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When you see a breakout, you may just think you haven’t been washing your face enough or you’ve been touching your face with your hands too many times throughout the day. But actually, noting where you tend to get breakouts on your face can actually be a reflection of your internal health. It’s called skin mapping. Skin mapping started as a form of traditional Chinese medicine that helped to determine where things may be going wrong internally. The skin itself is an organ, and can actually provide insight that represents the state of your body’s internal health and let you know where you need some help. Skin mapping divides the “facial landscape” into 14 different zones, each zone corresponding to a specific function of your body. If you break out in one of these zones, it can be traced back to some sort of imbalance in your body, and from there you’ll have an idea of where to better your physical health, which leads to improvement in your complexion.

What is your skin trying to tell you?

Zones 1 and 3: Left and right hemisphere of your forehead.

Breakouts on your forehead are connected to the bladder and digestive system, and likely mean your body is struggling to eliminate toxins. Breakouts in this area are usually derived from unhealthy food choices, excessive alcohol consumption, or lack of sleep. The good news is, this is a pretty easy fix. Start by drinking more water and eating more whole foods to help your body purge toxins, make better choices with food, get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, and eliminate or reduce alcohol consumption.

Zone 2: Middle of your forehead, between your eyebrows.

This zone is related to the liver, and again has to do the most with diet. Noticing a breakout in this area may indicate you have a food allergy or your body does not agree with something, like lactose intolerance. This could also be from excessive alcohol consumption, where as a result the liver is working extremely hard to filter out toxins. Lessening the consumption of rich foods, alcohol, and something you might have an intolerance or allergy to can help clear this right up.

Zones 4 and 10: Left and right ears.

Although most don’t frequently experience breakouts near their ears , this highly sensitive area indicates an issue with the kidneys. Feel your ears, are they hot, too? This may be a result of stress, also. To counteract this, cut down on any caffeine or alcohol and double up on water to help with kidney function.



Zones 5 and 9: Left and right cheeks.

Breakouts on your cheeks may suggest the underlying cause of respiratory issues. Those that smoke, have asthma, or find themselves in polluted air (those who frequent cities or spend a lot of time in traffic) may notice this issue. Breakouts in this area may also indicate a slow metabolism or low absorption of nutrients. You can improve these issues by exercising to promote better breathing, and by choosing options like vegetable juices for more nutrients. If your area has an issue with air pollution, try keeping plants that are known to clean the air inside your home. Also, a less serious issue may simply be that your face comes into contact with unclean things, like your phone or pillowcase. Try washing both of these items regularly.

Zones 6 and 8: Left and right eyes.

You may not necessarily notice breakouts in this area, but dark spots may be present. This is also related to the kidneys, and can indicate dehydration and poor elimination of toxins. Both of these issues can be resolved by increasing the amount of water you drink daily. Carry a water bottle with you so you won’t have an excuse to go without it!

Zone 7: Nose

Discoloration on your nose is connected to circulatory system function, like blood and heart issues. This could mean something like high blood pressure, or simply be mild rosacea. You can fight this by taking a vitamin B supplement, which will help to fight redness and skin congestion. Heart issues can come from bad circulation or high blood pressure, but both of these things can be helped by the introduction of exercise into your life, and by the addition of cayenne or garlic into your diet. Refrain from using any spices, avoid spicy foods, alcohol, and coffee.

Zones 11 and 13: Left and right jawline.

Breakouts in this area are usually connected to pre-menstrual symptoms in women that often line up with their cycle. Unfortunately these are harder to counteract as they are naturally occurring, but you can see your doctor to be put on or regulate medication.

Zone 12: Chin.

Chin breakouts indicate a hormonal imbalance, which also relates to your menstrual cycle. They  are also brought on by stress, which affects the hormones. Find ways to calm yourself, because it may be taking a physical toll on your body. Yoga and exercise may be a solution.

The chin area is also connected to the small intestine, so it’s possible that these breakouts are also caused by poor diet or possible food allergies. Foods that contain too much sugar or too much fat can cause breakouts, but you can add probiotics like yogurt into your diet to reduce them.

Zone 14: Neck.

Adrenal stress and hormonal imbalance can bring on breakouts in the neck area, sometimes even leaving your neck flushed. Avoid hormone-contaminated meat products and try to stay away from dairy.

Pay attention to what your skin is trying to tell you! Overall, what you put into your body and how you take care of it is reflected in the appearance of your skin, so do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or else you’ll have to see the repercussions of it whenever you look in the mirror.

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