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This is the season for playing with eyeshadows! We’re taking inspiration from the runway this season when we say: it’s time to have a little bit more fun with your eyes! We’re straying from the usual neutrals and instead going for vivid colors and bold application. Here are some of our favorite looks this season that we’ve snatched right from the runway.

fun eye looks winter 2018

Look 1:
Ever wanted to look like an ethereal goddess? This look will do just that. We’re talking big outward blends and light fades. This look is defined by a monochromatic eye, buffed out past the natural end of your eyelid. Remember Rihanna’s iconic Met Gala look? People went crazy over her fairy dust-looking eyeshadow that seemed to sprinkle into her cheekbones. We recommend a color that blends well into the cheeks, like a pink or fuchsia. You’ll want to create almost a glowing halo around your eye that gets lighter and more delicate as you blend outwards.

Look 2:
After being heavily ignored the rest of the year, blues and greens are big colors this season. Although we know what you’re thinking— “I wouldn’t normally go for these colors…” —they can still be glamorous. Instead of warm blues and greens, we’re taking a cue from the runway and opting for steel blues and forest greens. We like to go for a smokey glow around our entire eye, and opt for eyeshadow instead of liner on our lower lashline to tie the whole look together. Keep it monochromatic, and use varying shades of your chosen color to add depth. The result is a striking, fashion-forward eye.

bold eyes and eyeshadow

Look 3:
Who doesn’t love some glitter? We think all looks can benefit from a hint of glitter. Glittered lashes are coming in hot this season, but they can be as subtle or as loud as you wish. Add some sparkle into your life by mixing a small bit of glitter into your mascara, or gently sprinkling some onto your lashes while your mascara is still wet.

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