Alright, don’t lie–you’ve definitely judged someone by their eyebrows before. It’s only natural, after all, if they say eyes are the window to the soul, then that must make our eyebrows the window panes! They appear to frame and shape your eyes, so don’t downplay the important role they can play on your face.

Your personality can be reflected in your brows and give definition to who you are. Just imagine Cara Delevingne or Lily Collins without their trademark brows—they’d look completely different and our perception of them might change, too. It sounds silly, but your brows can give some great insight to your personality traits. When we look at Cara, we see her as a smoldering beauty, a risk taker who isn’t afraid to be seen. We’ll take a shot in the dark and say much of that has to do with her brows!


So, let’s consult the brow psychics and see what your eyebrows say about you.


Bold: (ex: Cara Delevingne) You’re a risk taker. Strong brows don’t intimidate you, meaning you aren’t phased by the thoughts of others. Full, bold brows indicate forward thinking. This girl isn’t always looking to be over-the-top glamorous, but she emanates a charm without trying. Bold brows can look great natural, which is good news for the girl next door, but can also be striking when done up, which is great for the girl that dares to be noticed.

Arched: (ex: Angelina Jolie) You’re all about sophistication and glamor, but you’re a little edgy. Arched brows give you a modern take on old Hollywood glamor and bring you into the 21st century without losing your sophistication or class. Girls with arched brows are often artistic and creative thinkers with an edgy flair to their look (there’s nothing like a sharp arched brow with a black cat eye!). You are very fashion forward and have a distinct style.

Rounded: (ex: Julia Roberts) You’re the girl next door, which isn’t any archetype to be ashamed of! Your brows show that you’re youthful and playful. You don’t take anything too seriously, and may just stick to the basics when doing your makeup. Your brows convey an air of good-naturedness, which means others will always gravitate towards you.

Straight: (ex: Miranda Kerr) Straight brows convey a look of sweetness and innocence, because they tend to emphasize the eye more than the brow itself. You’re the chic intellectual, with a dash of Audrey Hepburn’s doe-eyed sweetness. You aren’t as focused on dramatic looks, which means you aren’t caught up on appearance or material things.

Unkempt: We won’t name any names here, but we’ve all seen a brow disaster. Of course we’re not all innocent here, all of us have neglected our brows before. However, very unkempt brows can give the impression that you’re messy or sloppy. Not the best idea to put forth, even if you think yourself to be the most put-together and polished person. We do applaud some trailblazers for consciously going against the ideas of traditional beauty and letting their brows grow free as a statement. But we believe two brows are better than one, especially in a professional setting, and we want you to put your most polished foot forward!


The great thing about eyebrows is there are tons of tools out there than can help you change your shape if you’re unsatisfied, meaning you can be whoever you want to be! A sharp brow tool like the Arch-Ology pencil will allow you complete control to get those brows as precise as possible. The sponge and brush end will allow you to blend or soften where you need to, if you’re going for a more natural look.


You don’t have to spend hours perfecting your brows every day (remember, sisters, not twins!), but we like to think our personality traits are often reflected in the way we present and make ourselves up, so eyebrows are included in that mix. Next time you want to change up your personal style, play around with your brow shape! Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines a bit and make a statement with your brows The choice is yours, what do you want to say about yourself?

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