So you slept in your makeup last night. It happens. You get home from work and don’t want to do anything but throw yourself onto your couch. Sometimes you’re comfy in bed, about to go to sleep and just can’t bear to get up. Other times you get home late at night and washing your face is the last thing on your mind. Or sometimes you simply just forget. Whatever the reason, we can’t keep using these as excuses. The truth is, failing to take your makeup off and going to sleep in it is extremely harmful for your skin, and we need to make a conscious effort NOT to make a habit out of this.

Why is this so much worse than simply going a 12+ hour day in a face full of makeup? For one, your skin’s rejuvenation time is during your slumber. During deep sleep, healing hormones like melatonin and growth hormone are released at much higher rates than they are during awake time. This is how your skin repairs itself and performs cellular regeneration. Sleeping with makeup on puts these things at a great disadvantage, because you’re hindering your body’s ability to work on these other crucial things.


Failing to remove your makeup can lead to things like the early development of wrinkles, breakouts, and dry skin. Wrinkles develop from the collagen breakdown that occurs from exposure to free radicals (things you should normally be washing off at night), and can eventually lead to visible signs of aging. Those with more sensitive skin have probably noticed in the past that they have a nice new friend on their face waiting to greet them in the morning! Breakouts are extremely common after sleeping in makeup, because it oftentimes leads to clogged pores, leading to pimples.

Aside from the makeup on your skin, you’re also failing to cleanse your skin of all the dirt, grime, and bacteria that has accumulated on your face throughout the day. Even though it may be invisible to the naked eye, it’s still there. That aside, you’ll also transfer your face full of makeup to your pillow, so you’re essentially just stewing in your old makeup. Pretty gross, right? Even further, if you don’t wash your pillows regularly, chances are the next few nights you’ll be sleeping in this makeup again when your face meets the dirty pillow. Have we convinced you yet?

So, what can you do now?

First thing’s first – remove that makeup ASAP!


The Take It All Off! Makeup Remover will do the trick. This product is gentle, and will soothe as it removes any trace of makeup.

Or you can opt for a cleanser, which has a slightly deeper clean than a makeup remover and helps to improve the condition of your skin.

The Deep Dive Micellar Cleansing Water helps to cleanse, tone, and repair skin in a single step. Micellar water uses molecules as magnets to lift dirt, oil, and makeup from your face.

The African Red Tea Botanical Gel Cleanser is also a great reactive measure. It contains a peptide compound that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, so you can help to counteract the wrinkle-producing effects that come with sleeping in your makeup.

The best thing you can do is try to ensure that you won’t make this mistake again. There are a ton of different hacks you can use to remind and motivate yourself.

  1. Put a sticky note on your mirror. If it’s in front of you, you’ll have to read it. This will serve as a reminder for when you genuinely forget. It will also hold you a little bit accountable: if you read it but are feeling lazy and don’t wash your face, you can’t feel bad for yourself when you get a breakout the next day.
  2. Keep makeup wipes by your bed. This is the perfect option for when you come home late from a night out with friends and want to go straight to bed, or you worked a long day, are exhausted, and can’t bear to get yourself back up and go to your bathroom. Makeup wipes aren’t our favorite option, because although they get a decent amount of makeup off, sometimes you may just be spreading it around, and most often you won’t be meticulous enough to get it all off. But it’s better than nothing! This is the best last resort option, and is effective enough to get some good cleansing.
  3. If you often get off track with other duties and forget to take off your makeup, set an alarm on your phone to remind you. Additionally, if you have a consistent routine you usually stick to, this will also help you integrate this step into your routine.

What we’re saying is, you absolutely need to take your makeup off at night in order to ensure the health of your skin! At times it can be difficult or annoying, but with the right care you can learn to make a habit of it. So make sure to take your makeup off before bed, you’ll feel SO much better!

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