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Mauve is the color of the season! Anywhere you look, beauty insiders will be telling you if you aren’t rocking some sort of mauve shade, you’ll be severely out of style this season. We think it’s appropriate – after all, mauve reminds us of flowers, which seem to be blooming in abundance right around this time of year. What better time to be inspired by nature? Incorporating mauves into your look can give the image of a warm flowery glow.

The great thing about mauve is it isn’t a single shade (like periwinkle or forest green where we can picture exactly what they look like), it’s a range of shades. Mauve ranges from pale purple-pinks to dusty roses, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to incorporate colors like these into your looks. It’s also a color that essentially looks good on anyone, no matter the tone or shade of their skin!


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Mauve is a color that can be used in any part of your beauty routine — we’re talking eyes, lips, nails, even cheeks! It’s easy to incorporate and make a look out of because it’s such a versatile, wearable color, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also take some risks with it. Here are some ideas to create the chicest mauve looks of the season!

Eyes: Halo eyes are the biggest look right now because they can be subtle or they can be glamorous. A halo eye is simply a clear distinction between a lighter and darker color; the darker color surrounds your eyelid like a ‘halo’ allowing your eyes to look bigger and your eyelids to be more defined and dramatic. This would work perfectly with a smokey mauve eye, using a darker mauve to create the halo effect. You can also create a smokey wing out of mauve eyeshadows instead of liners. Simply draw a wing with a mauve powdered shadow, and blend to create the hazy look. Use a darker color towards the ends of the wing to create more definition.
Use the Smoke and Mirrors Blush and Shadow Palette to create this look.

Lips: We think liquid lipstick is the best way to go with mauve, so that you can achieve a distinct, clean outline. Our favorite LuLu mauve tone is Bar None — it goes with practically anything you choose to do with your look! We also LOVE custom mixing our liquid lipsticks so they’re exactly the color we want. Whether you want your mauve to be a little dustier, muted, or vibrant, you can mix with other colors to achieve this. For a lighter color, you can mix with white liquid lipsticks meant for precisely this purpose. For a rosier mauve, mix with a pink to tilt it more in that direction.


mauve spring colors liquid lipsticks

Cheeks: Have you ever seen anything prettier than blush with a mauve tint? It adds a unique touch, even if the rest of your look is simple it can jazz it up and make it far more interesting. It’s subtle, but striking enough to make a true difference. Applying a touch of mauve to the apples of your cheeks brightens up your face, and since it’s not such an obvious, heavy-handed trick you may have people wondering what exactly it is that makes your look so great. Highlighting is also huge again — complement the mauve touch on your cheeks with a glowing, dewy highlight.
Use The Artful Eye Blush & Shadow Palette to achieve this look!

Nails: We have the perfect, classic color of the season in Secret Love. Keep it simple with a solid coat (we can never hate on a simple nail) or get a little creative. You can go in with a sponge and a darker shade to create an ombre look, making them a little bit more unique, but still rock that classy look that LuLu loves!

Go on then, be mauvelous!

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