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Whether it is an everyday look or a glamorous one, the thing the two have in common is you need makeup brushes to achieve the look. It is important to take care of these precious beauty weapons. How often do you clean your makeup brush? If your answer was never, you are causing yourself and your brushes a lot of trouble. Makeup brushes that go uncleaned can cause acne, infections, irritation, and breakage.

Keep your makeup brushes in a dry area. That means it’s time to take your makeup brushes out of your bathroom. The moisture that accumulates in the air after a shower quickens bacteria growth on your makeup brushes. Also, bacteria from the toilet can land on your makeup brush, and who wants that on their skin? Once this bacteria gets onto your skin, it can trigger acne breakouts or cause staph infections.

Cleaning timeframe. Makeup brushes used around the eyes and for powders should be cleaned every 2 weeks. Makeup brushes used for liquid and powder foundations should be cleaned weekly. Beauty blenders should be cleaned daily, same for lip brushes.

Might be time to toss. Remember, just like any product, makeup brushes have a shelf life. When makeup brushes begin to look frayed or lose shape, it is time to get rid of them. If you continue to use these brushes, it can cause skin irritation and redness. Beauty blenders that aren’t properly cleaned should be replaced every month. But if you clean your beauty blender daily, it will stretch the life to three months.

cleaning makeup brush

How to clean your brush:

There are different ways to clean your brushes. The easiest way to clean your makeup brush— take your favorite makeup brush cleanser in the palm of your hand, wet your brush, rub the brush in a light circular motion, and rinse. Repeat these steps till the water from your makeup brush runs clear. Finally, squeeze out the excess water, reshape the brush, and set the brush out to dry.

Makeup brushes dry best hanging upside down. If you dry them sitting up or on its side, the water will loosen the brush. Try using a rubber band to hang them from your shower rod. You can dry your makeup brushes by laying them on the counter, hanging the bristles off the counter, ensuring no water loosens the brush.

If you don’t have makeup cleanser, mild soap or shampoo can be used too. For brushes that are caked up, add a little olive oil to break the makeup down and keep them soft. For a cleaning touch up, try makeup brush cleanser wipes. For a quicker and deeper clean of your makeup brushes, use a makeup wash board.

cleaning makeup brush

DIY Makeup Washboard 

A makeup washboard is a textured board that helps to deep clean your makeup brushes. It works by pouring the cleanser on the board, rubbing your makeup brush in a circular motion and rinsing your makeup brush with water until it runs clear. Many retailers offer this product but you can make your own.

Things you will need for a DIY makeup washboard:

  • Clipboard (or tupperware bowl)
  • Hot glue gun

Take your clipboard (or bowl), your hot glue gun and start to lay down the textures. Different textures can help with different makeup brushes. Bigger dots with more spacing work best for large face brushes. Close together using zig zag lines and straight lines work best for eyeshadow and smaller makeup brushes. Once your textures are laid down, put your board in the freezer for ten minutes to fully dry.

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