The biggest feud of the season isn’t anything you’ll find on the newest episode of Scandal. No, the biggest drama of the season has to be the battle between rose gold and deep burgundy. It seems that both these trends have taken off in every realm, whether it be makeup, hair, fashion, or nails, and we’re loving both! Each are daring in their own way, and no matter your style you can find something you love in each. For those that have a little edge in their style, you might gravitate towards that deep burgundy lipstick to top off the perfect bold look. Or for those of you that love a sweet feminine style, you might just find your perfect makeup trick in adding a halo of rose gold around your eyes to brighten up that pretty face.


So, how are people using these trends to show off their individual style?

Rose Gold:

Hair: The biggest thing in hair right now is rose gold, which can be the look for you no matter your existing hair color. Many blondes are adding a rosy tint to their hair, leaving it with a playful pinkish feel that blends seamlessly into their natural color. Brunettes are using it to push the ombre into 2017, choosing to go with a deeper rosy tone on their ends instead of the traditional brassy blonde.

Makeup: Rose gold has been a staple in eyeshadow palettes forever, but this season is when many girls have finally started to dig into their rosy-tinted swatches. Rose gold is versatile as an eyeshadow, too! You can cover your eyelids in this shimmery color and blend a deeper pink into your outer edges for a more dramatic look, or you can swipe some of this pink shimmer on the innermost corners of your eyes, to add a touch of sparkle to a more natural look.






Hair: We’ve spotted many lovely ladies trading their light summer locks for something a bit darker this season. But, instead of bumping their brown a few shades darker, burgundy is on the rise. For those of you that have gotten creative with their hair for the summer, you might be bummed to go back to your natural color, which is why we think burgundy has become so big in the hair world this season. Burgundy is dark enough that it’s not jarring, but it still gives your hair a subtly unique color that is still wearable for any occasion.

Makeup: A deep burgundy lip is our favorite trend that never goes out of style! As much as we welcome in new and exciting trends, we have to give it to this bold lip color. It’s a classic shade that can go with almost any look. You can use it to add the finishing touch to your look, or base your ensemble around the lip itself! We love a lady who can rock a bold lip, but dark colors aren’t everyone’s cup of tea! If you’re finding this color a bit too daunting, there are other ways this favorite can find itself into your beauty routine. Remember that rose gold eye we talked about? Use burgundy to shade your outer edges and bring both colors to life!


Although it seems like many have chosen their favorite of these trends and stuck to it, the two are not mutually exclusive! You can mix them together to use both in your beauty and create any look you want! Why not try complementing your newly rose gold hair with a dark burgundy eyeshadow in your crease? Or you might like to try a bold burgundy hair color, illuminated by a pop of rose gold in the inner corners of your eyes. We see many of you lovely ladies using these colors in your wardrobe and on your nails, too, so the possibilities are endless. The season change often finds many of us changing our looks, and in our opinion, there’s nothing like a change in season to propel you to be the trendiest you possible!

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