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We’re going for a style renovation! Forget the claws, in 2018 we’re changing up our style, and short nails are in! After years of the trending ‘it’ nail being a long dramatic claw, we’re switching it up for a clean, cropped nail.

Not only are they harder to maintain, but long nails can be inconvenient. How many times have you struggled with a clasp on your necklace or a button on your shirt with long nails? And talk about trying to text silently! Short nails are easier to work with, and don’t get in the way of your daily activities.

Just like makeup, hair, and clothes, nail trends evolve too. Instead of going for jarring and extreme, we’re shifting our focus to a sophisticated, classy nail. So how can you get the best manicure?

1. Remove all polish with your favorite remover and some cotton balls. Make sure to remove all of the color thoroughly, even from the corners—you won’t want it to peek through!
2. Cut your nails down to the desired length. We like them short enough that they’re easy to manage, but have a tiny bit of length over the end of your finger!
3. Time to shape, what’s your pick: rounded or square? Go in with a file and even out all your nails to the desired shape. We’re thinking rounded for January!
4. Push back those cuticles to clean up your nails a bit! This also helps to shape them even further.
5. Make sure your nails and skin are moisturized (especially during this time of year!) Reach for your favorite oil and spread it onto your cuticle.
6. After drying, it’s time to apply a base coat to give your nail the best blank canvas and strengthen your nail. Try Bottom’s Up !
7. Choose your color! Our favorite color of the season is Chocolate Wine – a deep burgundy that has an earthy tone to it. We LOVE darks for the winter, and this one has a seasonal flair to it.
8. Last but not least, topcoat! Try the Dry It! Top Coat.  This will make your nail shine while protecting and sealing, but is also fast drying!

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