Wishing for a clean palette when you’re trying to perfect your cat eye? Look no further than SensationalEyes. This grade-A eye prep will remove any discoloration or oiliness on your eyelid, and provide a smooth, even base for your eyeshadow to work with.

It’s time to break out your crazy colors! SensationalEyes will aid in giving your eyeshadow more pigment and makes its color stand out more, as well as making it far easier to blend. You’d never paint your walls one color on top of the other—you prime it first for an optimum base. Your eyes should be no different. It’s also long-lasting, meaning your trendy eye makeup will finally stay intact all day! This product creates a strong base for your eye makeup to stick to, so you won’t find any blending or bleeding while going about your day.

You can also say goodbye to creasing! By removing any excess oil and filling in those pesky fine lines, your makeup will stay in place and won’t go slipping into those lines, caused by oil production and facial movement.



The fun isn’t over—SensationalEyes is also wrinkle-reducing! SensationalEyes works its magic through the latest technology developed with Hibiscus Esculentus Complex, the vegetal alternative to Botox™. The oligopeptide in this product acts as a free radical scavenger and an antioxidant which helps protect skin from biological aging.

SensationalEyes has powerful anti-wrinkle properties and has been proven in clinical trials to reduce wrinkles by 26% when applied daily for 3 weeks!

Just like an artist needs to work with a blank canvas, you’ll need to work on a fully prepped eye in order to create your work of art, and your Mona Lisa may be some super-cute eye makeup.

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