Feel Better About Your Products: Vegan and Cruelty-Free!

vegan cruelty free

In this post we wanted to focus on another element of our line that is just as important as what you can do with a lipstick or an eyeshadow. LuLu prides itself on having a line of cruelty-free products with an additional focus on vegan products. We think it’s an important responsibility to provide products that are cruelty-free in an industry that has an overwhelming amount of products that are not.

Many of us find moral conflict with the standards of animal testing, and we hate having to purchase products that were tested in this way, no matter how pretty the shade of lipstick. By providing a line that is full of cruelty-free products, we hope that those who are passionate about this issue will have another product line to add to their beauty regimen, or those that currently use products tested on animals will consider making the switch over. The change starts with each and every one of us! The more brands that get involved in the industry and choose cruelty-free testing, the bigger the change we can make.


vegan nail polish

We provide products that are vegan for this same purpose. Many choose to use vegan products only, because while some may be cruelty-free, some other products still use animal byproduct, which some suspect are obtained by less than humane methods. We understand the difficulty of having a smaller selection of products to choose from, and that many vegan consumers may not be able to find what they need in some vegan product lines. So we made our own! We carry a wide array of vegan products, ranging from foundation to nail color.

Currently, the vegan products we offer are any shades of the Natural Vegan Lip Colour, Nail Polish, Flawless Finish High Definition Powder, and Natural Foundation, as well as any custom blended product you request. In these lines you’ll find a range of 5 lip colors, made with organic and natural waxes to smooth and moisturize lips, 15 nail polish shades with every color in the spectrum, and an additional top and base coat, and 6 different foundation shades. These products are also free from harsh chemicals, and provide natural vitamins and moisture. The vegan lines fulfill this same purpose for those that don’t want products that can be traced back to the exploitation of animals, and works to provide a product line that they can be proud of consuming.

We love our furry friends, and believe that animal testing is unnecessary and wrong. Something used to make you beautiful shouldn’t come from something so ugly! Buying a LuLu product means you can apply your lipstick with a smile and a clear conscious. We hope we can be a small part of the beauty industry changing for the better, and by providing a line with these options it’s easier for customers to make the switch to products that are better for all living beings.

Say Hello to Beauty!




Hello beautiful! Face, meet LuLu. We are proud to introduce our cosmetic line, the LuLu Face Company, to your beauty regimen. Our goal is to open people’s eyes to beauty, whatever your definition may be. We want you to feel as though your makeup artist has just swiveled your chair around to face the mirror, revealing an exciting new you– except you’re the artist here!

Some seek to use makeup as a shield to hide under, but we think you’re beautiful the way you are, and want to help you feel like the most beautiful “you” you can be! We want our products to help complement your natural beauty, and open your eyes to exciting new products you might not have used before.

Maybe you’re a skincare junkie who’s all about taking care of her skin, or maybe you’re looking for a change of pace to get your skin in better shape. Here at LuLu, we wanted to create a line of products that were good for you–meaning raw and organic ingredients, natural elements, and absolutely no testing on animals. These products are guilt-free, and your face won’t stress wearing them.



Of course we all have flaws, but we should all feel beautiful in our skin! Let’s open your eyes to beauty in every form, and feel great while we do it. No matter the current trends, time of year, or condition of your skin, we should all be able to feel lovely!

Your satisfaction is a priority for us. We strive to create an environment with open communication for questions, comments, or concerns, with personalized service that makes you feel like you’re getting pampered at the salon.

Express yourself through our products to be the best you you can be, and open your eyes to beauty.