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Anyone who does their makeup knows the feared reputation of the wing. Although it looks amazing, successfully executed winged eyeliner is well known as one of the most difficult things to pull off when doing your makeup. It requires a steady hand, attention to detail, and a pinch of boldness.

Yes, we’ve all had our winged blunders, but eventually some of us have come to get the hang of it using a few tricks. Here are the tips we find most useful here at LuLu.

Have an idea in your head beforehand. Some say a wing is a wing is a wing, but there are actually quite a few different ways you can style your winged eyeliner that will give a completely different look. Try to visualize this, or find a picture of the exact look you want before you even put the liner to your eyelid. This sounds quite obvious, but not many actually do this! It’s helpful because you’re not just going off the top of your head, which is usually our first mistake with winged eyeliner. When using a product as finicky as this, it’s important to be precise or you’ll risk having to redo the whole thing.


steady winged eyeliner

A steady hand is everything. Make sure your hand isn’t going to be shaking or moving in a way that will affect your liner. You can lean your elbow on a surface as you’re applying or rest your hand against your face. Avoiding a mistake is the simplest but hardest trick to ensuring your wing looks great.


Break it down. The shape of a wing is simple but how quickly we attempt to do it is what complicates things, so break it down into pieces! Draw a triangle at the end of your eye, line by line. Go in to fill it afterwards, and then connect the liner on your eyelid to this triangle.


tape wing eyeliner

Tape it! If you know your hands won’t stay steady no matter which techniques you use, make a tape guideline for yourself. This acts as a stencil, and gives you a good idea of how your wing will look beforehand, so you can adjust if necessary. If you don’t want your wing quite so straight, you can use other objects that are slightly curved, like a spoon, for guidance.


Don’t wing it. Pun fully intended. Don’t just go for it in one swipe. I know we see beauty gurus do it in one fell swoop and make it look easy, but chances are we do not have the same amount of skill as them, and will wind up with a raccoon-looking mess. Draw your wing in short strokes for more control, making sure to overlap so that the line looks seamless.


Keep an eye on both eyes. Everyone has been there: one side is perfect, but too thin. You try to thicken it, but then the other is too thin. Soon you end up with a mess. Avoid this by keeping an eye on both wings from the start. Sometimes we do our first wing, then move onto the second, disregarding how thick we made the first one, or how long we extended it. Then you end up with two completely different looking eyes. Know what the first one looks like before you go in to draw the second, and take consistent steps back to see if they’re even before finishing.


gel liquid pencil eyeliner

Pick your poison wisely. Each type of eyeliner has its benefits and drawbacks. Traditional pencil eyeliner is much easier to control, but doesn’t look as sharp, and is not as dark. Liquid looks the cleanest and is the truest black, but is far more difficult to work with, with a lot more room for error. Gel is somewhere in the middle, with the ability to make it as dark or as sharp as you want.


So go for it, try out some of these tips and see the difference in your wing! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to create the perfect wing for your look. Here’s an extra LuLu tip: you can use the Stuck on You Eyeliner Fixative to create your own gel liner out of shadows, so the possibilities are endless. So go on, wing it out!

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