TFC Custom Blended Foundation

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Feeling more conscious of your skin & self?

You’ve invested in skincare and makeup products that work well, but they always fall a little short. No two women are identical and neither is their skin. You have different makeup routines, sensitivities + allergies, and application concerns. Unfortunately, mass produced beauty products can only go so far to meet the needs of your unique skin.

If you find yourself unsatisfied with your current skincare and makeup, we invite you to experience our personalized blends.

Our Custom Blends Account for All Aspects of True Beauty

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Our Custom Blends Account for All Aspects of True Beauty

The right look.

The perfect experience.

The repeat performances.
That’s what custom blending is all about.

If you want to go sheer in the summer, but want more coverage in the winter you can do it. If you wants more oil control one season, and less another you can get it.

Customization beyond color…Skin care quality additives for hydration, firming, brightening and more.

Schedule a one on one consultation in person or virtually and we will make your Custom Blended Makeup!

Priced $50 and up


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