You can look at makeup as something that comes down to two different groups: natural or dramatic. Most of us girls don’t need a briefing on the two, but if you’re new to the makeup world, natural looking makeup uses neutral-colored elements to enhance features without distracting from them. Dramatic looks like to make a statement, often using bold or dark colors to bring attention to certain parts of your face. Since they’re so opposite, many of us find ourselves drawn to one specific side for our looks and shying away from the other.

So, which side are you on? And more importantly, who wins this battle?


Style and Creativity:

When it comes to using makeup as a form of expression, we have to side with dramatic makeup on this one. Stepping outside the box and using makeup to make your eyes pop or sculpt your cheekbones will really earn you some props with all the girls that pass by staring with makeup-envy. If we’re going for expression through some real head-turning looks, we’re gonna give it to dramatic here. We love ladies that get creative with their eyeshadow, opting for more pigmented colors than the traditional neutrals. Girls that are fans of dramatic makeup also love contouring, which is used to alter the shape of your features, like making your cheekbones or the bridge of your nose appear more angular. Makeup is a transformative art form, and it’s important to be able to have fun with that and get creative with it.

Try this look: For some surprise drama, use a bright color for your next cat-eye wing. Try an electric blue or a neon green liquid liner to add some style to your look without changing your clothes.



Ease and Wearability:

We’re gonna give this point to the natural look. Natural looking makeup can be easily translatable in any scenario. This is the look for the chameleon, the girl who is always busy or on the go. Natural looks are typically known for being more wearable through a multitude of occasions or appearances because you can easily change your hair or clothing to complement it, instead of basing your entire look around your makeup. Natural looking makeup utilizes colors that are close to the shade of your skin tone, and rarely uses any bright or jarring colors. Natural makeup also has a far simpler routine because you’re eliminating a lot of the steps that come with a dramatic look, so for the ladies that find themselves running late when faced with anything more than a 5-10 minute beauty routine, natural may be the look for you!

We’ve all heard about “no-makeup makeup”, which is the key for enhancing your natural features without distracting from them. So we’re saying no to bold colors, effects, or huge contrasts. Natural makeup boasts rosier cheeks and lighter weighted eyebrows. Any color is subtle and should seek to just define your features a little more.

Try this look: Some of our favorite staples of a natural look are a light dusting of some pink blush or a slight shimmer of highlighter on your upper cheekbones or the tip of your nose to invoke structure. We love the bright-eyed look, consisting of no heavy eyeliner, just mascara to open up those eyes and give them a feminine touch.

So, in conclusion: Dramatic makeup can change the shape of your features and appear more daring, but it may not be wearable in some situations. Natural looks can be just as striking as dramatic, for the way they complement your natural features and bring out different parts of your face.  It’s also efficient for those in a rush or in need of a more wearable look.

But here’s the kicker — Despite the looks we’ve described above, you don’t need to stick to one concise look. You can always mix these elements together to create a look of your own if your personal style false somewhere in between. Our day-to-day go-to is a more natural look, but for a special event we like to go more dramatic, to boost up the fun and make it more special and unique!

It’s also okay to change your look daily! Maybe one day you’re feeling the no-makeup-makeup, but on another you’re really feeling daring! No one says you have to stick to one! This allows you to keep your look interesting. That’s right ladies, we get the best of both worlds!

So the winner is….whichever you choose! We’ll let you be the judge!

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