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Sit down and read up because we’re giving you a guide to all things brushes here at LuLu! It can be difficult to choose which brush is right for which area of your face, which is why we’re here to clarify each and every brush’s purpose so you’ll have no trouble at all. Here at LuLu we offer 8 original brushes, each with it’s own use. Let’s give you the run-down.


Blend and Perfect 

This brush is for concealer, which is typically applied under the eyes to conceal bags or dark circles. Occasionally you’ll use it to cover a blemish or spot on the rest of your face, so the tip is precise and accurate. The soft bristles make it perfect for applying and blending around delicate areas like your eyes.


Get Even Foundation Brush 

This brush will leave your foundation streak-free and blended. Designed for even coverage, this brush is shaped so that it can easily get all the angles of your face. This brush is versatile enough that you can pair it with both liquid and cream foundation for that same flawless coverage!

It’s a Fine Line

Love playing around with liner? This pointed liner brush is perfect for drawing a wing or defining your lower lash liner. It works well with wet or dry products, so you can use a gel liner or an eyeshadow for a crisper or smokier look. This brush is angled, giving it perfect precision for when you’re working on those details.


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You’re Blushing

Like the name of this brush suggests, you’ll have a rosy glow after using this brush! The perfect taper of this brush ensures ease of application and a smooth, seamless addition of color. Use it with blush to highlight and sculpt cheekbones or with bronzer to accentuate contours of the face!


No Time Line

Looking for another precise eyeliner brush? Check out this one, it’s perfect for lining your lower lash line! Maybe you work with details for unique looks? This flat liner is perfectly precise, with stiff bristles to make working small that much easier.


Sable Lip Brush

We think everyone needs a lip brush! Ever find the perfect shade of lipstick but hate the applicator? That’s where a lip brush comes in. You can use it to perfectly line your lip or to completely fill in. It’s also a perfect tool for when you’re working with those dark colors that require precision. The tapered end makes for greater accuracy, so your lips will be looking fierce at all times!


In the Shadow

This is the essential eyeshadow brush! It can be used for laying down color or blending, and its chiseled fluff creates the perfect shape to master both dramatic looks and natural ones. Here’s an idea: you can pack on the color then use this brush to blend your corners out into a smokey wing!


Cast a Shadow

This brush is a small angled fluff, making it perfect for your lid, socket, and crease areas. Talk about versatile! Just change your blending technique with each and see how this brush works in all applications.

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