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When you’re looking to cut your getting ready time in half and still look amazing, the best route is to go for a more casual look. A look that doesn’t rely on everything being ‘perfect’, may be a little (stylishly) messy, but still makes it work.

Some looks are marked by precision – perfectly sharp brows, full lips, straightened hair, but the casual look can be just as fashionable with far less work involved. Here’s how to make your casual look chic and stylish, and no one has to know you put more than a few minutes into creating it.

Instead of reaching for the straightener or curling iron, go for a stylish low ponytail with volume. This can also include a twist in the back, or your hair wrapped around your hair tie if you want to get fancier with it. A low ponytail is classic and chic, and can be seen on all the runways yearly. Add a little volume to it by teasing around your hair tie for a little bit of a messier look, and angling it so that it has some bounce to it.  And just like that, your bedhead is instantly fierce!



Lip stains are the new liquid lipsticks. They’re easier to apply and always look good. If you want the look of a tinted lip to add a slight pop of color to your face, but don’t want to commit to the precision of applying a lipstick, you can apply it in a ‘stained’ way instead. Apply by patting the lipstick onto your finger instead of directly onto your lips with an applicator. From there, you can pat it into your lips, and you’ll have control over how opaque you want it to be. The good news is a stain is easily buildable! You can also apply more towards the center than the edges for a more doll-faced look, or all over for complete fullness. A stain isn’t as overpowering as a lipstick but still gives you that vivid color to liven up your face.

Undone brows are way more fashion-forward than groomed ones, so saving some time and forgoing that perfect brow can actually be looked at as more fashionable. Look to any runway, and you’ll largely see models that have a more natural brow, so you know this look is stylish! These brows are a little bit overgrown, fuller and lack the perfectly sculpted look of a trimmed brow. Instead of filling your brows in solid, just groom them enough so as to add a little bit of life to them. Make sure you can still see the individual hairs instead of a solid canvas. You’ll save on the time it takes to perfectly fill them in and make sure they’re even.



Show off your natural skin a little bit more. And after all, no one’s skin is perfect. But there is something refreshingly beautiful about the uniqueness in your bare skin – like freckles or beauty marks – that you can’t get from a full face of makeup. It exudes that effortless, confident beauty.  Of course not everyone is blessed with flawless skin, so try to only use product where needed. Concealer is perfect for under eye bags, covering redness, an unsightly blemish, or other things you don’t completely love about your skin. You can also opt for a bb cream instead of foundation if you aren’t completely comfortable going bare-faced. A bb cream provides evenness but still lets your skin look like skin.

Smudged eyeliner can give you an edgy look that does not require perfect application. The rocker-chic look is marked by smudged, buffed out eyeliner that seems to be a staple for all your favorite stars. If you don’t want to worry about meticulously lining your eyes but still want the depth and edge of a darker eye, you can smudge out your eyeliner. You can use either a traditional eyeliner pencil or use eyeshadow with a liner brush. Buff out your liner with a brush so that it appears more blended instead of in a straight line. It can be as smooth or as messy as you wish, but still provides a relaxed and casual look.

When you want to walk out of the house feeling like a supermodel but achieve that in less than 10 minutes, it can seem like the odds really are not in your favor. A casual look can still be chic. Now throw on a sweatshirt and some boyfriend jeans and rock this laid back (but still ever so stylish) look!

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