Introducing a New Way to Shop: Custom Palettes!

custom palettes

We can all identify with purchasing a full makeup palette but ignoring a large portion of the colors for our favorites. You might have bought it for a handful of the shades and just accepted that there were going to be some others you would never use. Well, say goodbye to paying for wasted products!

With our new line of custom palettes, you can hand-pick the products and shades you love, making sure no spot goes to waste! Fill a palette with your go-to’s so that getting ready is easier and confined to one single palette. By using bigger pans we let you focus on colors that we really enjoy instead of opting for a palette packed with 15-20 small swatches. The bigger pans also make for easier product pickup and allow for bigger brushes! They’ll also last longer than smaller swatches.

Custom palettes are great because you can choose an array of colors based on your own personal preferences and colors you regularly wear (meaning you won’t have to constantly avoid that unwearable green in your favorite palette). You can pick the colors YOU know flatter your skin tone or eye color, select more of the products you need, and eliminate the ones you don’t. Bonus: because we believe in conscious beauty, these palettes are also eco-friendly!

How does it work? We’ll break it down for you.

Our palettes come in 4 distinct layouts, which make it easy for you to customize just how many spots you want to designate for each kind of product. Our palettes contain spaces for primers, blushes, eyeshadows, and eyeliners, with different shade options for each category!


custom eyeshadow palette blush


You’ll fill a palette by:

  1. Pick your palette layout
  2. Select a space
  3. Select your product type (Large spaces are for primers and blush, small spaces are for eyeshadow and eyeliner. Make a palette for one type of product, or mix and match!)
  4. Select your product option. (Some products have multiple options! For example, we have two different primer options, SensationalEyes or Eyelights Primer)
  5. Select your color

The palettes come in 4 different layouts! Which one works best for you?

Blush and Eye Primer Palette

(4 large spaces) 

This palette is perfect to designate to all your must-have blush shades with an additional space for a primer of your choice. With multiple shades of blush, you’re sure to find a few options that work for you. You can also have your choice of primer and primer shade! SensationalEyes gives you an even, nude coverage, while the Eyelights Primer gives a slight shimmery base, which can also double as a highlighter!

Blush or Eye Primer + Shadow Palette

(2 large spaces, 6 small spaces)

This is our go-to for the essential palette. You can cover all your bases by using products of all types in this palette. Fill your two large spaces with blush, primers, or both! You’ll also get 6 smaller slots for our Eyeshadows and Pressed Cake Eyeliner. Tip: We like to mix 4 eyeshadows with your traditional black and brown liners, so you have the basics ready for any look! We prefer the whole shebang to cover all our bases, we don’t need anything else out of a palette when we’ve got this one!

Blush or Eye Primer + Shadow and Tool Palette

(2 large spaces, 4 small spaces, space for tools)

This palette is perfect for those who want to stock up on their brushes, because it comes with two additional tools to pair with your selected products. Select your blush, primer, or both, then pair them with 4 eyeshadow (or eyeliner!) shades. This palette includes a brush to apply your blush evenly so we’d definitely recommend choosing a blush option to pair it with. You’ll also get an eyeshadow applicator!

Shadow and Liner Palette 

(9 small spaces)

Eyeshadow junkie? This is the palette for you! With 9 available slots, you can choose any color eyeshadow your heart desires with some room for eyeliners, too! With 19 eyeshadow shades to choose from, you can even make multiple palettes by color scheme. Fill this entire palette with eyeshadows or sneak some eyeliner in to complete the full eye look! Create palettes by tone and color scheme or create a palette that cover all your bases with every unique color you could possibly want!

Select a palette for us to make just for you, exactly how you want it, here!

What’s Best For You? Custom Blending Options by LuLu

custom blending foundation

In a game of competing brand names and one-upping your peers’ designer cosmetics, how would you like to have a product that no one else has? Better yet, not only is this product unique, but it is specifically suited to what your face needs most, and what looks good on it. Many of us don’t get exactly what our skin needs out of our products, but because we like the shade or the finish we continue to use them. Wouldn’t you want to include all the features you desire into a single product?

Instead of using a product that’s aimed at anyone with a face, how about getting your hands on some products that are suited for your face. Sometimes these blanket solutions can exacerbate the problem, since everyone’s skin reacts in a unique way. Yours may react differently, product may sit on it differently, and may be colored differently. Sounds good, right? Onto the details!


custom blending lulu products

What do we do?
We use our years of experience and knowledge (and superpowers) to custom blend products for you based on your unique skincare necessities, and your individual stylistic preferences. Get some expert tips along the way, too! We can custom blend blush, foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow, and soon—lips!

What kind of customizations can we make?
Foundation – Perhaps you have found your shade but the oil from your skin doesn’t keep it in place. We can add finishing powder to an oil-free foundation for a more stay-all-day matte look that won’t move. Or maybe you need a bit more color correction to combat dark circles or discoloration. We’ve got it covered!

  • Finish: mattifying, dewy, etc.
  • Coverage: light, medium, full
  • Moisturizing
  • Sunscreen included (up to 18SPF)
  • Color matching
  • Color correcting
  • Based on skin type: oily, dry, acne prone, combination, etc
  • Skin Care Ingredients: copper peptides, brightening, firming, etc.

Eyeshadows – This is perfect for those occasions when you have an idea in mind but you just can’t find in an existing product. Or maybe there’s a very specific color you’re looking for. We can custom blend that shade into a product for you!

  • Coverage
  • Custom color


custom foundation mixed blended

Blush/Bronzer – We see this problem quite frequently, maybe you prefer a sparkle-free, matte face, but every bronzer or blush you stumble across is jam-packed with shimmer. For someone that wants a bronzer without the sparkle – this could be perfect for you. You’ll get your perfect shade, just sparkle-free and custom-tailored to your needs.
Finish – more/less shimmer, more/less matte, etc.

  • Custom Color
  • Color Matching

How do I get my own custom LuLu product? Contact our LuLu founder, Linda to set up a consultation. If you’re local to the CT area, you can stop by LuLu HQ to have a session with Linda. If not, you can either set up a FaceTime consultation where she can get a better grasp on your skin, or contact her by email with photo attachments and a description of what you’re looking for. After a quick conversation, she can get to work at putting together what you need. We can record this info for refills and future needs.You can get in contact with us at or give us a call at 860-205-2539 to set up a consultation today!