We always hear promises of “new year, new me” when the new year rolls around, but you can actually make a change to do that this year — starting with a brand new cosmetics line that will change your beauty routine, the quality of your skin, and your style!

Let’s start the new year together. Picking up and starting something new from scratch can be daunting: we’re doing it too with the launch of our new line! So why not do it together? Let’s make some resolutions.

Be better to your skin. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your makeup and go barefaced on the daily like some women think when they hear this line. You can start picking products that have better ingredients and are actually good for your skin. Our products are skincare-quality, meaning they contain the same ingredients as products that are used to better your skin. By selecting products that are nourishing instead of damaging, you can start to get your bare skin to a better place, and you won’t feel as though you’re hiding behind a face of makeup. Instead, use our line to enhance that natural beauty and make you feel more ‘you’– without having to regret what you’re putting on!

Experiment with your style. Use this opportunity to start taking some risks. You never know what you might like until you try it, right? It can actually be fun and liberating to try something new and be a bit more daring. If you’re someone that usually shies away from a dark lip or a bold eye, try making a goal for yourself to step outside your comfort zone once a month. Sometimes we get down on ourselves and think we could never pull off a certain look, but really, what’s stopping you? You might be surprised — people love seeing unique looks, and you may find yourself getting loads of compliments.

Be more conscious. We aren’t talking coffee or meditation here; be more conscious of what’s in your products. Committing to an entire lifestyle change can be difficult, but a much easier step you can take to be more confident in your cosmetic choices is to know what’s in them. If you’re willing to make the change, start by simply select products without parabens and other harmful elements, look for vegan cosmetics without animal byproduct, or choose products that are cruelty-free. Being conscious of what you purchase and support may not seem like much to some, but we view it as a small but important step to bettering the industry (and your face) as a whole.

Wash your face every day. This is simultaneously the easiest and hardest resolution of them all. If you’re like us, you’re always rushing and oftentimes forgo the first-thing-in-the-morning or just-before-bed face washing. Washing your face even just once a day can help you see monumental changes in your skin, and it only takes a few minutes out of your day. Make a conscious effort to wash off all the impurities your skin holds on to, and improve your skin’s overall health. We offer two awesome cleansers that will make the deal a little sweeter for you.

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