Makeup has been around for centuries, which means there’s been plenty of time for people to come up with tricks to application. We’ve all thought “I wish there was a better way to do this” when doing up our face, right? Well we’ve compiled some of our favorite beauty hacks that we wish someone had told us sooner! Now we find ourselves using these tricks in our day-to-day. So read on, your makeup routine will never be the same.

Rocking a bright pop of color on your eyes? Cover your eyelid with white eyeliner as a base or primer in order to make the pigment of the eyeshadow really pop. This white base will counteract any coloring on your eyelid to provide a blank canvas. This will make the shade of the eyeliner more intense and really pop against the color of your skin.


Mastering the cat eye can be tricky. Many try to do a quick swoop and find themselves trying to correct a mess. For winged eyeliner, don’t be hasty. Draw out your wing in pieces. First, draw an angled line outwards from the corner of your eye to define where your wing will end and how angled it will be. Next, line your eyelid to your preferential thickness. Connect your angled line with your lined eyelid, and then fill in the space inside! Voila, cat eye by numbers.



Perfectly curled lashes are the key to making your eyes pop. However, if you don’t get that initial perfect curl, applying mascara can be pointless. Our favorite tip for getting the best movie star lashes is to heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer before use. Think about when you blow dry your hair—the heat paired with a styling tool can change the natural pattern of your hair and keep it intact. Heating up your lash curler works the same way, just aim your blow dryer at your curler until it is heated. Let it cool a bit, as we don’t advocate for burning your eyelids, but make sure it’s still warm enough to style your lashes. Gently press down with the curler until your lashes fan to your liking, then apply mascara to ensure they hold.

Whether you prefer solid or liquid lipstick, everyone knows application has to be extremely precise or you run the risk of ending up with a lopsided, overdrawn clown mouth. Everyone starts at a different point, some start in the middle of your lips and work outwards; some start at the edges and work inwards, and so on. One of our favorite tips for applying lipstick is to start at the cupid’s bow. Draw a small x on your cupid’s bow with your applicator so that the top lines align with the outline of your lip. This will define your outline and give you a starting point to work from and guide you towards achieving a straight line to the corners of your mouth. We love this trick because a defined cupid’s bow gives your lips a strong, bold look. Outlining first, then going back to fill in is the best way to get a clean, precise look, instead of building up and going over lines which can make them look bulky and uneven.

Many beauty stores sell packages of blotter paper upwards of $15 depending on the brand. For those of you lucky enough to stay shine free all day, blotters are absorbent papers you can pat your face with when oil starts to seep through your foundation, allowing you to keep a matte face. But we say save your money! Generally, most napkins will do this trick just fine. Next time you pick up a latte from Starbucks, grab a few extra napkins to stash in your car for the next time you see your skin getting shiny. Because they’re tinted brown, it’s easier to see just how much oil you’re pulling from your face, and they’re also super absorbent. And—they’re free. If you have extra coffee filters laying around the house, these also work perfectly, too.

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