Finding Your Everyday Essentials

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Not liking the makeup routine you’ve sunken into? How can you change this and re-discover your everyday essentials all over again? Well, we’ve got a few suggestions for you. First, it’s time to be honest with ourselves. Ask yourself these questions:
How much time do I want to spend getting ready? What am I looking for in a product? What do I want to emphasize or hide? Where am I going?

We want to help you feel like the best you when you put on your “go-to” face. While everyone has their own unique traits they work with, we like to think there are essentials out there that are perfect for anybody. See how these stack up in your routine and with your specific needs.

Here are our can’t-go-wrong faves and why they work for most!


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Deep Dive Micellar Cleansing Water 
Let’s start with what makes this one unique. The great thing about micelle molecules is that they act as magnets to lift dirt, oil, and makeup from the face and eyes. Because this cleanser lifts impurities, all it takes is a gentle swipe to remove, instead of damaging your skin with harsher exfoliation. It’s not just a cleanser, either: it also works to tone and repair skin, and let’s face it, who couldn’t use a little R&R for your skin? This is also a cleanser that is gentle on the skin due to extracts of poppyseed, prickly pear, and white lily, so your skin will be feeling fresh and new no matter how sensitive it is.

Shadow/Cake Liner Palette
Adding a palette to your beauty arsenal can bring your look to life in a variety of different ways or occasions, and all the different colors mean you don’t have to stick to the exact same thing every day. A palette is an essential item in any makeup bag because you can mix it up without having to purchase any new colors. Since LuLu has a line of fully customizable palettes, we suggest filling your palette with colors that flatter in multiple occasions for your go-to colors, and selecting a couple that can be for special looks. No matter what kind of eye makeup you wear, you can customize this to fit your needs. Do you usually forgo a heavy black liner? No problem, swap it out for a neutral or add another eyeshadow.

Mineral Powder Blush
Who couldn’t use a little livening up in the cheeks first thing in the morning? No matter the shade of your skin, everyone looks a little glowier with a slight flush added to the cheeks, and we think having a great quality blush in your beauty bag is essential. Even if all you want to do is throw on some mascara and call it a day, swiping on some blush can liven up your face in one simple step. Our pressed mineral blush is a luxurious formula free of oils, talk and fragrance, so it’s ideal for any skin type.

Fit and Flushed Bronzer
Want to take that flat skin a step further? We think it’s safe to say everyone wants that healthy bronzed look. However, in the winter months it can be a little harder to obtain it naturally. Thinking you could use a boost in your flat dull skin? Try Fit and Flushed to add a bronzed glow; the shade is perfect for any skin tone and because it’s buildable you can adjust just how much of that bronze you want, whether it’s just a dash or you want to be shimmering like a gold mine!

LuLu’s August Must-Haves

August is here, which means that summer sun is fully blazing! We’ve become accustomed to beach days and summer cookouts, our bright clothing items have come out of hiding, and by now our tans are in full force. Despite it still being summertime, you should be swapping out your regular makeup products from the past few months to some that may better suit you now. For instance, now that you’ve been out in the sun these past few months it may be a good time to ditch the foundation for a bit and let your skin breathe! We’re all about adding color anywhere we can this summer and we’ve spotted the trendiest shades! Here are the products LuLu lives by this August.

luxe bronzer

Luxe Bronzer

A bronzer helps to sculpt your face in the same way a contour would, but is much more lightweight, iridescent, and sheer. It’s a great way to add some definition, and has a luminous finish that will give you a glow that you can’t always get naturally or with a flat foundation. Now that your skin is a little tanner, skip the foundation and just opt for a bronzer instead to take your face to the next level, while still keeping it natural. Try the Luxe Bronzer for the perfect amount of illumination to brighten & sculpt that complexion!


Fresh Peach Blush

We think the best look is right when you return from the beach and have a slight flush to your cheeks. Why not recreate it without the sting of a slight burn! You can get this beachy look using Fresh Peach, which is a lightweight matte peachy pink. Keep your cheeks bright and rosy even as your skin tone may be getting darker! You’ll avoid that one-note tan and keep a healthy undertone to liven up those cheeks.


Rose Gold Shadow

What better way to add a bronzed glam to your eye than our Rose Gold Shadow! This shade has a coppery tone that takes it a step up from the rose gold we see year round. Warm tones and warm weather go hand in hand! This color works particularly well with the rosy and bronzed tones the summer sun brings out in your skin.


Volumizing Mascara 

A mascara is perfect for any time of the year, but is especially necessary in the summer when those lashes should be the star attraction! Many of us lighten the load on the rest of our face by sticking to the basics, which really lets your eyes shine! You can never go wrong with long lashes, and with the right mascara, they’ll be the focus of your face. No matter the look you’re going for, voluminous dark lashes lashes are a staple. We never leave the house without some mascara!


liquid bronze glow

Feel the Heat Matte Liquid Lipstick

Time to brighten it up! This color is a gorgeous coral that will pop on any skin tone. The formula of our liquid lipsticks is practically made for the summertime. They have a moisturizing element, so you won’t have to worry about them drying out or cracking, even if you spend a day in the sun! There’s no better time for this pop of color, and it will look great on that bronzed skin! Summer loves coral & coral loves summer.

Summer Runway Looks You Can Pull Off Anywhere

summer glow runway looks

Summertime is when we’re free of restraints and can get a little more fun and creative with our looks, whether we’re going to an outdoor concert, food festival, or going window shopping. Last summer left us with striking, fashion-forward beauty trends, and this summer is no different. So besides warm weather and beach parties, what do we have to look forward to?


summertime pinks flushed blush

Think pink! We know, did pink ever really go out of style? Maybe you put some of your pinks on hold for the winter months. If you did, here is the resurgence you need to bring that rosiness back into your beauty routine. Pink flushed cheeks and varying shades of pink lipstick are taking over this summer. Don’t be afraid to get girly, no matter your style or age–it’s all about the pinks this summer. Forget a bronzed glow, get a flush!
Products to try: Mineral Powder Blush, Liquid Matte Lipstick in Restless


metallic blue eyeshadow

80’s baby! We’re bringing you another look that loves a nice pop of color. If you look to the runway, this is a look that loves the summertime. Bold colors are always a summer favorite, and this bright look in particular will bring you back to the 1980’s. These trends are reminiscent of a decade that dared to bring out bright shadows, blushes, and lipsticks–all in one look! That’s right, we’re talking metallic blues, bright reds, and bold pinks! Vivid colors are the way to make a statement, and shying away from color is a thing of the past.
Products to try: Silky Pressed Mineral Shadow in Plum


glossy eyelid trendy runway

Smudged and glossy. Usually we think of bright, bronzed makeup for the summertime, but this look is all about that dark smudge with a coat of shine. Smokey eyes are making a statement this summer, but this time with an extra kick. Up the ante to your average smokey eye by adding a layer of gloss to the top. Usually the words ‘oil slick’ sound pretty  unappealing to us, but this look can actually make your eyes pop and look super chic. Even if you find this look a little extreme, just a coat of gloss on your bare eyelid can give you that glamorous edge.
Products to try: Silky Pressed Mineral Shadow in Charcoal

No makeup-makeup. Let’s face it, the no makeup-makeup look is a trend that will never go out of style, and will continue to rock the runways and our everyday lives. It’s a summer staple because it’s an easy to look to achieve, and works virtually anywhere you go. Runways use it when they want their models to look natural or angelic, but still want to enhance a few details. This look is all about soft touches and lightweight makeup. No makeup-makeup usually includes a light filling in of the eyebrows, a quick coat of mascara, and a tint to even out your skin tone and correct any imperfections. This is the perfect look for the summer because when you’re baking in the sun, you likely aren’t going to enjoy a face of makeup melting off. Wake your face up just a bit without having to babysit a full face of product in the sun.
Products to try: Volumizing MascaraMineral Moisture Tint, Wonderbrow

Rock these looks from the runway wherever you go this summer!

Thinking Outside the Box: Using Your LuLu Products a Little Differently

using red lipstick for dark circles

Listen up everyone, sometimes a lipstick is not just a lipstick: it’s an eyeshadow and blush too! Today we want you to think outside the box when it comes to your products, because as some creative geniuses in the beauty industry have found out, sometimes you can turn that reliable old lip color into a multi-tasker!

Things like blushes and lip colors often coincide, especially when they’re in the pinkish-red color family. With the increase in liquid or “stick” products (liquid lipsticks, cream eyeshadows, cream blushes, stick foundation, stick blush, etc) why not use products in the same vein for these purposes? We all have a color we love to use, and while it may not always go with your outfit when wearing it on your lips, you may still be able to add a touch of it to your cheeks or eyes.

Here are just a few ideas on how you can use your products differently!


using blush as eyeshadow


Lip Products as Blush:
Dab the apples of your cheeks with your lipstick in a stippling motion, but make sure not to overdo it since it is a denser product. Blend well to give the same even coverage you would get from a powder blush. You want it to look natural and even. For the best effect, take your Beauty Blender and pat or buff it out until even!

Eyeshadows on Cheeks:
Using eyeshadows as blush or a highlight can add an extra oomph to your cheeks. Going for a unique or interesting look? Use a tint of a mauve, a deep pink, or fuchsia eyeshadow to create a tinted cheekbone. You can use a color like this on its own, or with a traditional blush color to add more dimension. Just apply on the apples of your cheeks, or slightly underneath the cheekbone with your blush.
Eyeshadows often have a sparkle in their finish so you can use lighter, shimmery colors as a highlight too! Many makeup aficionados these days are straying from the typical highlighters that match their skin and opting for more peaches, lavenders, or even icy blues. Eyeshadows typically have a much larger range of colors than your average blushes, so you have a lot more creative freedom using them!

Liquid Lipstick as an Eyeshadow Base:
When creating a heavier eye, you’re almost always going to use a base color, no matter the colors you’re working with. This base color needs to be heavy enough to lock the rest of the colors in place and ensure nothing peeks through from underneath. A liquid lipstick actually does the trick perfectly!
For example, creating a deep burgundy eye? Use Escape Artist as a base to build off of! You’ll start by simply covering your eyelid fully, from your crease to your lashes. Once this base is evenly distributed, you can build off of it with shadows to add more definition to your crease or outer edges, and go over the base color with layers of more sheer shadows, sparkle, etc.


color correcting red lipstick dark circles


Red Lipstick for Color Correcting:
Ever heard of color correcting? It’s when you use the opposite color on the color wheel to counteract an uneven tone in your face. If you’re unsure, you can easily search a color wheel to see what works. For example, those with a lot of redness often use green-tinted primers under their foundation, because green can counteract the red shade. Instead of just laying a foundation over it and hoping discoloration doesn’t peek through, you can instead neutralize these colors underneath. Using red lipstick works the same way when you use it under eyes to color correct bags or dark circles!
Next time you wake up with dark circles under your eyes, grab your red lipstick! Dab the red on to those circles and blend it out with your finger, a brush, or your Beauty Blender. You don’t want it to be as heavy or opaque as it is on your lips, but you’ll want enough coverage to tint the dark circles. Go ahead and put your foundation on over it like you normally would! We recommend using a Beauty Blender to pat the foundation into the area you covered instead of swiping with a brush, as this may take some of the red off or mix it with your foundation instead of laying over it.

Fixative to Transform Your Products:
If you have an eyeshadow color that you think would make the perfect liner, but it doesn’t come out quite as clean as you want it to, try using the Stuck On You Eyeliner Fixative to transform it into a gel-like consistency that glides on smoothly like a liquid liner. Got that plum colored eyeshadow you never use but think it would make a gorgeous wing? Try it out!

These are just a few of our favorite tricks for getting creative with our products but the ideas are endless if you think outside the box! You can use sparkly eyeshadow as a finish on your lips, blushes to create a halo around your eyes, etc. etc. Next time you feel uninspired, try out one of these tips for a different look!

The Color of Spring: Mauve

mauve spring colors flowery

Mauve is the color of the season! Anywhere you look, beauty insiders will be telling you if you aren’t rocking some sort of mauve shade, you’ll be severely out of style this season. We think it’s appropriate – after all, mauve reminds us of flowers, which seem to be blooming in abundance right around this time of year. What better time to be inspired by nature? Incorporating mauves into your look can give the image of a warm flowery glow.

The great thing about mauve is it isn’t a single shade (like periwinkle or forest green where we can picture exactly what they look like), it’s a range of shades. Mauve ranges from pale purple-pinks to dusty roses, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to incorporate colors like these into your looks. It’s also a color that essentially looks good on anyone, no matter the tone or shade of their skin!


mauve spring colors eyeshadow palette

Mauve is a color that can be used in any part of your beauty routine — we’re talking eyes, lips, nails, even cheeks! It’s easy to incorporate and make a look out of because it’s such a versatile, wearable color, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also take some risks with it. Here are some ideas to create the chicest mauve looks of the season!

Eyes: Halo eyes are the biggest look right now because they can be subtle or they can be glamorous. A halo eye is simply a clear distinction between a lighter and darker color; the darker color surrounds your eyelid like a ‘halo’ allowing your eyes to look bigger and your eyelids to be more defined and dramatic. This would work perfectly with a smokey mauve eye, using a darker mauve to create the halo effect. You can also create a smokey wing out of mauve eyeshadows instead of liners. Simply draw a wing with a mauve powdered shadow, and blend to create the hazy look. Use a darker color towards the ends of the wing to create more definition.
Use the Smoke and Mirrors Blush and Shadow Palette to create this look.

Lips: We think liquid lipstick is the best way to go with mauve, so that you can achieve a distinct, clean outline. Our favorite LuLu mauve tone is Bar None — it goes with practically anything you choose to do with your look! We also LOVE custom mixing our liquid lipsticks so they’re exactly the color we want. Whether you want your mauve to be a little dustier, muted, or vibrant, you can mix with other colors to achieve this. For a lighter color, you can mix with white liquid lipsticks meant for precisely this purpose. For a rosier mauve, mix with a pink to tilt it more in that direction.


mauve spring colors liquid lipsticks

Cheeks: Have you ever seen anything prettier than blush with a mauve tint? It adds a unique touch, even if the rest of your look is simple it can jazz it up and make it far more interesting. It’s subtle, but striking enough to make a true difference. Applying a touch of mauve to the apples of your cheeks brightens up your face, and since it’s not such an obvious, heavy-handed trick you may have people wondering what exactly it is that makes your look so great. Highlighting is also huge again — complement the mauve touch on your cheeks with a glowing, dewy highlight.
Use The Artful Eye Blush & Shadow Palette to achieve this look!

Nails: We have the perfect, classic color of the season in Secret Love. Keep it simple with a solid coat (we can never hate on a simple nail) or get a little creative. You can go in with a sponge and a darker shade to create an ombre look, making them a little bit more unique, but still rock that classy look that LuLu loves!

Go on then, be mauvelous!

Short and Sweet: The 10 Minute Beauty Routine

The basics, the staples, the quick look…we’ve got a lot of different names for our favorite few products that we need to include in our look, even if those are the only ones we use at all! The popular term these days for a stripped-down look like this is known as ‘no-makeup makeup’ but we’re over that phrase aren’t we? The idea is, these are going to be the products that you’ll need in your routine, whether you prefer a lesser look on the daily, or something easy for when you don’t have the time to fulfill your dramatic duties for the day. You can call it the “I’m going to be late for work but still want to look good” look; the “I’m all out of product and I have to work with what I have before I go online shopping again” look; or the “I just don’t feel like a full face today” look. You get the point, right?


This look is only FOUR products — yep, you read that correctly. Four. How’s that sound for when you want to keep it short and sweet? And if you’re an expert this might take you far less than 10 minutes (we’ve gotten it down to 5).

Of course, you’ll want to start with a clean canvas to ensure this look will last as long as possible. Make sure you’ve washed your face, moisturized, or prepped your face in whatever way you regularly do in your routine!

Foundation – This is an essential part of any look, so we say its a keeper. Foundation helps to even out your skin tone, cover any blemishes or discoloration, and in turn will help you to look more lively and awake. We prefer to apply with a Beauty Blender, as it is more forgiving than a brush, which can leave streaky lines (especially if you’re in a hurry). Try out our Natural Foundation to achieve this look.

Blush – Blush is essential to add some color to your face, and give you a rosy, healthy glow. Putting on foundation can even out your skin tone, but naturally, our skin has slightly different shades in different areas, and using only foundation can leave your face looking a bit stark and washed out. So pick a rosy blush to add some color and liven that face up. This may be a small step, but it’s an important one! It took us years to realize how much blush could add to your look, and now we’ll never go back! Try our Mineral Powder Blush for that rosy glow.

Eyebrows – If you do a face of makeup and leave your brows untouched, you’ll probably look a little crazy. Especially after applying foundation, product can attach to your brows and leave them looking lighter, and the no-eyebrow look is definitely a no-no. Your brows are one of the most important parts of your face – they frame your eyes, give your look a certain style, and can also make you look either polished or disheveled. A styled brow lets someone know you take pride in how you look, because its takes attention to detail to pull it off. Whatever your preferred brow state is – go for it! Arched, sculpted, filled, sharp, wispy, you name it. Try the Arch-Ology brush for ultimate precision.

Mascara – We are firm believers that no look is ever complete without mascara. This is the finishing touch to your look. No need to go crazy with this step either, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the traditional black, curled lashes. Long lashes really help to pull a look together and add a feminine touch. Make sure to curl them even if you’re in a rush, it will only take a few seconds and makes a dramatic difference! Try our Volumizing Mascara to get the perfect black lashes.


So there you have it, the short and sweet beauty routine. We like to think these are the ultimate staples for any look, and everything else can be extraneous. Sometimes primers, finishing powders, or layers of eyeshadow don’t have a place in your look, especially if you’re just looking for a simple look to run out of the house in. The truth is, you can still have a polished appearance using the bare minimum without losing the quality of your look! If you’re going for a natural look, don’t use 14 products to achieve it. You can shorten it to 4 simple products. A quick and easy look, that’s why we call it short and sweet!