80s inspired modern look

In the world of beauty, trends come and go… and then come back and go again… and come back and go again. As beauty trends evolve, we find creative ways to be inspired by looks of the past, and can tweak them to be more modern so that they fit in seamlessly with the styles of today. Here are a few ideas on how to take some classic looks from the past and give them a 2018 twist.


20s inspired look


The 20s
When you think of the 20s, you think bold eyes with winged liner, red lips, and rosy cheeks. The truth is, those things haven’t really gone out of style, but we are however pairing them all together less often. The combination of these components can make a look that can be too much for your day to day (if you aren’t a flapper), so you can bring it to 2018 by only using one or two components of your traditional 20s look at a time.

Try some winged liner without the heavy eye to match. Instead of dark shadows, go for neutrals close to your skin color, or if you really want your wing to pop, keep your eye bare with just a primer or concealer as your canvas. Make sure your wing is sharp and angular instead of round and curved to make it more modern.


20s wing modern look


Rosy cheeks and red lipstick give us images of flappers with pouted lips, and the good news is, these elements are still pretty trendy, so it won’t take much to make it current. Go for a bold, fire engine red to stay true to the 20s trend, and a bright rosy pink to bring that flushed element to your cheeks. However, instead of applying in a circular area just on the apples, blend your blush out into your cheekbones for a more natural look.

So although you can ditch the pin curls and pearls, you can still see the 20s inspiration in this look.

The 60s
The 60s were the years of the flower child, you know the image: natural, bronzed skin, long, flowing hair, and inspiration taken from the earth. Although we want it to appear that we’re wearing minimal makeup to conjure up this 60s inspiration, you should still use your products to secure a gorgeous base.

The staple of this style is natural, bronzed skin. For this reason, you won’t want a heavy base, but you will want to even out your skin so that it glows. The Mineral Moisture Tint is lightweight and sheer, which will bring out that natural radiance. Follow up with bronzing the contours of your face with the Fit and Flushed beauty balm for a real luminescence.

Earthy tones will keep your look natural and warm. When choosing eyeshadows or a lip color, go for neutrals that won’t distract from your gorgeous skin, but instead tie in to make the whole look cohesive. After all, that should be the star of the show! Pull it all together with a natural brow by taking a your Brow Wow spooly and applying in loose strokes, or take your brow product on the brush end and apply a coat to your existing brows, instead of drawing more in. This will darken your brows for a stronger look, but won’t sculpt them into an angular arch. For a natural look, this is key! By taking these elements from the 60s and updating them, you’ll have the modern flower child’s natural bronzed look.


80s look inspiration


The 80s
The 80s were all about color, baby! Although we won’t be straying back into the territory of bright neons and loud prints, we will be introducing pops of color into our looks. The 80s weren’t afraid to pair and layer colors together in the same look, and although we know our blunders now, we shouldn’t be afraid to take inspiration from this either! By toning it down we can make it more modern and wearable.


blue eyeshadow


Instead of going for a cloud of blue on our eyes, we can transform a blue eyeshadow into a blue liner using the Stuck On You Fixative. This provides a pop of color without being too overwhelming or jarring. Because it is still pretty subtle, that allows us to be able to pull off a pink lip too! The combination of blues and pinks are so 80s, and how can we pass that up? Pull this color into your cheeks by strobing your temples with a shade of pink to tie it all together.

An illuminator can add an extra touch that really modernizes the whole look, because who doesn’t love a little highlight these days!? Use our Skin Illuminators to find the color that best fits you and go from 1988 to 2018!


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