how to get the best lashes

The perfect lashes are the holy grail of a finished look. We can safely say mascara is one of the few universal must-haves for beauties everywhere. When done correctly, they can take your look from 0 to 100. Every girl notices and appreciates another’s amazing lash game! However, we’ve all seen the dreaded clumpy spider-lash monsters that sometimes appear when we load up on mascara or don’t comb through our lashes. These tiny little hairs hanging out at the end of your eyelids can actually be pretty difficult to perfect, which is why we’ve got some tips and tricks for you in order to get those long, full, curled lashes!

Curl, curl, curl. It actually pains us to see some girls apply mascara without curling first. Lashes that stick straight out look short because they don’t fan outwards, so you hardly see the effect of mascara at all. When curling, make sure you get your outer corner lashes inside the curler, because you don’t want beautifully curved lashes with a few loose strands sticking straight down on the ends to ruin your look.

When you first remove your wand from the tube, wipe off any excess mascara on a tissue, or even the edge of the tube if you’re low and looking to salvage. This will help to eliminate clumping, because too much product on your wand is one way to get your lashes overpacked from the first swipe.



You want a nice curved wand to apply your mascara with. This makes it easier to get into those difficult little corners because the wand is already curved to the shape of your eye. If your favorite mascara doesn’t come with your favorite wand, you can always mix and match your wands to your liking when in use.

The best trick we can suggest when applying is to nuzzle, wiggle, zig-zag (take your pick) your wand into the root of your lashes and move outward to get the best volume and coverage. Whenever we see characters on TV applying their makeup in haste we want to scream, “you’re doing it wrong!”. The biggest mistake most girls make is to simply swipe up. While it comes out okay, you’re missing the trick that can take your lashes to the next level.

Additionally, if you have lighter lashes, just swiping your mascara on without using this little trick will likely leave your roots showing, and that’s not a great look. Think of when your hair grows out and your roots show, not cute, right? The zig-zag motion will separate your lashes while getting color on to each individual strand, starting at the root.



You should have the most mascara at your root, and less on your ends. This will prevent your lashes from straightening out because there won’t be as much weight on your ends. The extra product at the root (where the curve starts) will dry there and hold the curl of your lashes in place.

Many girls stick to one coat and tighten up their mascara tube, but multiple coats are what gets your lashes looking thicker and more glamorous. However, there is a thin line between just enough and too much (hello, spider lashes), so be mindful of how much mascara is actually on your wand. The additional coats should be more to sculpt your lashes than add another layer of product.


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