What’s the Best Foundation for Your Skin This Season?

foundation for winter dry oily skin

Let’s be clear here: foundation is important. More important than your eyeshadow, liner, or lipstick, in fact. It’s the base upon which your whole look will sit, and unlike a mascara or liner, it’s much easier to tell when a foundation just isn’t right for you. Many struggle with getting it quite right, leaving their skin looking dull, flaky, shiny, patchy…you name it, the wrong foundation can bring it about.

Add an extra element into the mix: seasonal changes. Winter is the most dreaded season of all for makeup lovers, because it brings a complete change in your skin. Glowing, dewy skin turns dry and lifeless. That’s why it’s important to understand exactly which type of foundation works for your skin this season. Never fear, LuLu is here to help! Here’s a quick guide.

First thing’s first: shade. Unless you’re a superhuman, glowing amazon (or using a tanning bed, which we do not recommend!) you’ll likely lose your summer glow by a few shades this winter. Take this into consideration when swapping out your foundation, because there’s nothing more obvious than a glaring line of foundation along your chin separating the color of your face from the color of your neck. Try a lighter shade of foundation to match the color of your neck, and use a bronzer to bring that suntanned glow back into your look (WITHOUT the fake n’ bake!).



custom blend winter foundation


Dry Skin

Say it with us: it’s all about HYDRATION! Sorry ladies, but if you’re a powder kind of gal, it’s time to store them away for the winter. Look for foundations that have a hydrating element to them, or are liquid-based instead of traditional powders, which will cling to dry patches and emphasize flaky skin. Simply using a moisturizer before application might not cut it when you’re out and about all day, so you’ll want to wear a foundation that includes something that moisturizes all day long. Try a tinted moisturizer, like the Mineral Moisture Tint!


Oily Skin

For those of you that notice your oil will just not subside, even in the winter, we recommend going with a powder-based foundation to absorb any excess oil. The trick is also to use a finishing powder, keep your skin fresh and clean without excess shine. Be sure to moisturize after washing your face during these drying months to keep a healthy shine present.


Combination Skin

Or as we like to call it: the worst of both worlds. You may be shiny, but still have loads of dry patches. For this, we recommend going with a cream-based foundation, like the Cream to Powder Foundation. It will go on smoothly as a cream, but transform to the lightweight, even coverage a powder gives you. It’s also buildable, so you can focus on areas that are oilier or areas that are drier.


Keep in Mind!

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should slack on the SPF! It’s ALWAYS a good idea to have a foundation that has sunscreen in it to protect from the rays at all times, and stop any visible signs of aging in their tracks. SPF can also prevent dry skin by protecting and repairing it.

Dry air = dry skin! Your skin is thirsty this season, so ALWAYS remember to moisturize, especially after cleansing. Many face washes are drying, and strip your face of the natural oils you need for your skin to stay lively and bright.

Winter makes your skin look duller, so pair your foundation with something that adds a bit of shimmer or luster if you want to bump up the glow! Incorporate something like LuLuminescence to lose that winter flatness.

And don’t forget, you can always have a custom foundation made to fit your needs. Maybe your skin can’t be put into a box, so let us make something that works just for you!

Trends of the Season You NEED to Try!

winter beauty trends 2017

Time for a style update! We’re bringing you the trendiest looks of the season that are both cutting edge and still wearable, with some new twists on classic looks and throwbacks to other seasons. Show that not only do you know your beauty trends – you can also set them too. Have heads turning in the best way this winter with some of these stylish looks of the season.

Focus on the lips—and make it bold!

If there’s one thing we know about winter style (that we will not ever tire of!), it’s that the colder months are all about that dark lip. We love a variation on a deep red, like a wine shade or dark purple hue, as long as it’s eye-catching! You’ll want to do very light, clean makeup for the rest of your face to really let the lip shine. Eyes should be primed with a neutral color to almost appear like a clean blank canvas. For the rest of your face, use highlighter only to emphasize the high points of your face – a touch of shimmer on the cheekbones, a pop on the tip of your nose and cupids bow, etc. A look like this makes the lip the main attraction – and keeping it light everywhere else creates a contrast between the eye and lip.


neutral shimmer monochromatic makeup

Monochromatic is IN!

Monochromatic looks are stylish, chic, and open to interpretation! You can stay within the same color family for a more wearable variation, or make sure your lips and eyes are the same exact color for a super modern look. While some prefer an all matte look, some like to play it up with a little shimmer to mix it up. Luckily, we’ve got a look that appeals to both! We’re thinking nudes, pinks, and neutrals are big this season, and you can incorporate these colors easily into your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Our favorite combination: try a sleek matte eye, a glossy lip, a shimmery highlight, and a touch of blush that incorporates the same color palette to pull the whole look together.

Bright eyes, baby!

We want those eyes to POP, and using a light eyeshadow is the perfect way to put the attention on them. You can brighten them up by using a shimmer or a pearlized shadow in a light neutral shade, like a champagne, beige or white. Tip: we love a white shimmery shadow for the season, because it’s reminiscent of the winter snow outside! Apply a sheer layer to keep it natural. You can apply to the entire lid, or just the inner corner of your eyes for a quick brightening trick.


bright shimmer eyes winter makeup

Summer in December

A bronzer will be your best friend this December. Bronzed looks with rosy pinks will let you feel like the summer never ended.  After all, a bronzed glow never goes out of style — even in the winter! Using rosy hues that give the impression of flushed cheeks will bring more dimension to your look and give you healthy, glowing skin. Bring a touch of color to the lips, too — but make sure you’re using those lip treatments! Dry, cracked lips are no joke in the winter time.


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The Winter Skincare Problem

winter skincare treatment moisturize

Any person with a face (so, everybody) knows winter is perhaps the worst time for your skin. Cold temperatures and low humidity tend to leave us with tight, dry skin that is not only unsightly, it’s also uncomfortable. Because there is less moisture in the air, we tend to have less moisture in our skin.

So we try to load our skin up with the proper moisturizers, but sometimes that only provides a temporary fix. We have bad news for you: that scaly winter skin is also due to the use of heaters. And since we know nobody wants to give those up in sub-zero weather, it’s time to start combating that dry, cracked skin with a proper winter skincare routine.

You want to change your products from the ones you may have been using during the summer and fall months, because while they may help your skin in certain ways, a lot of these products are extremely drying. Pair this with the dry winter weather and this can be incredibly damaging (nevermind unattractive) for your skin! So, what should you do?



winter skincare hydrating moisturizing dry skin

Up Your Moisturizing Agent 

Some moisturizers don’t provide the adequate amount your skin needs in the drier months. Since there is less moisture in the air, the moisture in your skin evaporates sooner, meaning you’ll have to replace all the moisture you’re losing much more often and at a greater level. The Double Back Age Defying BB Cream ups the moisture and hydrates your skin without leaving it oily or greasy, and is also an effective multi-tasker!

Add a Serum

Some think serums are unnecessary when they already use a moisturizer, but a serum is the best way to get a more potent surge of whatever it is you need – vitamins, minerals, or in this instance: hydration! The Skin Infusion Serum in “Hydrate” drenches your skin with Sodium PCA, a natural amino acid, and Prickly Pear, a powerful humectant, that easily attracts and retains moisture on the skin.

Try a Differently-Formulated Cleanser

Let’s talk about face wash – you may think you’re helping your skin by cleaning it, but that’s not always so, ESPECIALLY during the winter. Many formulas strip your skin of natural oils, so while they are cleaning the surface of your skin, they also make it harder to regain that moisture, and this is especially damaging in the wintertime. A gel cleanser is not so stripping and is far more hydrating, opting for a creamy, light texture instead of a liquid-based one. Go for nourishment with the African Red Tea Botanical Gel Cleanser instead!

Don’t Forget Those Chapped Lips!

Sometimes chapstick doesn’t always do the trick. A lip treatment is a bit stronger than a chapstick, and plumps your lips with additional ingredients like vitamins and collagen that not only soothe them, but make them appear fuller, removing fine lines and painful cracks. Reach for the 24/7 Lip Treatment next time you feel your lips getting a bit dry in that cold weather!