Its lightweight formula makes for a blendable and easily buildable addition.

Here’s a twist: you can also use it on your face! A luminizer adds that life back to your skin where you need it most, because you can use it in place of contour, bronzer, or blush. It’s the all-encompassing product for bringing a little bit of depth to your face! LuLuminescence works perfectly with all skin colors because of its rich, deep bronze that can be easily blended out into the cheeks or built upon to add depth. Its year round usage makes it perfect for those months when your skin needs a little boost, and can also emphasize that gorgeously tanned skin in the summer.

luluminescence body glow lotion

Here are 3 of our best tips when using LuLuminescence:

1. Mix it in with your favorite foundation! Blend your LuLuminescence into a liquid foundation easily for a warm glow that will radiate from your face.

2. Don’t forget your décolleté area! Wearing a shoulder baring outfit or low neck dress? Get your glow on! Blend some LuLuminescence into your chest, neck, and collarbone area.

3. Find the light! Use LuLuminescence on areas that will hit the sun, like the outside of your arms, legs, and shoulders. When you hit the light, you’ll have a subtle glisten!

Have Some Fun With Your Eyes

bold eye looks

This is the season for playing with eyeshadows! We’re taking inspiration from the runway this season when we say: it’s time to have a little bit more fun with your eyes! We’re straying from the usual neutrals and instead going for vivid colors and bold application. Here are some of our favorite looks this season that we’ve snatched right from the runway.

fun eye looks winter 2018

Look 1:
Ever wanted to look like an ethereal goddess? This look will do just that. We’re talking big outward blends and light fades. This look is defined by a monochromatic eye, buffed out past the natural end of your eyelid. Remember Rihanna’s iconic Met Gala look? People went crazy over her fairy dust-looking eyeshadow that seemed to sprinkle into her cheekbones. We recommend a color that blends well into the cheeks, like a pink or fuchsia. You’ll want to create almost a glowing halo around your eye that gets lighter and more delicate as you blend outwards.

Look 2:
After being heavily ignored the rest of the year, blues and greens are big colors this season. Although we know what you’re thinking— “I wouldn’t normally go for these colors…” —they can still be glamorous. Instead of warm blues and greens, we’re taking a cue from the runway and opting for steel blues and forest greens. We like to go for a smokey glow around our entire eye, and opt for eyeshadow instead of liner on our lower lashline to tie the whole look together. Keep it monochromatic, and use varying shades of your chosen color to add depth. The result is a striking, fashion-forward eye.

bold eyes and eyeshadow

Look 3:
Who doesn’t love some glitter? We think all looks can benefit from a hint of glitter. Glittered lashes are coming in hot this season, but they can be as subtle or as loud as you wish. Add some sparkle into your life by mixing a small bit of glitter into your mascara, or gently sprinkling some onto your lashes while your mascara is still wet.

The LuLu Face Company 2017 Gift Guide

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basic skincare holiday kit
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Contest + Giveaway: Name our Body Glow!

body glow naming contest giveaway

Have you heard about our latest giveaway? Listen up, trending this fall: healthy skin! Forget the fake + bake, give your skin the love it deserves by moisturizing! We are so excited to introduce some new products to the LuLu line!  Just one thing – we need YOUR help with naming our new Body Glow! By suggesting a name for our new product you will be entered for a chance to win 3 full-size products: the newly named body glow, Fit and Flushed, and one nude nail shade!


body glow naming contest giveaway


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One winner will be selected  09/11 and announced on 09/12. This promotion is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Instagram, Facebook or any other party. By entering, you are confirming you are at least 18 years of age. US only. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

5 Reasons You Should Love Your Bare Face

no makeup confident

We love makeup of course, but it can sometimes be a pain. It can be costly, you can end up transferring a whole face onto someones shoulder after a bear hug, and perhaps worst of all, we get so used to wearing it that we can grow to hate the way we look without it. We believe there is a time and a place for makeup, and it may not always be the easiest, but you should love your face without any makeup too! And if you need some reasons why, we’ve got you covered. Here are some great reasons why you should go bare faced and love doing it!

1. There is no you-er you!
There will be times when makeup won’t always be at your disposal, so learn to love your face without it! Embrace your ‘truest’ you, with each and every freckle or tone in your skin that is unique to you. You can still establish your style and individuality without the assistance of makeup!

2. Show off your natural features.
Although we love that makeup has the ability to hide things we don’t like, we don’t need to do that to feel beautiful. We need to rethink what ‘beauty’ means to us, are we just trying to replicate our favorite models by covering up our differences? Your natural features may be different from theirs, but beautiful in their own right! The more we aren’t used to seeing something, the more unattractive or unusual we think it is. The spot on your cheek is a beautiful unique feature, whether you think so or not. Show it off!



3. You’re being more cost efficient.
Makeup can get pricey, and the more you choose to forgo a full face, the longer the product you have will last you. Play up your natural features with some mascara and blush instead of a full face. When you’re saving on makeup, this will give you the ability to spend more on other things that make you happy, too!

4. Let your skin breathe!
When you go bare faced, your skin will get a chance to breathe and repair itself, and you can work to clear up any blemishes and clean out your pores without irritating them with more makeup. By improving your skin, you’ll also remove some of the need to wear makeup!

5. It’s not always necessary!
Makeup is a choice, not a necessity. (Think about it, men don’t usually wear makeup!) What’s the occasion? A day at the beach doesn’t always warrant a full face, after all you’ll probably just sweat it off. And contrary to what you might think, not everybody will be able to see that blemish on your face when you run into the grocery store to grab something. Try wearing makeup less frequently just because you feel like you have to. The more you get used to seeing yourself without makeup, the more you’ll love your bare faced look!

Are You Applying Right?

foundation application

Wonder why your foundation isn’t looking so great? It doesn’t always mean you have to start the search for a new one, sometimes it could mean that you just aren’t applying it right. Here are some tips to making that foundation look perfect.

Use a primer. We swear by a primer to give your foundation a more polished look and an all-day stay. Primer is a necessity to making your foundation stay in place longer. It doesn’t only help you down the line; it also makes your foundation look better even when freshly applied. This is because a primer helps the foundation to stick to your skin better, eliminating patchiness.

Ensure even coverage. Don’t just start in one spot and go from there. Pump some foundation onto your brush or Beauty Blender, and apply small dabs of foundation all around your face. This will ensure it’s not all being used one spot, and also prevents you from missing any spots when you go through and blend afterwards.


applying even foundation


Don’t leave a line. Some apply foundation head-on and don’t turn to look at the other angles of their face, which means they end up with a line of foundation that’s very apparent. Make sure you’re pulling your foundation all the way to your ears, underneath your chin and blended into your neck, and up to your hairline. You shouldn’t be able to tell where your foundation starts and ends, it should be seamless and natural looking.

Choose the tool that works with your skin. This usually means choosing between a brush or a Beauty Blender. Brushes are better for those that don’t have problem skin, or are a bit oily, because you can move the foundation around evenly and layer on as much as you like. Your brush motions should also be strokes, don’t get crazy with circles or any other shapes! While this works for most skin types, dry skin usually needs a different solution. Dragging a brush over dry skin will make flakes visible when foundation clings to it. Using a Beauty Blender solves this problem by patting and pressing the foundation into your skin instead of pushing it around.