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Summertime is when we’re free of restraints and can get a little more fun and creative with our looks, whether we’re going to an outdoor concert, food festival, or going window shopping. Last summer left us with striking, fashion-forward beauty trends, and this summer is no different. So besides warm weather and beach parties, what do we have to look forward to?


summertime pinks flushed blush

Think pink! We know, did pink ever really go out of style? Maybe you put some of your pinks on hold for the winter months. If you did, here is the resurgence you need to bring that rosiness back into your beauty routine. Pink flushed cheeks and varying shades of pink lipstick are taking over this summer. Don’t be afraid to get girly, no matter your style or age–it’s all about the pinks this summer. Forget a bronzed glow, get a flush!
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metallic blue eyeshadow

80’s baby! We’re bringing you another look that loves a nice pop of color. If you look to the runway, this is a look that loves the summertime. Bold colors are always a summer favorite, and this bright look in particular will bring you back to the 1980’s. These trends are reminiscent of a decade that dared to bring out bright shadows, blushes, and lipsticks–all in one look! That’s right, we’re talking metallic blues, bright reds, and bold pinks! Vivid colors are the way to make a statement, and shying away from color is a thing of the past.
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glossy eyelid trendy runway

Smudged and glossy. Usually we think of bright, bronzed makeup for the summertime, but this look is all about that dark smudge with a coat of shine. Smokey eyes are making a statement this summer, but this time with an extra kick. Up the ante to your average smokey eye by adding a layer of gloss to the top. Usually the words ‘oil slick’ sound pretty  unappealing to us, but this look can actually make your eyes pop and look super chic. Even if you find this look a little extreme, just a coat of gloss on your bare eyelid can give you that glamorous edge.
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No makeup-makeup. Let’s face it, the no makeup-makeup look is a trend that will never go out of style, and will continue to rock the runways and our everyday lives. It’s a summer staple because it’s an easy to look to achieve, and works virtually anywhere you go. Runways use it when they want their models to look natural or angelic, but still want to enhance a few details. This look is all about soft touches and lightweight makeup. No makeup-makeup usually includes a light filling in of the eyebrows, a quick coat of mascara, and a tint to even out your skin tone and correct any imperfections. This is the perfect look for the summer because when you’re baking in the sun, you likely aren’t going to enjoy a face of makeup melting off. Wake your face up just a bit without having to babysit a full face of product in the sun.
Products to try: Volumizing MascaraMineral Moisture Tint, Wonderbrow

Rock these looks from the runway wherever you go this summer!

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