August is here, which means that summer sun is fully blazing! We’ve become accustomed to beach days and summer cookouts, our bright clothing items have come out of hiding, and by now our tans are in full force. Despite it still being summertime, you should be swapping out your regular makeup products from the past few months to some that may better suit you now. For instance, now that you’ve been out in the sun these past few months it may be a good time to ditch the foundation for a bit and let your skin breathe! We’re all about adding color anywhere we can this summer and we’ve spotted the trendiest shades! Here are the products LuLu lives by this August.

luxe bronzer

Luxe Bronzer

A bronzer helps to sculpt your face in the same way a contour would, but is much more lightweight, iridescent, and sheer. It’s a great way to add some definition, and has a luminous finish that will give you a glow that you can’t always get naturally or with a flat foundation. Now that your skin is a little tanner, skip the foundation and just opt for a bronzer instead to take your face to the next level, while still keeping it natural. Try the Luxe Bronzer for the perfect amount of illumination to brighten & sculpt that complexion!


Fresh Peach Blush

We think the best look is right when you return from the beach and have a slight flush to your cheeks. Why not recreate it without the sting of a slight burn! You can get this beachy look using Fresh Peach, which is a lightweight matte peachy pink. Keep your cheeks bright and rosy even as your skin tone may be getting darker! You’ll avoid that one-note tan and keep a healthy undertone to liven up those cheeks.


Rose Gold Shadow

What better way to add a bronzed glam to your eye than our Rose Gold Shadow! This shade has a coppery tone that takes it a step up from the rose gold we see year round. Warm tones and warm weather go hand in hand! This color works particularly well with the rosy and bronzed tones the summer sun brings out in your skin.


Volumizing Mascara 

A mascara is perfect for any time of the year, but is especially necessary in the summer when those lashes should be the star attraction! Many of us lighten the load on the rest of our face by sticking to the basics, which really lets your eyes shine! You can never go wrong with long lashes, and with the right mascara, they’ll be the focus of your face. No matter the look you’re going for, voluminous dark lashes lashes are a staple. We never leave the house without some mascara!


liquid bronze glow

Feel the Heat Matte Liquid Lipstick

Time to brighten it up! This color is a gorgeous coral that will pop on any skin tone. The formula of our liquid lipsticks is practically made for the summertime. They have a moisturizing element, so you won’t have to worry about them drying out or cracking, even if you spend a day in the sun! There’s no better time for this pop of color, and it will look great on that bronzed skin! Summer loves coral & coral loves summer.

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