When we talk about eyeliner, a number of different looks come to mind. Smoked-out on your lower lash line, a flicked wing, maybe even white or brightly colored liner is your preference. There are numerous ways to wear eyeliner, but there are actually some tricks to make it work for your specific eye shape in particular. Everything is better when it’s custom-tailored to you, after all!

Ever notice that something just doesn’t look quite right? Some eye shapes can make certain types of eyeliner unflattering or hard to pull off, and you may be using it in a way that clashes slightly with your eye shape. Each and every one of our eyes are different, which means something that looks perfect on someone with hooded eyes might look a little off on your super round eyes. Not to worry, we’re going to give you a guide to find the best eyeliner looks to flatter your particular eyes!

As we said, there are tons of different ways to play around with eyeliner. This is usually dependent on 3 things: shade, shape, and style. Let’s look at these a little more in depth.


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Black: This makes eyes appear smaller, but also gives that smoldering look. A black wing against your upper lashes essentially works well on anyone, but black on your waterline is where you might run into something that just doesn’t work for you. If you have big eyes, you can afford to use black liner on your waterline without shrinking them. If your eyes are smaller, we suggest using black liner outside your waterline, so you can still get that edgy look, without overpowering them and making them appear too small.

White: This is the perfect color for opening up those eyes and making them appear bigger. You can also use this to balance an eye look that may appear too dark. Using a white on your waterline extends the white of your eye, which can give you that doe-eyed look or just add a striking detail to your makeup.

Nude: Using a nude liner on your waterline is the best way to do everything that a white liner does, but in a more natural way. Sometimes up close, a white liner can be quite obvious and a little jarring or unnatural looking. If you want to open up your eye but want a look that can still pass as natural, a nude liner may be what you need.

Color: Colored liners can provide a fun element that mixes up the normal neutral looks. Depending on the darkness and intensity of the color it can do either of the aforementioned things above: a plum color might give the same smoldering effect while a lavender will help to open up your eye more. Either way, we’d recommend making sure your color of choice goes with your overall eye look. We’re huge fans of monochromatic looks. If you have a deep plum eye, maybe go for a muted magenta liner to stay within that purple family. Play around with non traditional colored liners to make a lively, bold look!



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Almond Eyes: Almond shaped eyes can be simply be defined by if your iris is slightly covered along the top and bottom by your lids. The best way to emphasize this eye shape is to use a liquid liner on top to create a wing, but a wing that doesn’t extend past the end of your eye. Start with a thin line, and make it thicker as it gets to the end of the lid. Almond shaped eyes generally tend to go upwards at the end, so just follow that natural progression while keeping the liner pressed into your lash line.

Hooded Eyes: Those with hooded eyes may feel like they get the short end of the stick sometimes, but the upside is a wing looks AMAZING on them! A hooded eyelid is when the eyelid hangs over the natural crease of the eye, so that you can’t really see a definitive crease. (You’re in good company, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone both have hooded eyes!) Because the lid is hidden, anything subtle is harder to see, so you’ve got to go big! Opt for a thick, dramatic winged liner instead of a thin, straight one.

Downturned Eyes: Also known as bedroom eyes, your outer corner may have a slight downward dip. The solution is obvious: draw in an upward-angled wing to counteract it! Draw a line outwards from the corner of your eye at a 45 degree angle. This will give the illusion that your eye is more balanced since others’ eyes will be automatically attracted to the wing you’ve drawn in. You can use the Pressed Cake Eyeliner to achieve this look.

Round Eyes: A wing can work wonders on a round eye too! This trick is a bit similar to the last. Since round eyes are lacking a bit of width, you’re going to fake it! Create a wing at the outer corners of your eye that flicks straight out, with a slight angle that naturally follows that of your eye. You can use a piece of tape to trace a line if liquid liner makes you a little nervous! This straight wing will lengthen your eye from the inner corner all the way to the tail end of the wing. Try using the Luxury Gel Liner to define your eyes!



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Wing: You may think a wing is a wing, but there’s actually a lot of variation, and different wings can emphasize different eyes. A classic 50’s wing is more curled at the corners, and can make eyes look more rounder or doe-eyed. A thick, pop art looking wing with the crease painted in (think Warhol) will do this too! On the other hand, some prefer a wing so flicked and sharp it could cut you. A straighter, thicker wing will give you a far edgier look, and works particularly well against the natural shape of smaller or more angular eyes.

Smokey Eye: We’re talking full on smudged eyeliner, dark eyeshadow, and the spotlight on your eyes! This can work on bigger eyes, but we suggest using black liner on your waterline, just to make them a little bit more smoldering instead of wide-eyed. On the other hand, with smaller eyes we actually suggest the opposite. Line just outside your waterline with a liner or a blended out dark shadow to extend the outline of your eye while still maintaining that deep, dark smokiness that we all want. Warning: smokey eyes are not for the faint of heart— this is an edgy look! If you don’t like wearing too much liner on your lower lash line, it’s probably not for you. You can use the Stuck On You Eyeliner Fixative to create liners from pressed powders and create this look!

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