Say Hello to Beauty!




Hello beautiful! Face, meet LuLu. We are proud to introduce our cosmetic line, the LuLu Face Company, to your beauty regimen. Our goal is to open people’s eyes to beauty, whatever your definition may be. We want you to feel as though your makeup artist has just swiveled your chair around to face the mirror, revealing an exciting new you– except you’re the artist here!

Some seek to use makeup as a shield to hide under, but we think you’re beautiful the way you are, and want to help you feel like the most beautiful “you” you can be! We want our products to help complement your natural beauty, and open your eyes to exciting new products you might not have used before.

Maybe you’re a skincare junkie who’s all about taking care of her skin, or maybe you’re looking for a change of pace to get your skin in better shape. Here at LuLu, we wanted to create a line of products that were good for you–meaning raw and organic ingredients, natural elements, and absolutely no testing on animals. These products are guilt-free, and your face won’t stress wearing them.



Of course we all have flaws, but we should all feel beautiful in our skin! Let’s open your eyes to beauty in every form, and feel great while we do it. No matter the current trends, time of year, or condition of your skin, we should all be able to feel lovely!

Your satisfaction is a priority for us. We strive to create an environment with open communication for questions, comments, or concerns, with personalized service that makes you feel like you’re getting pampered at the salon.

Express yourself through our products to be the best you you can be, and open your eyes to beauty.