What’s the Best Foundation for Your Skin This Season?

foundation for winter dry oily skin

Let’s be clear here: foundation is important. More important than your eyeshadow, liner, or lipstick, in fact. It’s the base upon which your whole look will sit, and unlike a mascara or liner, it’s much easier to tell when a foundation just isn’t right for you. Many struggle with getting it quite right, leaving their skin looking dull, flaky, shiny, patchy…you name it, the wrong foundation can bring it about.

Add an extra element into the mix: seasonal changes. Winter is the most dreaded season of all for makeup lovers, because it brings a complete change in your skin. Glowing, dewy skin turns dry and lifeless. That’s why it’s important to understand exactly which type of foundation works for your skin this season. Never fear, LuLu is here to help! Here’s a quick guide.

First thing’s first: shade. Unless you’re a superhuman, glowing amazon (or using a tanning bed, which we do not recommend!) you’ll likely lose your summer glow by a few shades this winter. Take this into consideration when swapping out your foundation, because there’s nothing more obvious than a glaring line of foundation along your chin separating the color of your face from the color of your neck. Try a lighter shade of foundation to match the color of your neck, and use a bronzer to bring that suntanned glow back into your look (WITHOUT the fake n’ bake!).



custom blend winter foundation


Dry Skin

Say it with us: it’s all about HYDRATION! Sorry ladies, but if you’re a powder kind of gal, it’s time to store them away for the winter. Look for foundations that have a hydrating element to them, or are liquid-based instead of traditional powders, which will cling to dry patches and emphasize flaky skin. Simply using a moisturizer before application might not cut it when you’re out and about all day, so you’ll want to wear a foundation that includes something that moisturizes all day long. Try a tinted moisturizer, like the Mineral Moisture Tint!


Oily Skin

For those of you that notice your oil will just not subside, even in the winter, we recommend going with a powder-based foundation to absorb any excess oil. The trick is also to use a finishing powder, keep your skin fresh and clean without excess shine. Be sure to moisturize after washing your face during these drying months to keep a healthy shine present.


Combination Skin

Or as we like to call it: the worst of both worlds. You may be shiny, but still have loads of dry patches. For this, we recommend going with a cream-based foundation, like the Cream to Powder Foundation. It will go on smoothly as a cream, but transform to the lightweight, even coverage a powder gives you. It’s also buildable, so you can focus on areas that are oilier or areas that are drier.


Keep in Mind!

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should slack on the SPF! It’s ALWAYS a good idea to have a foundation that has sunscreen in it to protect from the rays at all times, and stop any visible signs of aging in their tracks. SPF can also prevent dry skin by protecting and repairing it.

Dry air = dry skin! Your skin is thirsty this season, so ALWAYS remember to moisturize, especially after cleansing. Many face washes are drying, and strip your face of the natural oils you need for your skin to stay lively and bright.

Winter makes your skin look duller, so pair your foundation with something that adds a bit of shimmer or luster if you want to bump up the glow! Incorporate something like LuLuminescence to lose that winter flatness.

And don’t forget, you can always have a custom foundation made to fit your needs. Maybe your skin can’t be put into a box, so let us make something that works just for you!

Ready, Set, BAKE!

bake your face foundation

Although this type of baking will still have you looking like a sweet treat, this is not the type of baking that produces baked goods. Baking is a makeup technique taken from the world of drag, that is also known as cooking your makeup.

You simply apply a generous layer of translucent powder underneath the eyes, or commonly in other areas of the face that need a little extra help like your chin or around your jaw, and let it set your makeup in, to create a flawless base and finish. The “baking” comes from leaving the powder on for 5-10 minutes, and letting the heat on your face set it, before brushing it off.

Flawless Finish High Definition Powder is the perfect powder to use. It creates a soft focus, leaving you photo ready and with a natural finish. This translucent powder works for every skin complexion, type and tone. It is a great mattifier for oily skin, helping to keep makeup in place.

finishing powder


How to Bake:

The Flawless Finish High Definition Powder comes in a convenient compact with a brush. The powder can be applied with the brush or with your Beauty Blender. For the best results you should combine the two. First, apply it with a brush, then press it in with your sponge, add more to the areas that get shiny faster. Make sure to blend the powder in well to avoid the dreadful flashback from flash photography. Your makeup will be creaseless and last longer throughout the day.


finishing powder bake

Finally, take your Makeup Saver Setting Mist to seal in your look. Setting sprays are a true godsend. It keeps your makeup in place so you don’t have to worry about it transferring to any clothing your face may come in contact with.
The Makeup Saver Setting Mist not only saves your makeup, it saves your skin. This setting spray works overtime by helping to reduce fine lines and firm skin. What more could you ask for? It is time to get the most out of our makeup ladies. By adding these savors to your beauty routine your makeup looks will be flawless.

Are You Applying Right?

foundation application

Wonder why your foundation isn’t looking so great? It doesn’t always mean you have to start the search for a new one, sometimes it could mean that you just aren’t applying it right. Here are some tips to making that foundation look perfect.

Use a primer. We swear by a primer to give your foundation a more polished look and an all-day stay. Primer is a necessity to making your foundation stay in place longer. It doesn’t only help you down the line; it also makes your foundation look better even when freshly applied. This is because a primer helps the foundation to stick to your skin better, eliminating patchiness.

Ensure even coverage. Don’t just start in one spot and go from there. Pump some foundation onto your brush or Beauty Blender, and apply small dabs of foundation all around your face. This will ensure it’s not all being used one spot, and also prevents you from missing any spots when you go through and blend afterwards.


applying even foundation


Don’t leave a line. Some apply foundation head-on and don’t turn to look at the other angles of their face, which means they end up with a line of foundation that’s very apparent. Make sure you’re pulling your foundation all the way to your ears, underneath your chin and blended into your neck, and up to your hairline. You shouldn’t be able to tell where your foundation starts and ends, it should be seamless and natural looking.

Choose the tool that works with your skin. This usually means choosing between a brush or a Beauty Blender. Brushes are better for those that don’t have problem skin, or are a bit oily, because you can move the foundation around evenly and layer on as much as you like. Your brush motions should also be strokes, don’t get crazy with circles or any other shapes! While this works for most skin types, dry skin usually needs a different solution. Dragging a brush over dry skin will make flakes visible when foundation clings to it. Using a Beauty Blender solves this problem by patting and pressing the foundation into your skin instead of pushing it around.

Short and Sweet: The 10 Minute Beauty Routine

The basics, the staples, the quick look…we’ve got a lot of different names for our favorite few products that we need to include in our look, even if those are the only ones we use at all! The popular term these days for a stripped-down look like this is known as ‘no-makeup makeup’ but we’re over that phrase aren’t we? The idea is, these are going to be the products that you’ll need in your routine, whether you prefer a lesser look on the daily, or something easy for when you don’t have the time to fulfill your dramatic duties for the day. You can call it the “I’m going to be late for work but still want to look good” look; the “I’m all out of product and I have to work with what I have before I go online shopping again” look; or the “I just don’t feel like a full face today” look. You get the point, right?


This look is only FOUR products — yep, you read that correctly. Four. How’s that sound for when you want to keep it short and sweet? And if you’re an expert this might take you far less than 10 minutes (we’ve gotten it down to 5).

Of course, you’ll want to start with a clean canvas to ensure this look will last as long as possible. Make sure you’ve washed your face, moisturized, or prepped your face in whatever way you regularly do in your routine!

Foundation – This is an essential part of any look, so we say its a keeper. Foundation helps to even out your skin tone, cover any blemishes or discoloration, and in turn will help you to look more lively and awake. We prefer to apply with a Beauty Blender, as it is more forgiving than a brush, which can leave streaky lines (especially if you’re in a hurry). Try out our Natural Foundation to achieve this look.

Blush – Blush is essential to add some color to your face, and give you a rosy, healthy glow. Putting on foundation can even out your skin tone, but naturally, our skin has slightly different shades in different areas, and using only foundation can leave your face looking a bit stark and washed out. So pick a rosy blush to add some color and liven that face up. This may be a small step, but it’s an important one! It took us years to realize how much blush could add to your look, and now we’ll never go back! Try our Mineral Powder Blush for that rosy glow.

Eyebrows – If you do a face of makeup and leave your brows untouched, you’ll probably look a little crazy. Especially after applying foundation, product can attach to your brows and leave them looking lighter, and the no-eyebrow look is definitely a no-no. Your brows are one of the most important parts of your face – they frame your eyes, give your look a certain style, and can also make you look either polished or disheveled. A styled brow lets someone know you take pride in how you look, because its takes attention to detail to pull it off. Whatever your preferred brow state is – go for it! Arched, sculpted, filled, sharp, wispy, you name it. Try the Arch-Ology brush for ultimate precision.

Mascara – We are firm believers that no look is ever complete without mascara. This is the finishing touch to your look. No need to go crazy with this step either, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the traditional black, curled lashes. Long lashes really help to pull a look together and add a feminine touch. Make sure to curl them even if you’re in a rush, it will only take a few seconds and makes a dramatic difference! Try our Volumizing Mascara to get the perfect black lashes.


So there you have it, the short and sweet beauty routine. We like to think these are the ultimate staples for any look, and everything else can be extraneous. Sometimes primers, finishing powders, or layers of eyeshadow don’t have a place in your look, especially if you’re just looking for a simple look to run out of the house in. The truth is, you can still have a polished appearance using the bare minimum without losing the quality of your look! If you’re going for a natural look, don’t use 14 products to achieve it. You can shorten it to 4 simple products. A quick and easy look, that’s why we call it short and sweet!