bake your face foundation

Although this type of baking will still have you looking like a sweet treat, this is not the type of baking that produces baked goods. Baking is a makeup technique taken from the world of drag, that is also known as cooking your makeup.

You simply apply a generous layer of translucent powder underneath the eyes, or commonly in other areas of the face that need a little extra help like your chin or around your jaw, and let it set your makeup in, to create a flawless base and finish. The “baking” comes from leaving the powder on for 5-10 minutes, and letting the heat on your face set it, before brushing it off.

Flawless Finish High Definition Powder is the perfect powder to use. It creates a soft focus, leaving you photo ready and with a natural finish. This translucent powder works for every skin complexion, type and tone. It is a great mattifier for oily skin, helping to keep makeup in place.

finishing powder


How to Bake:

The Flawless Finish High Definition Powder comes in a convenient compact with a brush. The powder can be applied with the brush or with your Beauty Blender. For the best results you should combine the two. First, apply it with a brush, then press it in with your sponge, add more to the areas that get shiny faster. Make sure to blend the powder in well to avoid the dreadful flashback from flash photography. Your makeup will be creaseless and last longer throughout the day.


finishing powder bake

Finally, take your Makeup Saver Setting Mist to seal in your look. Setting sprays are a true godsend. It keeps your makeup in place so you don’t have to worry about it transferring to any clothing your face may come in contact with.
The Makeup Saver Setting Mist not only saves your makeup, it saves your skin. This setting spray works overtime by helping to reduce fine lines and firm skin. What more could you ask for? It is time to get the most out of our makeup ladies. By adding these savors to your beauty routine your makeup looks will be flawless.

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